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    Jul 17, 2006
    Third Kind Disaster Relief
    I am not the best person to review music...LOL!, but for some reason ppl keep on asking me to do it! I never stick to the script......I write about stuff that has nothing to do with the music and when I personally like the artists, it generally comes through loud and clear. Another thing you should know is that ....if I don't like it...I won't write about it. My hands hurt (Literally- I think I am developing carpel tunnel)...SO I don't have the time or inclination talk about something that truly does not move me.....How doe$ that benefit me again? Most of the stuff I say will prolly not matter to the good majority of yall, but hell...I love to talk! and obviously ....you like it! ha! Plus, I went to Sound Garden and paid full price for it....so you know what that means!!!! All that said....please take the following with a grain a salt. aaaaaaaiiight!

    1. Intro
    2. Pocket Full Of Misery
    3. Lawdy, Lawdy featuring Wicket Man
    4. Magnificent
    5. Who's To Say
    6. Real Fighter
    7. Baltimore to Benztown featuring Cam.l and Dichter
    8. Get Live featuring Ogun
    9. Breakfast with the blues
    10. Take A Shot featuring Regulus
    11. They Don't Want It featuring Prodigal Sunn
    12. Red Dawn
    13. The Movement
    14. Ain't No Fun featuring Lord Cyrus
    15. Lesson To Be Learned
    16. Destruction
    * CD Only Bonus track - Everybody Knows featuring Sabac RedCo. Produced by Dichter, of Dichter2 Productions

    Pro: The group's style is very lyrical. If you are sick of crunk.......this is your fix! Great East Coast Hip Hop!

    Con: All songs sounded similar in some kind of way. I wish that you would have took more chances with your delivery and subject matter.

    Robben Beatz and Dj Kurcial provide the sounds
    MCs Fat Boi aka Moody, Deph Cef, and Dwell (& sometimes Robben Beatz) provide the lyrics
    According to their bio, "The name, Third Kind, signifies the difference between us and the current two party system Hip Hop seems to be stuck in. Mainstream or Underground, it doesn't matter. We stand for good music. Originality and meaning, not demeaning and unrealistic." I have to agree, these guys don't fit into the pre-established.

    I met them a few years back and have been impressed repeatedly not only because they are one of the few groups that can actually pack a club on their own, but also because they are so very real and humble. They have several top rated songs (college charts) and offers for record deals on the table and yet they NEVER brag or boast. That is so commendable!!!! Their shows are always LIVE!!!!..... Complete with Beatz on stage with his PC making sure that every thing goes off with out a hitch and DJ Krucial getting the crowd pumped before and throughout out their set.
    Although we come from different necks of the woods, I can tell that these are not your typical suburban white kids. I honestly think they are hood reporters in a sense.....check out the back of their CD cover! I find that lot of suburbanites think they do "Hip Hop" .....but IMO until you come into the "HOOD" (or at least an environment reminiscent of what inspired the first emcees and where the ppl are skeptical because of how you look and/or your name) ....& RIP it (even if you get booed or suck)....You can't get my full support and respect. I think there is a rights of passage for rappers as well. Far to many skip this step! It's so sad that battling has got such a bad rap because its truly a lost artform that could truly distinguish rappers from MCs. Rappin to me is as much about proving that you deserve respect as much as it is about putting out a great song! MC-ing has nothing to do with how many units you push.
    Fat Boi BEEN had the utmost from me!!! He was up in the 5 Season a few weeks ago DOLO @ the Team Fifty jump off and ripped it. The boy has heart & no one can take that from him! I love that! Beatz goes hard too! I think he would slap someone if provoked. I say all that to say that when I listened to their music....I approached it with a open mind and general admiration (as people) for the artists. I love that hood stuff!!!! Everything else....you have to literally blow me away with your wittiness.


    1=Piss poor
    3= I see what you were tryna do
    4= Ghood
    5= Top Notch

    Art/Product Quality: 4
    I can tell that money was spent on the appearance of the project. The pull out insert was made up of various pictures that went along with the theme. Not sure what they meant by "Disaster Relief", but if it was left up to the listener to come up with his or her own definition...I say that it really means that like the roaches...third kind's music will survive a Nuclear or other catastrophic diaster. DAYUM!
    Lyricism/Delivery: 4
    Very strong vocabularies. You really realize how much of a filler N*gga is when you listen to these guys...LOL! I don't know the last time I listened to some Hip Hop and that word was not used. Dwell has a rapid fire delivery that no body (I've seen in a min) is messing with. see "issues".
    Group Members Names: 1
    Jokey Joke!!!!
    Dwell, Robben Beatz, Cef, Fat Boi and DJ Krucial are Third Kind & THEY ROCK!!!
    Use of Features: 4
    Very good selections. It was very refreshing to see a group have enough confidence in themselves to release a first project that was so about introducing themselves to the listeners on their own terms and less about getting people to co-sign for their official-ness. Very complete project.

    Production: 4
    Very Solid. All songs except "Baltimore to Benztown (F/ CAM.L and Dichter)" were produced and sequenced by Robben Beatz. That really says a lot. You would think that all of the songs (music) would sound alike or that listening to the CD straight through would have been hard work...but actually it wasn't. I always knew he was good, but thanks to this CD, I've made a mental note to mention Robben Beatz when I am asked who is hot. Rob has a very unique style and the samples he selects really speak to his general knowledge of all genres of music. Don't be surprised to hear him use a country ass Willy Nelson sample for one of his hooks....LOL!

    Perhaps its just me, but it irritated me terribly that I could not figure out who was on each song. Not that it took away from my enjoyment of the CD or anything, but with so many people in the group....certain people stand out more and certain tracks and I would have liked to be able to comment on each.
    Not sure if this is an issue, but I couldn't figure out an appropriate header....LOL! If you are looking for a "pop hop" CD ....THIS IZ BEATZ and LYRICS!!!! I don't even think they had the typical obligatory "girl or party" track. I think this cd was made PRIMARILY for the fellas! Appreciating this CD is really about listening to the words and feeling what they are saying.
    It seemed like most of the songs were about professing their lyrical prowess and less about giving me a part of the song I could join in on and feel. I honestly had a hard time identifying with the artists, but that does not mean that I did not appreciate it for what it was. The constant firing of words at me got kinda monotonous after a while.
    Very underground style. If this is your thing, this CD will blow you away, but if you are like me and actually enjoy today's incarnation of hip hop (in moderation).....you are gonna listen and be kinda dissapointed. There was nothing on there that made me want to get in front of the mirror and shake it.

    Notable Tracks/ Current Faves!
    1. Intro - Loved it! Very eerie!

    2. Pocket Full of Misery - I love the pianos

    3. Lawdy Lawdy (f/ Wicked Man) - I am really feeling track. The guys singing definitely complemented the trach. Plus, you get major points for incorporating scratching into the song. It gave it a real....early 90-ish (in a good way) feel!!! You really don't hear that enough any more. But I guess that is one of the benefits of having a DJ in your group.

    4. Magnificant

    5. Who's To Say - I have liked this song from the first time I heard it. I think was the first single off of the CD. I thought it was Rob on the hook, but it turns out its Dwell. They sound so much alike to me.

    6. Real Fighter - One of the highlights of the album

    7. Baltimore to Benztown (FEATURE) - OK.....was that someone rapping in another language.....LOL! I like the song tho!

    8. Get Live (FEATURE) - I've seen this song performed numerous times. It's definitely a crowd favorite. It losses something recorded tho! Or perhaps I'm just incredibly biased!

    10. Take A Shot featuring Regulus
    14. Ain't No Fun featuring Lord Cyrus -I love CYRUS! When is he coming back?
    TK....I feel that I got my money's worth! Keep reppin Bmore lovely! You prove just how diverse our musical scene really iz! I look forward to hearing, reading & writing about your future endeavours! holla!
    FYI: 7.26.06 @ SONAR!!! I'm gonna cut up!!! I already got my "Money Maker" Dress Picked out! LOL!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/17/2006 09:40:00 AM  
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