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    May 4, 2006
    The writing is on the wall$

    The first step in correcting any problem is to address it!!! Big Ups to Ahk (Strictly Hip Hop - MSU 88.9 FM) for organizing the first series of much needed roundtable discussions on the state of Hip Hop in Baltimore [Sat. 4.29.06]. My panel was (IMO) the LIVEST .... although we didn't get to do too much talkin on air...Thank Lil Mic for that [sike up, buddy!!!]
    Ray Lugar & Low Key God of Team Fifty [pictured: straw hat], Labtekwon [pictured: blk shirt], MullyMan [pictured: brown shirt] & A-Milz, J-Funk & his sons.....& ME all in one lil azz room for like 4 hours embrawled in one of the most heated discussions I've had in a very long time. Labtekwon and I went at it for like 2 hours....that was fun! A great debate ALWAYS invigorates me! Numerous factors were discussed, but one of the most prevailing issues identified was the lack of quality venues for established artists. Big Ups to the 5 Seasons for showing the Hip Hop community so much love. Your willingness to "try something different" has meant so much to the growth and development of many of our up and coming performers...but where can people go to see all of the Hottest...not just those pushing their first mixtape? Another topic of discussion was the lack of fans for baltimore Hip Hop. Unfortunately, most of the people that currently attend shows are supporters [i.e. other artists or family & friends of performers]...SUPPORTERS are wonderful..don't get me wrong, but we were all in agreement that the lack of "customers" is one of the many things that continues to cripple the movement's progress.
    The writing is on the wall$....BALTIMORE HIP HOP is on the come up, but we must all remain mindful of playing our part. Do you even understand your part? I am committed to using this blog as well as my other resources to highlight the wealth of talent we have in this city. I started this online journal as a way to express myself freely about things that matter to me. Yes my motives were self-centered!!! But since I began, I have found that many people rely on this and blogs like Gov't Names for all of their Bmore Hip Hop related news & because of that....I am starting to recognize this for the "jewel" that it could be. I feel honored to be part of history in the making. Some people may feel like I intentionally neglect to mention them, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There are MAAD people that I got ALOT of love for and that love me equally [on some beyond music ish] and they have yet to be mentioned at length and they don't give me any flack about it. Soooo that being said....if you never even ask me how am I doing.....why do you think your CD or show would be a priority to me? I am only human and this is not the Baltimore Sun. Wait a min.. the Sun ain't showing no body no love...he he! why you ain't mad at them? If you want to be relevant...you must work on forming relationships with people. This is not just the case here, but everywhere.
    If you know of an interesting story or exciting upcoming event...or if you are a blogger and wish to do a link exchange ... email me @ synergizehiphop@yahoo.com.
    Also on Saturday....I attended the Baltimore debut of Blood on the Wall$. Check out the city paper article, High Variety, which discusses a few of the films that were shown at the JHU Film Festival, including BOTW$. I want to send a special shout out to my mother [Nana Aabena], Ogun [whom I cussed out earlier that day and he still came], OOH of Brown F.I.S.H. [who woke up from a deep sleep to come out] and Missy aka Mz. "B'More Happenings" for coming out to support me on this most exciting occassion. I don't need a lot of friends....just give me a few real ones anyday. I got yall back all day long!!! Also, I want to once again thank Larry Scott and BMC for the opportunity to work with you. This has proved to be a truly rewarding experience. And in semi-related news...come to find out BMC's sons are MCs & producers [Sparkplug Entertainment]. They hit me off with a single [J. Lynn - "It's Over"]....I will be back with a review. They didn't provide me with a MYSPACE page or website address, but I'm sure they have one. I'll be back with some more details.
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm on MYSPACE too!
    oooooOH YEAH! They showed Stop Snitchin at the JHU Film Festival [of all places] & go gobs of people were lined up to see it...Not sure why, but that pissed me off!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 5/04/2006 08:59:00 AM  
    • At Thursday, May 04, 2006 5:11:00 PM, Anonymous Bunny said…

      Actually Courtney the Baltimore Sun and Sam Sessa did show M.O.L love by putting the Album Release Party in the Live Section on 4/21/06. Plus, like you said 5easons opened their doors to new artists, now other venues are too.

    • At Friday, May 05, 2006 2:05:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      SHUT up Bunny!!! LOL! It would be you that would make me have to break it down...

      It was a joke that contained a lil truth!! Sam Cessa is the man...he wrote an article about that show I used to host...LOL! but he is from the "Live" section.

      I have great relations with the folk in the LIVE section...they've covered stories I've pitched without reservation. Rashad Ollison is the Pop Critic for the Sun and I have yet to see a story about a Hip Hop artist from him

      ....Thanks for reading!! I am so glad to see you speaking up

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