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    Dec 2, 2006
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Why you being so nosey?..........

    If you came to the show/party you know what happen.


    just joking........thanks for reading my blog.

    Please tell a friend to check it out too.

    Sorry for the delay........Pics will follow soon!

    Wednesday was a sea of new faces.....thanks babies for coming out.

    Special shout out to all those people that sent me text messages all night and still never showed up...LOL! What's ghood with that?

    Special shout out to the venue.....Thanks Club Sonar and Steez for making it possible for us to have the event at such a nice venue. The whole staff (from the house management to security) is such a pleasure to work with. Wednesday's sound and lights were sooooooo on point. The lights most definitely enhanced the entire show experience. Skarr (oh....Ill tell you about our special guest performer in a min.) had the light guy making adjustments while performing........LOL! It was hot too.


    WE HAD 2 of the regions HOTTEST DJs on one card.....
    I want to extend my sincere gratitude to XM radio's SUPA FUNK REGULATOR CEE - LO for coming through and truly blowing us away. Dude's sound was BIG. I can't think of a better way to describe it. It was almost as if he bought his own speakers. It reminded me of the Scion Primo set which was held in the same room a few months ago. It was a powerful experience. Whether he was diggin in the crates (not literally...every DJ worth his salt uses Serato nowadays.....LOL! Please save the hate mail) or playing exclusives(this one with Busta I'd never heard....I might have to get that Busta Rhymes CD)......his utilization of his obviously extensive catalog was incredible. He is the type of DJ that makes you feel like you can't leave the floor because as soon as you sit down your other "JAM" will comes on. BUUUUUUUD of course..... "In Baltimore we don't dance we just pose.....Jail Flick Ahhh Jail Flick Ahhhh" ........so while I'm sure he was appreciated, I'm sure that his presentation went over a lot of heads. I would definitely love to have him come back to Baltimore for a show. 2 hours is totally not enough time for him to fully get his thing off. NOW......I know.

    DJ 5 STARR the GENERAL is DA MAN!!! Very professional and laid back - I likes that!!! The show ended early (a little after 12 AM), but he kept the people in the spot until they turned the lights on. 5 Starr proved to me that he is most definitely NOT just a college party dj. I feel bad for even insinuating anything like that. LOL! I put you in a little box and you proved to me that you can adjust to any situation. You can spin hip hop with the best of them. I will definitely be working with him again.

    Special thanks go out to the main man behind the scenes....IKE CARTER (First and Last Name are required)

    Once again........he proved why he is such an asset to who ever is fortunate enough to have him on their team. There is no way that the show would start and end on time if it wasn't for his organizational skills and shrewd analysis of potential problems. I definitely see Ike becoming a major player in the entertainment industry. So glad to say I knew him "back when". No one is messing with him..he really knows his stuff.....F what you heard.

    Ebony Elle - thank you so much for being such a great partner in rhyme. You've been there with me since the beginning .......so your opinion is one of the most valued. You NEVER waiver in your dedication and in this day in age....that is worth more than money. Thanks for your passion and enthusiasm for hip hop...I never met any one like you before...LOL! Thank you for always going above and beyond the call of duty. The food was delicious too! I hope yall got a plate!
    I want yall to know: The birthday guy, DNA, enjoyed himself tremendously!!! He's going to need to read this recap to refresh his own memory.........LOL! GLAD WE COULD HELP TO MAKE YOU B-DAY SPECIAL!!! I am sure I am not alone when I say.....I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! I truly wish you many, many more!!!!


    RAW DOC has one of the hottest line ups of artists to come out of Bmore - QUOTE ME.

    Special thanks to Mack Houston, Bobby Baltimore, 2rouble and Lucky Hands

    Actually....I'm not 100% sure that they are a group. Similar to M.O.L. (Top of the Hill Records)......they are a collective of MCs that perform together under one umbrella. Never the less.....the way in which they worked together speaks volumes about their working relationship. Even songs that were solo joints incorporated the other guys into it and made for a truly entertaining set.
    They didn't just get up there and repeat their raps.....they obviously practiced, coordinated moves to be performed in unison.....they bought their people out to support them.....they showed up for sound check.....they handled issues that arose with professionalism.....they performed songs that were appropriate for the crowd......they were an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to having them on another show in the future.
    I am not going to say I slept on them (I suggested them for the show.... so I knew a little something), but they actually IMPRESSED. Not just the team, but also mentor of mine. He is not easily impressed...... That's major.
    Keep up the ghood work!

    Shellbe Raw definitely added the sexy element to the show. Clad in a chocolate brown customized tee imprinted with her newest CD cover tied in the back, ripped denim petal pushers and what I'm sure were 3 inch pumps (you go girl!), Ms. Raw hit the stage and without even requesting it, the majority of the audience made its way to the front row. WOW! That's power. Though she has only been at it for a short time........Ms. Raw (out of the many artists I've seen in the last 2 years), seems to have the least amount of trouble winning over new fans. Even females (and you know how caddy we can be) give her props. There is definitely something to be said about her ability to command attention. Appropriately starting out with the song "Drop My Shiiid," (if my memory serves me correctly).......for the next 15 or so we were on her time. I don't think I saw nah one side convo going on while she was on stage.
    The entire A.R.S. team was there in full force. Big Ups to Mike McIntosh, Niige, and Fingaz (360), etc.......As always it was great seeing you guys. Special thanks to XO, Ogun and Talal who all performed their contributions to "Do you Like it Raw" with Shellz as well.

    410 Pharohs (who....for those of you that asked.....is comprised of DJ Boo Man, Jimmy Jones & Labtekwon) and The Tao of Slick (a Labtekwon affiliated group) were NO SHOWS!

    surprising , but all good

    In their absence........

    The "IBB House Band Man" stepped in and proceeded to do the damn thang as usual....


    ...who else would happen to have a show CD in their car.....LOL!

    This guy never disappoints and I swear....NO ONE ever complains about seeing this guy perform the same songs. I think if we were giving out a PEOPLE'S CHOICE "Best Artist" award he'd definitely be on the short list.

    He was so very good! No other comments are really required.

    Google him!

    Special shootout to a few of the beautiful people in the room:

    Paula Campbell
    The Bossman
    Kash (N.E.K.)
    Derrick Purvey & KID
    South Paw Entertainment (XOXO: Chris B. & Ace - great seeing you!)
    Katrina (Make up artist whose client list includes Shellbe Raw. So nice to meet ya!! I love your work and already have ideas that we can build on.)
    Major League Unlimited (Big Ups to Mully Man and A-Milz!!! So great to see ya - ALWAYS)
    Kamar (Blackhand Entertainment // Urban Suspex - Great seeing ya Stranger!)
    Top of the Hill Records (M.O.L.'s Fire Arms was in the building. Special Shout out to Bunny and Tim)
    Kelly Connelly
    Pop of Crooked Streetz
    Sonny Brown (It meant a lot to see ya! Thanks for your support!!)
    Mr. Wilson (Next show is on me......NO BS!!! LOL! Thanks for coming out and support the event. We promoters do need to support one another. Keep droppin jewels!)
    I'm going to be on Deep Flow TV B*TCH!!! (Amotion, thanks for coming through. I can't wait to see how this episode turns out. I will tell anyone that asks that you are always on your grind!! I thought I worked hard!!! LOL!)
    Don Brody
    Team Green (MIDAS - thanks for your kind words)
    Neil Norris (muscle bound 1/2 of PX.........LOL!)
    Ones on the Move (Photo Man - Thanks for the shots of the event. I know the IBB readers will appreciate you taking them)
    Rollie Fingaz (You must get a copy of the new Street Dreamz DVD. Miami Kaos is responsible for the artwork!
    Tracye Stafford of IKON Entertainment (Last year's SYNERGY Taste Maker Award Recipient)
    Big Status & Mr. Kevin Vega (So nice to finally meet both of you, in person. I'm checking out that GREEN DAY CD as I type this!)
    ......SPECIAL shout out to HEAD NOD for keeping the party going. You guys have been to every single event I have given and ALWAYS stay until the end. That means a lot to me....you all know how much this event means to me. I try I try I try.....you all know it. I got madd love for you all. Big Ups to Mr Nance, Phat Head, Ty, Fat Tony, Jamal.........Yall some of the realest people I know. RESPECT!
    Representing the WIDER METRO AREA:

    Paris France
    (Its always a pleasure to see you!!! Thanks for coming out!)
    Target Squad (check them out at www.myspace.com/targetsquad) - Thanks for coming out. I wasn't playing when I said.... "WE coming to take over DC too". I'll be hollering at ya fo sho!)

    To the rest of you who come out every month....(& yet we still have not met).....THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!!

    To all the newcomers or first timers.......Thanks for coming and I hope you found the event to be fun and will come back in the future. Baltimore hip hop is something special.......its not New York style....its not Southern or crunk......its Bmore Baby! & in my book that's damn special. Get some!
    Also.......got to mention:

    Ray Lugar & LOW KEY GOD!! You were truly missed!!! Where were you man? LOL! Don't let it happen again.

    Also........on the record - G.E.M.

    Make a long story short....I told them I was going to put them on the "next" show and it didn't happen. Planning these shows is waaaaaaaaaay more complicated than any of you may know. I can't just worry about making the people happy....I have to make sure Baltimore Hip Hoppers is happy too and MAN that is oftentimes and insurmountable task.
    This last event (11/29/06) was not typical in any way. I never intended this to be a show in the typical "show" fashion (4-5 acts). It was supposed to be more of a party and that meant that I had to limit the number of acts and end the "show" early. Couple this with the adjustments we made to our show to accommodate the "NO SHOWS"......& needless to say.....after it was all said and done ......I made some very poor decisions -MY BAD YALL! I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for you ladies and want to do all that I can do to help others see why you are so special. I could tell you all the details, but at the end of the day....it's still an excuse or justification. I will not promise anyone anything again.......it's not fair to me or anyone else.

    I am going to chill out for a min........

    I'm going to let some on else lead the event march. Big Ups to Sonny Brown, Mr. Wilson, Tislam, Missy, Grasshopper, Kelly Connelly (NEW EVENT: Hip Hop karaoke @ the New Turntable Clun on 12/22/06 w/ 92 Q's DJ Spontaneous) and all the other independent promoters out there organizing monthly/weekly Hip Hop events. You have a huge supporter in me. I will be sending people your way. Keep the flame alive!!!
    As for me.....& what I have cooking...........Stay tuned for all the details!!! I won't keep ya waiting long.

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove or www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/02/2006 10:18:00 AM  
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