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    Sep 29, 2006
    IBB 3 - when it rains it pours (9.28.06)

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    I really want to say thank you to everyone that came out and supported a ery worthwhile cause last night - BALTIMORE HIP HOP. You all are real troopers.

    In many ways....we were dealt a REALLY bad hand last night ....as Freeway would say, "EARLY".

    Intermittent periods of torrential rains

    Booked on the same night as a SOLD OUT concert in the (1400 + capacity) next room

    Limited parking etc........

    despite the unanticipated ......THE NIGHT increased my resolve to keep fighting for what I believe n......even if the people I believe in don't believe in themselves (but that'sa whole nutha convo)

    You'll get no more convos or lectures on support from me anymore....I am done with that topic. I am going to to me from now on. I'm thinking that since everyone else is only in it for money (it would seem)...I'm gonna hang out my sign as a hired gun. Not literally (I'm not cut out for prison life), but I may take on a new client.
    In a little over a week I will be going on a much needed, much deserved EXTENDED vacation. I really need a drastic change of scenery. I'm going to a place where the sun shines just about ereday and the beach is outside my back door - far far far away from this place. Of course while Im away...I'm going to be checking outother scenes and I am more than sure picking up a few new contacts alongthe way.

    I originally thought of giving my readers a play by play of my activities, but I've since then decided that you are gonna have to wait until I return (unless something extra spectacular occurs - which I doubt).

    I plan to use this opportunity to really think about where I want to be in ...let's say a year

    .....i am going to do a little writing.....I have so many stories to tell! .......maybe catch up on some sleep...get me a nice tan (I love it whenmy skin is that sexy mocha latte color) and I'm definitely going to have to begin to put all of the mixed emotions I feel (with regard to MY INVOLVEMENT IN THE MOVEMENT) in perspective. I HATE THIS SCENE, BUT I LOVE IT EQUALLY - NO JOKE.

    I have so much love for those within the Baltimore Hip Hop community that have NEVER wavered. So many people have acted like we respected each others position only to "zap out" on me only.....then 3 months later be cool again with me. Funny part: in most cases the person and I never discuss their original issue with me. They just get over it. LOL! What a waste of energy. Side note: the person who I am describing is not going to think I am talking about them and several others are going to think I am talking about them and I could care less...LOL! It makes me feel so good to know that there are genuinely thoughtful and considerate people out here trying to make it happen in the entertainment biz (which is inherently phony) and who have always kept it real with me from day one. My hat goes off to those of you out here trying to put Baltimore on the map! You truly have to love this to keep on keepin on.

    I want to first start off by offering my sincerest THANKS to


    Ebony Elle

    DNA aka BOB



    You guys are ALL so selfless and each bring something totally unique to the table. Those qualities are so rare in people nowadays. I am so glad that we've all become aquainted. I think we have something special. The rest of the world will soon see. Ya heard meh?

    Not sure if yall really peeped it, but DNA was named Best of Baltimore ...hince the new BOB moniker he will be rockin all year if I have a thing to say about it. Anyone peep his call me BOB T-Shirt last night? HE HE!

    Special Thanks also go out to people sho nuff on their B'More iiiiiiiiish.......Jeff (Audio Recorder- so nice to actually make your acquaintance. Great talking with you!)*Kelly Connelly*Al Shipley*Only (Go Hard or Go Hard Fam)*Head Nod Entertainment (Phat Head was in the buildin)*Ogun - I know this sounds like a Golden Girl moment, but Thank You forBeing a Friend - WORD!*Charm City Records (C & Mo Hammond were in the buildin)*(Major League (Bobby Drake - I seen chaa)* LOW KEY GOD - THANKS LOW KEY FOR CONTINUALLY SUPPORTING THE IBB EVENT! I RECOGNIZE 4 REAL! *J- Funk (Didn't get to holla, but thanks for coming and checking outthe goings on!)*Mike McIntosh (Another person I say in passing, but didn't get toscream at)*Jay of Opus Productions (Thanks for comin through guy!)*Kariz (Let's get this paper mayne! You are my new project)*Finny (I am gonna do a review of Finny's new CD this weekend...so be onthe look out for that! Good seeing you)*Dream Big Records were in the building (I didn't see yall, but I peeped the MYSPACE comment)*Ty of Icon Models (Thank you so much lady for bringin the glamour back. All that rain and you didn't melt..LOL!)*G.E.M. (Love you gurls!)*Che Ray (Thanks for coming out! & YEAH! I'm coming to your Masquarade Party)*Lynee Michelle (Marvelous new songstress who just might be my kin folk. We must look into that soon!)* Tia the Travel Agent (so nice to finally meet you!)*Kelly (the other Kelly)*Pop of Crooked Streetz*lil Sis*K-Mack (great seeing you out!)*Tony (Roundtable Ent. Maaaaaaaaaan, KD you were missed!)......YOU! Of course there were other people there...I just can't remember you right now...LOL!

    so nice of u to show your faces in the place......

    Shout all the ladies that braved the storm to come out in support of your own. That was real.

    The performances.....

    GREAT SHOW!!! from start to finish. I don't have any pics, but RAW TECH PRODUCTIONS has gracioulsy offered to record the show and will hook me something up which I will post as soon as its available.
    We ended up starting almost 20 minutes later than we'd planned, thanks to the lack of parking for IBB show goers (including several of our acts). But once.....we got everything situated..... the line up went as followed:
    Ray Victory - (who by the way has an event coming up at Huckas on October the 8th) This was my first time seeing Ray Perform live. I think he was a great way to get the show started. He did not dissapoint. Thanks Ray for sticking around for a while after the show. That means a lot ot me (and I sure others artists) when people show that kind of respect.
    Next to take the stage was DK. I had high expectations for his performance. I definitely think that his recorded material shows that he is a talented artist. With just a lil polish he could be the shit. Baltimore yall are a tough crowd...I want to thank yall for showing him some hometown hip hop LOVE
    M.O.L. - I want to thank yall for putting so much effort into everyone part of your involvement in the show process (from promotion to actual performance). You most def are a cut above the rest across so many categories! Keep progressing ......if you need anything (you already know)
    The Foundation - Awh man! I really like these guys. A.O.S. is one hell of an MC and Joe Davidge really puts it all on the line in the name of giving a GREAT SHOW! I could tell that the crowd really appreciated the belly and behind the back scratching as much as I did....LOL! I definitely want to work with you again.
    Silouette - A legend was in buildin! I've not been into Baltimore Hip Hop as long as some, but her name has always rung bells. My girl was on fiyah! Big Ups to Banga Bill and the background singers! I love the fact that she actually choreographed a performace and put some effort into delivering her songs. I am already such a huge fan of her work ...so the pleasure of having her on the show was all mine.
    Last, but not least - C.O.M.P.
    Great performance! Lots of energy! Thanks for finally performing at one of my shows. I think you were well worth the wait. Good luck with your mixtape and future projects.
    All in all....it was a glorious night. The show was perfect! No bands, minimal attitudes, had fun...so good to see soooo many of you came for the show. I will dance at all yall weddings.
    I would love some of your feedback (from those that attended is the most useful).
    As I stated before...NO IBB in October....November is the Happy Birthday Hip Hop Party (which is always nice)...then after that....mmmmmmmmmhhhhhh! REMIX! Can't divulge that right now, but its gonna be something special.
    Stay Hungry People!!!
    I reserve the right to come back and edit this post!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/29/2006 08:52:00 PM  
    • At Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:27:00 AM, Blogger Al Shipley said…

      DNA's shirt was great, I want a picture of that.

      I wanted to tell you, I personally liked this show because sometimes people put together good bills but it's all people that perform regularly and that I've seen many times before (although I definitely respect artists who perform a lot, obviously), but this show was cool because it had 3 artists whose music I've listened to but had never seen live (Ray Victory, DK and Silohette to be specific) so I really liked the lineup. Anytime a promoter can bring out artists that don't perform all the time I say that makes their show more unique and special.

    • At Wednesday, October 04, 2006 2:39:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      Thanks Al....

      I definitely plan to take more risks as far as booking is concerned. You comments really made me day.....you said "special"

      he he!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the show...I had a blast!

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