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    Mar 27, 2006

    Friday was a wonderful day in the life of this Hip Hop Heroine.

    The NPR piece ran earlier that day and I was on an emotional high. I’ve been feeling anxious and a lil overwhelmed lately with life (in general) and so it was really rejuvenating to hear how the piece came together and how well everyone expressed themselves. Man-o-Man….I loved Midas’ candor…..I loved Fire Arms’ bravado….EJs braggadocio is ADORABLE– “....and if there are some beautiful young ladies that want to touch me…they can do that too”…Lordy! Symph with the classic line, “Shut um down”….Ab Rock can go on with his “she sometimes creates chaos” comment….J/K.......LOL! What chu talking bout?… Haz coming clean about losing to worthy opponents. Gata….showing his gracious side. I’ve listened to the interview around 10 times already and find something else to make me laugh or nod my head in agreement every time. I especially appreciated the perspective
    Bilal Bahar offered. I know I am the Hip Hop Ambassador and all, but during this interview he proved that he is the keeper of the history. I need to go read a few books. I never would have thought to explain what battling was in the classical sense – why it started. The explanation you offered was very appropriate for the conversation as a whole and really punctuated mine. Upon reflection, it made me wonder when the competition lost its ”deterrent” power – or does it still have it? I’m so very glad you were asked to contribute.

    I left work a little earlier than usual because I knew that I had to be at the F.I.S.H. fry
    on time. Word on the streets was plan to arrive between 9 PM – 10PM because the doors were going to be LOCKED at 10:30 PM. LOL! Under normal circumstances that would have been a bright red flag or at least a cause for me to put my foot down and not go (the Aquarian in me hates to be controlled), but in this case …it surprisingly added to the mystique surrounding the F.I.S.H. & Friends blow out. This is also something…cause ya gurl don’t usually make her appearances until at least 11:00PM. I’m habitually late.

    MYSTIQUE – what a beautiful word ...
    not to mention....a perfect segue into my thoughts on the historical event I had the pleasure of attending this past Friday. Lemme re-cap for you…first off - you HAD to receive an invite from OOH, secondly - there were no flyers, thirdly - no one really knew who was on the card (although several names were a given)…fourthly - I’d never even heard of the venue before, etc. Buzz for the show was generated simply by knowing that if you knew about it…you were in the know”. WOW! .....Yall some marketing geniuses!!! "I’m a BIG SHOT & You NOT!!!" LOL!!!!

    I arrived at the spot by 9:40 PM and was greeted by OOH who I later found out was wearing his pajamas…LOL! (that is an example of ghetto for those that have been searching for one) He mentioned that he read my blog and got a kick out of the part where I said “Brown F.I.S.H. must be some connected people if they are having a secret shindig”…. Glad I made you laugh. Who else could pack a spot when little to no details related to it were provided in advance? That is TRUST. At first, I couldn’t tell if he appreciated that comment or not, but I was being real. LOL! OOH is one of those people that you will never get him by trying to read him nor by listening to his music….OOH is a character – literally and figuratively.

    I said my peace and finally REALLY noticed that the place was already getting thick. I walked around... greeted a few people (Selah – My Aquarian Friend, Karen, P-Funk, Missy, Vertex, Melanie, Boss Lady, Jah Ali (Golden Seal), Bilal, K-Con) before finally going off in search of a chair. Missy and I were going to sit together, but she found her a chair and was basically like “I’ll holla” …LOL! I couldn’t get mad at her. Love you, Missy! Chairs were the hottest commodity in the spot…& there was like 10 of them…LOL! Finally got a chair …no thanks to Ogun!!! I had to add that!

    The show began with Lyrical Leviathan taking the stage to make his introduction. I couldn’t tell which member of the musical ensemble in his head was present on this night. He looked irritated by something ( I don’t know why) nor do I know if the look on his face and body language was a characteristic of his persona or a reaction to something that happened. Im always wondering things...LOL! He delivered a fiery verse that made the audience take in a deep breath. I’d heard the verse before, but was impressed by the way he used the crowd's energy and excitement to make it seem like he was delivering a brand new piece. Always the intellectual crowd’s favorite, LL was in his element. This dude is so original....I was glad to see that he was part of the event.

    Brown F.I.S.H. were so intent on creating a certain vibe…they literally bought the couch and coffee table from their living room to the venue. When OOH explained that…..it was the funniest thing in the world to me. It was a multi colored love seat comprised of shades of brown….Im not gonna describe it anymore cause I’m not trying to insult my man….LOL!

    The concept of the event was a day at the Brown F.I.S.H. lab…..

    very cool photo courtesy of Kelly Connelly

    No mics….no sound man….no computer generated background beat..…no headliners…..real musicians & a few of Baltimore’s FINEST (LOL! & not the po po) just happened to stop by ............

    Ooh (in his PJs) welcomed.......
    • Jahiti
    • Vertex
    • B-Fly
    • C Clear
    • Saleem of the Love Peace Project
    • Symantx
    • Archie the Messanger
    • Che Ray
    • EJ
    • Mykeey (who's remix of FISH bowl was classic... LOL!)
    • Skarr
    • Mason - Dixon
    • Several other great musicians friends (guitarists & drummers)


    I'm gettin pumped all ova again.......

    It was so very organic....the entire set up.....the absolute silence that was required of the audience in order to hear the music....the mixing of perspectives (from conscious to gangsta)....the feeling of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING . I have honestly never been to a show that good in my life. It was very moving.
    It was on days like this one that I especially miss my camera....
    Sure, I've been to big budget concerts where some of my favorite artists performed and I had a great time, but I'd never seen Brown F.I.S.H. perform....nor had I ever saw Symantx or Mason-Dixon for that matter. I went into the show not knowing what to expect. Sure I'd heard of everyone on the cards name before, but can't really say I knew how each would freak it with a band. That is a hard nut to crack for some...alot of rappers are tone def. LOL!
    Funny fact from F.I.S.H.story....Everything I'd heard about them was on some,"they on some ole political kick like Dead Prez". While I am very interested in the world around me - that is not exactly what Im looking for when it comes to music - right about now. I like artists that embrace it all - that is me ALL DAY LONG! LOL! Conscious, but not overbearing. After hearing Ooh talking about things he likes for girls to do to him...LOL! I would laugh at a person for playin themself if anyone told me that again. Don't you hate when people tell you about why they don't like an artist and they've never even listened to their music. That is the worse. I am going to enjoy gettin more into their music. I never use to see them anywhere - NOW it seems like I keep running into them - everywhere...LOL! Its all good tho! Talented as they are...there is nothing big headed or pretentious about any of them. All of them showed me love from the break. I assume that this is the track record they have with a lot of people because so many people in the audience knew the words to their songs and lingered around the venue to personally give their appreciation for the invitation to the event. It was FREE, but I would have paid for this one. I can'twait for the DVD.
    If you’ve been reading this blog for a min….you will know that I am usually unimpressed. If you’ve been reading, you know that I am a fan of artists that have their own style and approach (to whatever it is they do) …..so it should come as no surprise that I was in heaven – ALL NIGHT LONG!!
    Skarr is so awesome!!! I swear I take back everything bad that I ever said about Skarr in the past. What I didn't like about him was his energy. Quite frankly he scared me and I pegged him a repeat offender. Buuuuuuuuut what a difference a year makes. He is so misunderstood and it became so abundantly clear on Friday (at this show) that through his music he can express himself fully. He looked so good doing his thang! When he performed this past Novemeber at the Happy Birthday Hip Hop party it really struck me how together he actually is. I was giving him a chance and since then he has done nothing but make me respect his grind. I think that with more events like this one....people will start letting down their guard where Skarr is concerned and give the brotha a chance to talk. I've had one of his song on my MYSPACE page for the last month or so.....its the bomb!
    Symantx is a beast! Very very deep and seductive female voice. Yall know I likes those!
    Che Ray ......"melts in your mouth" music! That's all I can say!
    EJ - He is such a super star...They damn near had to grab the mic from him.
    Archie truly is the messenger.....what a fitting name!!! He bought good news! Keep the message alive!He was the lone poet (spoken word performer) and he held it DOWN!!!
    Jahiti....has such a beauiful voice.....I would love to hear him perform the E. Badu song, "Im in love with you".....WOW! Not sure who could do the female part cause E's voice is so differently sweet on that track....oh shucks! I digress....I apologize..... Jah is a star!! I see you - I look up when I walk!
    Ooh, my brotha from another.....CALL ME... TOMORROW IS TUESDAY!!! LOL! I had so much fun rockin with you!!! You are a great host!!! I hope I haven't worn out my welcome!
    B.....you ALREADY know you are the TRUTH!!! From the way you dress to the way you hold the mic....no body else can even tolerate the light that shines on you! SOUL GLOW!!! Lol!
    So many fam were up in the spid--dot! Yall know....I gots love for ALL yall!!! Stay Focused, people!! Great picture, Kelly!!!
    FYI: Torch Mic Friday is a WEEKLY event that is hosted and promoted by Torchlight Entertainment where LL/SVL/SH is the host. This Friday ONLY Brown F.I.S.H. took ova the show!!! (or at least until F.I.S.H. & Friends II) Next week TMF will return to their regularly scheduled programming.
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 3/27/2006 05:25:00 PM  
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