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    May 16, 2006
    Hate it or love it..the underdog is on top!

    Naaaaaaaaaah.....its not that late.....SHUT UP!!!! As with everything else I do....it's right on time [yeah....Im feelin myself today!] Get Rich or Die Trying just came out on DVD the week of April 02, 2006. I've been preoccupied!!!!


    Sure.........I could just talk about the movie......but that would not be ME................so walk with me or click HERE and go awn about your b.i.

    Erebody else............
    With GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN, rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson follows in the footsteps of his musical counterpart, Eminem (8 MILE), by giving movie stardom a shot. Directed by Jim Sheridan (IN AMERICA, MY LEFT FOOT) and written by Terence Winter, the film tells a fictionalized version of 50 Cent's own troubled life story. Marcus is a quiet young man who adores his loving mother (Serena Reeder). But after she is brutally murdered in an apparent drug deal gone wrong, Marcus heads down the wrong road himself. He abandons high school to sell drugs for local kingpin Levar (Bill Duke) and his underling, Majestic (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). Years later, when he reunites with his childhood sweetheart (Joy Bryant) and is thrown in jail, Marcus decides to leave drug selling behind in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a rapper. Unfortunately, Majestic doesn't want to let him go, resulting in a tragedy that might destroy his life forever. Much like Curtis Hanson with 8 MILE, Sheridan seems an unlikely choice to direct an urban drama about the blossoming of a gangsta rapper. But that is exactly what makes his film so refreshing. Photographed with a gritty tenderness by Declan Quinn and featuring another scene-stealing turn from Terrence Howard, GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN is equal parts social commentary, crime thriller, and heartfelt drama. Synopsis & photo source: [rotten tomotoes]

    Sounds pretty unoriginal, but hell......how many totally original movie plots are there? NONE! Execept maybe, "Pootie Tang" [-------->] I ain't never seen no movie like dat before......sheesh!
    ".....the film tells a fictionalized version of 50 Cent's own troubled life story". What the heck does that mean........LOL!??? They got plot twists for ya before the opening credits even roll. While watching the movie....I couldn't help but ponder (constantly.............he he!), "Which parts are fact and which parts are fiction?" This exercise would have been extremely distracting to the average mere mortal [LOL!], but the mystery combined with the suspense - actually made watching the movie kinda fun.
    My mind was churning trying to decide who is Curtis and who is Marcus:
    How did 50 develop his trademark drawl? - did his voice sound like that before being shot in his cheek? Was he shot in his cheek?

    "Comin' up I was confused my momma kissin a girl" - was his momma gay???

    The main antagonist in the movie was referred to as "Majestic" - in 50's real life, much of his history with Kenneth "
    Supreme" Mc Griff is public knowledge. Majestic...Supreme...I see the similaritires. 50 has even mentioned him in songs. It has also been suggested that Mc Griff was in some way involved in the murder of 50's real life mother as was the case with Majestic in the movie. [Side note: there is actually a "Free Supreme" MYSPACE page]
    Didn't 50 mention that he lived with his grandma? - In the movie, Marcus lives with Grandma.
    Was Terrance Howard Sha Money XXL? - if so................that ninja is a Bad mofo!!!
    Im tryna figure out if the Majestic "pitbull" in the movie was Domination or Bang um Smurf [silver back gorillas]?.... & was the "Dangerous" character Ja Rule???? ....& who is the crack smokin snitch in the movie - in real life??? Where do the d*mn lines blur????

    I could prolly come up with a few more if I had time......

    Most of the mainstream critics [ Ebert being one of the few exceptions] panned this film EARLY. According to the Internet Movie Database, Get Rich or Die Trying is one of the lowest rated films on (number 27 on the worst rated movies, with a rating of 2.4 out of ten) and is currently featured on its worst 100 list as of February, 2006. At Rotten Tomatoes, it has a rating of "Rotten" (a score lower than 60%) with only 17% of the reviews being positive.

    LOL! Dayuuuuum!!! Did it not have any redeeming qualities for anyone outside of Black America??? Most of my peoples thought the movie alright!

    I can see how the news headlines would make the critics feel like 50 was glamorizing his life by even making a semi-autobiographical film. I mean.....especially when your posters [ALONE] resulted in several protests and canceling of the movie run all together in some locations[above are 2 variations are the posters used to promote the movie].


    True dat....True dat....he could have dodged the 8 Ball with his first movie and took a part that was far less controversial...But now...that wouldn't be 50 aka "Mr. Controversy"....the man who made his mark by making a song that talked about robbing all the biggest names in rap.


    My biggest issue with the critics is.......

    What makes his story of trial and error any less enriching than let's say that of "Red Button", the drunkard, one "good eye" having jockey in "Sea Biscuit"? [I loved that movie, by the way] Both had to fend for themselves at early ages and despite their methods...both went on to become highly regarded persons in their respective fields. Both got themselves in some crap they could have avoided. Point being, our life experiences and the choices we make are relative to our personal existence. Both of these men did what they had to do!!! In retrospect, would they have made the same decisions...Maybe, but then again, Maybe not. But without all of the mistakes.....we would have the compelling sucess stories of neither. IMO critics should be given the same instructions as jurors during legal proceedings - "only judge based on what is presented to you" [period]. I think far too many critics went into the theater with preconceived notions and as a result missed the boat. They forgot to wipe off their shit stained glasses before they sat down.


    FYI: This was not a movie to watch if you were looking to strengthen your belief American values....LOL! What the hell are American values anyway??? This movie offers a glimpse into a "different" reality - ONLY. It was a characterization of a boy coming of age in Jamaica, Queens during the 80-90s. If the existence he [Marcus] lived is foreign to you....I can see how one could label this as another story where the bad guys are portrayed as the hero. But, I THANKFULLY saw something different!! Its is what it is....one man's amazing story!!! I've seen Marcus' story in too many people to name. You REALLY want to talk about something......let's talk about the conditions that are necessary to create a "Marcus". LOL! Nah...I already know that's not gonna happen.....it's so much easier to dissect this movie. Folk may have read waaaaaay more into certain parts than they should......I think far too many critics opted to review a flick they were predisposed to hate.

    Let'$ give 50 his prop$!!!!
    During the same stretch of time:

    The Gotti Brothers were indicted and their money laundering trial began. 50's name was all in the news. Text messages were the crux of the government's case. Apparently several of these messages implied that Supreme had ordered the hit on 50 in 2000.


    Mc Griff's antics finally caught up with him [peep the Baltimore connection] This is the same guy that 50 has named as involved in not only his shooting, but also the killing of Jam Master Jay (Run DMC).
    Also see:
    Feds seek death penalty [source: Vibe].


    As reported: 1 December 2005 (StudioBriefing)
    Police in Syracuse, NY have blamed the
    50 Cent movie Get Rich or Die Tryin for an increase in gang shootings in the city. In an interview with the Associated Press, police Lt. John Brennan remarked, "The movie glorifies gang life. ... I think it may have opened up some of the wounds between gangs that had been feuding with each other." Two of the shootings occurred in a mall where the movie was being shown, one of them following a fight that took place inside the theater as it was being screened, police said. [source: IMDB news]


    Ok.........but I didn't see any gangs.....LOL! Ooooooooh wait, Marcus' "crew" was the gang - I guess [symantx].

    Many of the stars including Adewale Akkinuoye-Agbaje [
    Majestic] spoke out publicly about the wrong impression the media was giving people about the movie. Who remembers Adabesi from "OZ"??.....he taught me that male homosexuals come in all shapes, sizes and persuasions. I am forever changed. he he!!! Director Jim sheridan mentioned in an article that it pisses him off that "Everybody keeps saying, 'You know, you made a black movie,"....he goes on to say..."And I keep saying, 'No, I made a movie. I made a white movie. I made the same movie if I were making it in Dublin or London or anywhere...."I didn't approach it like it's special. I'm used to Belfast. It's the same." Thank you for that, Mr. Sheridan!!!

    About the movie
    Strong points:
    50 was reportedly very involved in the entire creative process....the original name for 50 Cent's movie was "Locked & Loaded", but was later changed by 50 because he felt the title would better resonate with his fans [source:
    Ebay Movies]. I personally agree..... "GRDT" is better!!
    I could easily follow the story and there was very little "dead air".
    The cast was amazing....Terrance Howard does it again. This guy can play any part [pimp or preacher] and come across as equally convincing. I am glad to see this guy get his due. The young 50 is such a cutie. He is really growing up!!! Mom played a small, but effective role in the movie. You understood that he had a very loving relationship with his mother - 50 may not be that bad after all! Joy Bryant was great!!! She is so pretty. Grandma and Grandpa were great. I feel like the family life aspects of this movie were the best I've seen. I've never seen a movie where they showed this slice of Black American life. This movie is prolly the closest to my existence and those of the many black people I know. "Times are hard, but we manage."
    I had a strong grandparent in my life. My grandfather's house was the "drop off" spot for everyone. My grandparents were in no way rich, but they managed to buy a home and raise several generations under the same roof. They lived their version of the American Dream. Cousins, nephews, grandchildren.....all piled up in one twin bed, on the floor or on the couch.....annoying the hell out of one another because our feet touched or gettin mad because it was your turn to sleep next to the cousin that peed in the bed....LOL! Those are they type of memories this movie's family scenes evoked.
    The "window shopper" scene - took me back to when I was a kid and I used to look at the sneakers in the window wrapped in plastic [lol! Was the plastic sposed to slow down the yellowing process???]............scheming of ways to get my mother to buy them for me instead of those Pro Wings she pointed out in the payless window. No mo payless sneakers for me.....Yes! These are really Nikes, baby!
    The cinematography was interesting [remember the shot when they showed the transition from young Marcus to teenage "Ceasar". [I BET.......that is the shot that they used on that animated looking Massacre video game cover]
    The music supervisors did an excellent job of scoring this movie. This was a period piece........so the music and clothing were very essential to creating the allusion of a "particular moment in time". I loved it....50's mom was a real pistol...and you know your boy had a pait of Air Jordans. He was rockin the throwbacks....dudse were prolly in the theater lusting.
    I don't think I heard any non- 50 music except when he was in the car with his mom. OMG!!! Did that Chaka Khan moment take you back too?? "Baby, Baby when I look at you....." Remember when boys would actually sing the girl parts of songs and not feel all self-conscious.......LOL! Back in the day…my cousin Damon was the biggest Micheal Jackson fan...we used to sit by the record player for hours listening to "PYT" ova and ova again while he would do his dance moves and wear one of my grandmother's white ushering gloves....LOL! Those were the days. The opening sequence and accompanying music made me feel like I was in the car with them. Hot ish!
    I have to agree with Sheridan....If it weren't a black kid named Marcus.it truly could have been any one....I could just as easily see this story, set in the Appalachian mountains.....and a coal miner's son is trying desperately trying to get out of the moonshine business and break into the highly competitive honky tonk business or........a young Russian boy orphaned at 7 after his mother was murder by her john and after years with the
    Red Mafiya he decides he wants out of the arms business and wants a piece of the America dream..................I could go on and on.........Think outside the box. I think this movie was far less about a young black man coming of age in the 80 & 90s and was far more about a person accomplishing a goal despite the odds - a universally understood and respected aspiration.

    In closing,

    Not saying this was the best movie in the world, but 50's acting far from sucked. I've developed a greater appreciation for 50, the artist. I thought the pace of the movie was good [not too long..not too short] & the music and costumes were on point [folk earned their guac]. I loved 50's shy "Marcus"............for the first time 50 actually seemed human to me. His vulnerability was endearing. This movie made me realize that I never really looked at him as a real man. I wonder is 50 gonna start calling himself, Curtis Jackson......like your boy Luda......oh my bad call him Mr. Chris Bridges aka the Oscar Winner!

    Overall......I feel this is a great addition to my movie collection. This puppy is NOW sitting right next to BLOW. That's prime real estate!!!! Now......I can't say that I am ready and waiting for the next Curtis Jackson feature film, but I can say.....I won't just start crack up laughing for no reason next time someone says his name and dramatic epic in the same sentence!!! After having grossed over 30 Million + in the theaters alone..........it's safe to say that Curtis Jackson [the actor] is here to say. But then again let me not presume......I assumed the same would happen for Eminem, but it didn’t - go figure!!!


    In my opinion, the fact that he not only shot a film, recorded a soundtrack of all original music and promoted the movie/DVD in the States and abroad all while so much other stuff was going on in his life really speaks volumes about the determination of 50 cents [I think this is true on the screen and in real life]. He was in the middle of a storm during one of the biggest times of his career. This makes me want to learn more about 50 and has made me more curious about his life......which I think was the plan from the jump!!! I still have questions..............guess I have to buy his next album and see if he will elaborate more.


    Regardless of whether you believe that most of the story is fact or fiction.....................you can't deny...........in both real life and on the big screen.........."Hate it or love it....the underdog ended up on top"..............Gots to love that!!! Go 50 it$ your Payday!!! I hope you party like its your Birthday!!!

    If you are interested in further cracking the code.....check out this new book:

    The reviews of it make it seem like it will make for a good read. But, heeeeeeeeeeey…all reviewers' comments should be viewed as entertainment......much like the way you are supposed to review a movie....especially one like Get Rich or Die Trying..... EVERYTHING ain't for everybody!

    Interesting side note:
    The white Mercedes Marcus (50 cent) drove throughout most of the movie had a sunroof in some shots, and not in others. LOL! I am sure we all have plenty of examples of this happening....but to refresh your memory and to learn about other movie blunders you can use to impress your friends or next date.....you can find more movie mistakes @

    I'm not on the big screen like Curtis Jackson YET...........but I'm staring on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove already!!!!

    Hip Hop Lives!!! Watchout NOW!!!


    I know this post was hella long...this was an exercise in free writing. It's great to do it sometimes.....

    The one negative aspect of the movie:

    We didn't see HOW he got on?? I saw the writing of rhymes, but not the actual grind. That was the one part that took away from the whole movie. I don't think they did a good enough job of showing what steps he took in his quest for stardum [when did he ever fail?]. This movie kinda gave the false impression that him wanting to rap was all he needed to become this mega star, Ceasar. That was kinda weak..... & the ending was kinda blah! Unlike 8 Mile's climactic ending where you celebrated B. Rabbit's accomplishments.

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 5/16/2006 09:02:00 PM  
    • At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:37:00 PM, Blogger ShellBe RAW said…

      Now you know I'm excited right????????? ........ LOL

      Well let me help you out as best I can......

      How did 50 develop his trademark drawl? - He stated in the 'All Eyes on 50 Cent' show done by MTV that he was in fact shot in the jaw, he even showed where he no longer had a tooth.......that space allows air in, thus giving him 'the signature drawl'. So the movie's depiction of his voice changing afterward was pretty accurate and close to what actually happened.

      Didn't 50 mention that he lived with his grandma? - Yeah in his first released DVD "Last of a Dying Breed" he is even filmed in front of his Grandmothers house. He mentions being 'raised' by his grandparents a lot actually.

      Was Terrance Howard Sha Money XXL? - I'm gonna say NO to this one. 50 has stated that his partnership with Sha comes from him being the first DJ to actually put 50 on his mixtapes. Funny the first person to put me on a mixtape is named Cha......LOL

      You did an excellent job of reviewing the movie........I agree with damn near every point you made!

      Good shit.........I told yall 50 was the man. Thanks for this post!

    • At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:57:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      I gots to give you a lot of credit for even reading all that...LOL! I was about to fall out when I was proof reading it [yeah I know there are prolly a ton of mistakes] ...........

      but hey..that's YOUR man...LOL! You gone make sure I don't diss him....

      seriously tho...I really think I am a 50 fan now. I liked him before, but now....Not sure why now...after seeing the movie, I am really curious to know his back story.

      I think 50 will be around for ever. Even if you believe gangsta rap is dying....he has proven that he can reinvent himself at will.
      I see him as a determined individual...and nothing trumps determination. As long as he doesn't get shot or anything.

      I need to check out all those DVDs you mentioned...LOL! what did you have a 50 cent marathon one weekend...LOL! You knew waaaay more about him going into the theater...so I can imagine how your mind was racing throughout...LOL! Soooo...do you know which guy was ja Rule? Also...how do the Murder Inc people fit into the 50 cent story..were they represented in the film? so many questions....

      I cant think of any rappers whose DVD i actually watched...LOL! You are a fan!!!

    • At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:50:00 PM, Blogger ShellBe RAW said…

      Put it like this.....I am the type of fan, that I want! (Wow...that was sorta deep, that might end up being an album cut! See look at you, getting the exclusives!) Either way, I use to buy any and everything 50 Cent....b4 he started making so much stuff that I had to make 'survival-altering decisions' when considering a purchase. i.e. 50's re-release of "The Massacre" w/ the video for each song......or gas to get to work this week???
      To answer your questions tho.....
      Soooo...do you know which guy was ja Rule? - Yeah the Light Skin rapper w/ the DooRag(who looked real corney BTW) that he took the pictures with.

      Also...how do the Murder Inc people fit into the 50 cent story..were they represented in the film? They were represented as the Company pushing the Light Skin rapper dude.

      It helped me really appreciate the movie cuz I did already know so much about 50......and I had just read his book "From Pieces to Weight" which was a pretty good read.

      Oh yeah.......His mom was Gay, but not openly (I don't think)....Fat Joe or Jadakiss made reference to that in one of the Diss records too.

      We need to watch the movie together......I could fill in a lot of the holes for you! LOL

    • At Thursday, May 18, 2006 10:48:00 AM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      aiiight BET!

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