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    Nov 20, 2005
    SYNERGY 2005.....& It Don't Stop
    Photos courtesy of Kelly Connelly

    (11/17/05- Happy Birthday Hip Hop Party @ the 5 Seasons) OMG ....I am so sorry I has taken me so long to extand my sincere thanks! SHEEEeeeesh! My computer was acting up....everytime I would go to send the message it would mess up. I am going to send this one in sections....... so work with me please. I want to thank those of you that made the choice to come out and support this very worthy cause. I know the decision to come was a difficult one for many of you and for that i am eternally grateful. De La was in town.....LOL! I know, I know, I know! Big Ups to all the performers that rocked that show!

    Thank you K-Con for coming and taking what looks like some wonderful pictures. ^^^^^ I have got to see what you captured. Unfortunately, I forgot that i even bought my camera with me. LOL! Thank you DJ P-Funk for holding down the 1's and 2's during the early part of the evening. You was playing some of my faves. I really love the War Report Album and anything old Nore. Thanks again for your sacrifice. I know De La is your favorite too.

    I want to send a major Shout OUT to GRAFH and the entire Blackhand Entertainment/Urban Suspex Family. Thank you so much for keeping it real and coming through and blessing the people with some of your time. That was my first time seeing Grafh perform, but his spirit is so nice, I was already a fan. He is such a charmer! Big Ups to DNA! It was his birthday and despite having 800 people waiting for him in DC, he made a stop by the 5 Seasons for the party. That is my buddy! Konan of 92Q stopped through. That was such a welcome surprise. Hip Hop fans come in all shapes and sizes. It would appear that we have some secret admirers at the station. I want to ask for a third round of applause for the gracious and beautiful Tracye Stafford (pictured with basket). She appreciated the honor tremendously and thanked everyone for their continued support of her companies- One Luv Entertainment and now IKON Entertainment. She also spoke on the significance of the award in light of all the difficulties of being a woman in Hip Hop. That was very special to me. It makes me feel good to show love to one of the people who's moves I admire. We are always waiting for someone out the blue to honor people we know do their thang. There are shining examples of heros and sheros all around us. We must start patting each other on the back. We are all in this together!

    Thank you to BossLady! You are such a special individual. I pray that you pick good people to be around you b/c negativity would spoil you. In a world filled with cinics, its very cool to come accross a person that seems to help out people because it is the right thing to do. That is admirable. Keep being a positive example, my sistah! Plus, you hang out with a cast of all stars! The ever radient K-Luv and Born King....his name says it all! Thank you so much to all of you for coming and partying all night long! You guys are so much fun and you made the party very special. Thank you Boss Lady for the mics. E really appreciated them tremendously!

    PLAGUE UP! (pictured in pink shirt, dreamy look) Thank you ladies for coming! You both looked so lovely! NINA, with your fly ass and SYMPH I must say, mama, you clean up very nice. Had the lip gloss shining and ish!^^^^^ Nina, I love you for the way that you are. I think you are such a business woman. You are destined to broker million dollar deals. Stay determined! And Symph! You know you are my home skillet! Thank you for the "hug"....I look forward to seeing you kill it at your album release! PLAGUE UP, Hittvillianz! Jeah Jeah Jeah! JFK! 360! Thank you pop, for coming through! Always good to chop it up with you! You are such a funny dude! I hope you enjoyed your table! When you gonna bring a beat CD for Style Warz??? XO- when looking back over the evening....my few minutes with you were among the highlights. You come across as a very sincere individual and that is rare nowadays. I think you really get what I am trying to do and that is what keeps me going. Thank you for your support of all my endeavours and if there is ever any way that I can assist your causes, please let me know. Tyree Colione was in the building! Thank you for coming through and supporting. All of the performers were on fiyah Thursday night! Everyone did his or her thang! B. Fly started things off! When I tell yall this gurl is the truth...please hear me out. First off she is on some natural, but I'll still stick you for your paper kinda grind. I love that number one. She keeps it real to the fullest. Plus she rolls with the legendary Brown F.I.S.H. camp so you know Jahiti picked up the mic and backed her up on one of her songs. His voice is so hot. I have got to figure out a way to get them on a show in the near future. Big Ups to Ooh! I love the look, the name...every thing! It was very cool meeting the crew. Sonny Brown (pictured in the mustard coat) and the Major League Unlimited Team took over the stage and rocked it. Big Ups to Will, A-milz and Mully (pictured) who spit some impromteu bars for the crowd! Thank you SB for making your solo debut with us! Skarr Akbar (pictured in the white hoodie) gets my vote for best MC in Baltimore. I never stated that before, but on sheer presence, back story, beat selections (for the most part), and personality....HE HAS IT! From the time he came in the place....rocking of all thing a Russel Sweatshirt that read, "EVERYONE HATES SKARR"........with "EXCEPT ME" on the back! It was so hot. He was so throwback! Straight leg jeans...I wonder did they have a crease in them....LOL! Black on White Shellheads....he was killing them! Plus his show was hot! He A A A A A A A A A A As were in attendance. I see why they follow him! He is a star! Big Ups to you Mr Akbar! Keep doing the damn thang! E the poet emcee (pictured in brown jacket ^) is one of Baltimore best kept secrets. I am so gald that so many people identified with his performance. I try to tell people that "street" comes in all different forms. He did his thang. Anybody that values lyrical content and inflection....will love E. Please cop his CD...A story of a Hustler of Culture....you will not be dissapointed. Big Ups to Chuck the Mad Ox for doing the Beatbox for E's set ....that was so hot! I love how you rocked the element!

    I want to thank my hosts, OGUN (pictured) and the ladies of RAH ENERGY for their hard work and professionalism. Ogun stayed on the mic from start to finish. I don't even think he anticipated having so much fun. I am not even gonna tell yall that he got drunk and became that guy runnig around the club humping on all the ladies. LOL! He was acting a damn fool! And if you are looking for afforable and dependable street team work please holla at the Rah Energy! They are so easy to work with! Thank you Lil Mic! He killed it! This man is worth every penny he gets! I will be using his services again. If you didn't stick around you missed a hot show! Big Ups to the Torchlight Family that was in the building! Love and Lyrical Leviathan! it was so good to see both of you! Thanks Slick....I appreciate you coming through. I know you are prolly the biggest De La Fan. Big Ups to mr shadeed! You are such a nice person! I am so glad that you are around. We need more people like you. I hope you were able to get some great footage. There were some really good acts in the buidling that night. Thank you again for your kind words. They meant a lot coming from a person of your distinction.

    Thank you to all of the media in the buidling! All of you are such special people! Divine Ideals (Thank you sis, please get in contact with me regarding the interview) Liberator Magazine (Man, was their rep dancing or what!?! I thought I was gonna fall out when he started back spinning. He was another unexpected!) Untouchable Magazine ( look forward to your perspectives!) STREETZ Magazine (Thanks Torcha! Your coming meant a lot!)

    Significant Gift Bag Sponsors: Kelly Connelly/Music Monthly-- If you didn't know that Kelly takes pictures ^^^^ climb your ass from under that rock! Everyone know's that she is an awesome photgraher, but what you may not have known is that she is not afraid of guns! LOL! Ask he about her gun collection specials. She donated wonderful items. I forgot to keep a Jay Z magnet for myself tho. If you ever make any more, please keep one for me. Snank You! DJ J-Spin/Charm City Records/Liaison Distributors-- They donated some great CDs and other promo items. All bags included a promo copy of Beef III as well. I just watched my copy last night! It is really good--A lot better than II.

    SPECIAL THANKS To Davey D! I've met so many wonderful and influential people thanks to your kind act [He posted the party on his front page]. Thank you so much! Folks, check out his site. He is truly a keeper of the legacy. Thank you!

    Thank you all for coming. I appreciate the confirmation that Hip Hop (particularly Baltimore's) is worth it!

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 11/20/2005 07:13:00 PM   0 comments
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