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    Mar 31, 2006
    Style Warz (3.30.06)
    Thank you to everyone that came out to STYLE WARZ last night. There were a lot of new faces in the place...so my shouts will be shorter than usual.
    I like that friends are telling friends. That's what its about!
    I had a lot of fun!! So many handsome men were in the place....mmmmmmmmmmhhh if only I didn't have a reputation to worry about...LOL!

    Big Ups to the DJs: Krucial & P Funk. K, you was rockin....as usual!!! Great to see ya!

    Special thanks goes out to the judges for the evening:
    Bosslady (House of Platinum Records)
    Tasha (Urban Visions)

    I can only imagine how hard many of the decisions were last night. I hope it was not that bad of an experience. Thanks a million Boss Lady for coming through with the mics....that was very very cool of you and they worked marvelously darling. I appreciate your willingness to help without adding something extra to it. If I can be of assistance to you [ever] please let me know.
    Shout out to:
    EJ - I love you boy!!

    Born King - can't wait for the new CD...one more song, you say??? LOL!

    Rell Ruger - so nice to finally meet you! Your grind is forserious!

    A-Milz - thanks for coming!

    Al (govt names) - Good to see ya as usual! Thanks for all the love you always show! We need you to stay interested. It means the world to so many!
    Aaron Henkin & friends! Thank you so much for coming!!! I so appreciate your support! Thank you so so so so so so so much for the wonderful gift!!! You all are very thoughtful! You really showed me that you keep it real!!! If I can ever be of ANY assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Kelly - so great to see ya! I really want to see the pics you got of D.O.G. - especially if you got something good!

    Shellbe Raw was in the buildin!

    Ms Tris Beats & Keebie were in the place to be. Glad to see yall as usual!
    B. Fly - the notorious B. Fly! What up gurly! Thanks for coming through. I'll holla!

    Melanie - I can't wait to see the pics.
    The Unstoppable Nuklehidz was up in the spot causing havoc!!! Bmore Flava The Sequel June 30th @ the 5 Seasons!!

    Ogun - Thank you for being so great! You were such a big help to me all night.

    TM - you are so funny! I will def hook up your MYSPACE page. Give me a year...he he! j/k..holla!
    PX was in the building! Neil and Blank yall are the best! Neil..ima hold you to your offer...he he!

    Brown F.I.S.H was in the place to be last night. That's what's really good!!! What Up OOH! What Up Jah!!!
    Unreality was in the house! Whaddup, Unreal! I missed u hge!

    Big Ups to Ebony!!! You are such a great help to me! Thanks for rollin' with a sistah, Get ready!!!

    5 Seasons - Thanks to the entire staff!

    Security - Thank you guys!!!

    Little Clayway - Congrats on the new release. I promise I'ma get one of your new CDs very soon!

    Mr. Wilson - Always good to see ya!

    Low Key God and Ray Lugar - Thanks for showing your faces in the place. Yall are the foundation of this Hip Hop thang in Bmore...Im glad that new generations of people are learning that Baltimore does not have to try to get on the map..we already are. You will help to keep them grounded..Keep leading the way!

    Sean Simms (Ones on the Move) - Thanks for the great photos you took last night. My camera is in the shop so I so appreciate you steppin in to help.
    Invisible Set Entertainment & the Baltimore Bread Company (aka BBC) were most def in the building!!! D.O.G. kilt that shit!!! Thank you so much for coming through and showing love. I could go on and on, but I will start and stop with...you looked so good!!!! Your pictures truly do you no justice. Ladies, he's a looker!!! I can't wait for the album to drop. I'ma be at the store waiting for them to open. I thought I was going to lose my mind when RYDA GYRL came on!!! I am so glad to see the fusion of Baltimore Hip Hop and Club!!! Its about damn time. "Club Hop" as Mo Banks has coined it, shows promise of being the sound that thrusts Baltimore into the spotlight. According to him, "the song is just the beginning". Blaq Starr did his thang with the track, but Mo Banks really made it come together nicely. Heeeey.....also, that was me on the mic when the song went, "grind me grind me...gr gr grind me.." LOL! That was fun! So many fam in the building....Mo Banks (as hype man - WOW!)....Pop with the camera (I like dat!!!)...Henny (damn I wanted to see you rip it!!! Guess I have to wait until Hammerjacks') ......John Boh...."Wouldn't ya like to know John Boh" I am drawing a blank right now...but all yall!!!....Damn so many to name! I gots love for yall!!! I love how yall support yall man! He is already soooooooo rich.....now we just need to make him famous!

    Midas - "I gets down!" I know that's right! Yall really put it down last night. Big Ups to the entire team green including Kato and Akira. You all looked like you were having a good time. Midas was a little stiffer than usual...LOL! Im so used to him giving it up.....he was in no non-sense mode last night...almost too serious! It was all ghood doh! I would tell ya otherwise. Ima give yall a review of the Team Green joint shortly - as soon as I get a CD... *hint hint* LOL! I love what yall are doing. Keep it up..we need more focused folk like you around.
    Japiro (M.E.P.) - OUR WINNER!!! I appreciate the fact that so many people looked at him as a non issue and he played it cool until it was his turn. He was explosive, plus he wasn't even on NO drug and gun talk!!! He won and he delivered lines like, "He's going to hold his sisters down"....I loved that!! We sooooo need MCs like him to balance all of the negativity and misogyny the is characteristic of modern hip hop. I look forward to seeing him come back and do his thing next month.

    HAZ - what up to you and Lady Haz and friends!!! It was good to see yall.

    Vizzzo - the kid's flow was niiiice. I look forward to hearing more from you!

    Crutt Ball - challenged Japiro in the final. I thought that he made better use of the three words, but hey I think that punch line at the end about low key was just too much for the judges to over look. Dude, had just came home after doing 5 years in prison. He threw his state issued ID on the floor as a punctuation to a point! That was classic! He was not playing!!! He better be glad the 5 seasons doesn't have a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy cause he would have been out of there. As the night went on....more clothes were taken off. By the final round...he had people telling him put his shirt back on...LOL! I thought he was really good. He made a great first impression on me. I look forward to hearing more from him. Plus he rolls with my people K- Mack (Annex Clique) and Reign Music...so I know...I already know!
    Philly was most def reppin hard last night.
    Iceburg - Maaaaan, I have nothing to say....LOL! I think you did a great job! You need to holla at me and let me know whats poppin in Philly. I drive. I love you yung gist! Im gonna give you a good listen this weekend. You know I have like 2 or 3 of your CDs. You gave them to me and never took them back. Thanks for making the trip!

    The guy Cleev was nice as shit. I really enjoyed his energy and his swagger was just something to witness. I was a little disappointed that he did not win his round. I hope he is the type to keep it moving and comes back again. I know for sure that he impressed people. I know for sure he could win!

    Big Ups to Kadar & Kashon (The entire South Paw Entertainment crew in tow)!!!

    Absenexus - Sorry for calling you 9 mile....LOL! the people in the audience were trippin. He was a white MC...so of course the bunny rabbit comparison were of epidemic proportions. It was all love. I think dude did his thang last night.
    Be sure to hit me up on MYSPACE
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 3/31/2006 01:24:00 PM  
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