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    Dec 4, 2006
    Mully Man @ 5 Seasons (12/3/06)
    I attended Mully Man's (aka Mr. "Still HIM") The Life, The Hood, The Streetz release event held last night (12/3/06) at the 5 Seasons. It had been a long week and even shorter weekend....so you got to feel me when I say....the 5 was the last place I really wanted to go on a Sunday night (had to be up for work in the a.m.).

    After I splashed some water on my face, twisted my hair and applied my eye make-up....I started to feel much better. I actually got excited. Mully had been on his grind the last few weeks promoting this show and I give shows so I know the pressures and stress. I had to show him some love. Plus....He told me like 3 times that this show was going to be the ish....so if for that alone......I was going to see what a Major League Unlimited show was like.


    I was very pleased with the turn out and overall party-like atmosphere that greeted Ebony and I as we walked through the double doors. Shout out to DJ Spontaneous for the bangin sounds! I didn't even know if was him...the flyer kinda gave me the impression that DJ Boo Man was Dj-ing. Plus, this is my first time listening to him spin (besides the radio)...so his prescense gave the show was an added plus.
    Heavy W8 was the very animated host for the evening. LOL! I'd seen him at the 5 Seasons last week and he told me to come and check him out. I was pleasently surprised. Got to keep him in mind. I didn't even know he had that much personality. He seemed to be having a great time.....especially during the "Break it Down" contest!

    Speaking of the contest........

    about 6 girls went at it for $100. All I saw was ass shaking (LOL!) ....no dancing involved....is that what break it down means? Every girl simply turned her back to the crowd and gyrated their gluuts. Nothing special in my opinion (then again...I couldn't really see everything), but the majority of the audience (guys and girls alike) seemed to love it. Check out Mully's MYSPACE page @ http://www.myspace.com/mullyman and listen to the new song.
    One guy (what up Mr. black and white hoodie!!!!)....musta had a pocket full of money because he kept balling it up and throwing it to the front....LOL! I know the gurls loved him. I hope he at least got someone's phone number.
    Not sure who actually won (at one point Vicious V was saying they should just give each of the finalist $50), but I will say all the ladies definitely gave it all they had - some more than others (BIG girls were not barred from particpating). BRAVO to the winner!!!!

    Mully always gives one of the most energetic and ANIMATED live performances of anyone I've seen in a long while. Up and down the stage!!! .......then side to side......that's before he takes his shirt off.
    On this night he was joined on stage by Verb (Dirty Hartz), C.O.M.P. (Banga Rang Gang) and Nik Styles (with whom he used to be in a group). There's was a very HOT combined set (a medley of songs that featured at least one of the others) with a rousing poetic introduction from Lady D that blew me away...followed with them premiering 2 scenes from this seasons THE WIRE that featured Mully Man music - including, "That's Da Sound" (featuring the Dirty Hartz and featured on the C-LOVE/DNA Respect Mix tape ).
    The WIRE has been a huge boost to the Baltimore hip hop profile. It was really cool to see how they incorporated the music into the show. It fit well too!!! I don't have cable .....& have only seen the show like 3 times (total).....so I am always pumped to see a lil bit of what the fuss is about. The jury is still out for me concerning the "official-ness" of the show.
    doesn't that sound cocky of me...LOL!

    Highlight: Mully has a new song that was produced by Debonair Samir, aka Mr. Internationl, that is really good.
    (Must be nice....he was in Tiawan over the Thanksgiving holiday).
    I hope something major happens with the track. It's definitely not your average and I could support it being called the "Baltimore Sound". Its kinda clubby, but not in a corny way....much the same way that "LAND OF THE O" (Bossman) borrowed the Bmore club sound, but still possessed enough grime that even rap purists would be comfortable calling it Hip Hop. That is a VERY hard task!!! I'm so glad to see Mully taking chances with sounds.
    Of everyone that performed, I was the most impressed with Ms. Styles. She and Mully were the only performers to perform their own set. Widely regarded as one of the best female MCs on the scene, her performance really made me wonder where she has been hiding. Nothing about her performance said new comer or rusty. I found her delivery and general on stage swagger to be on point. I could hear what she was saying and thats saying a lot. She held the microphone correctly and maneuvered around the other people on stage well. Her hooks were good and she spoke to the fellas as well as the grown azz women in the audience. Lesser skilled emcees (male and female) don't often know how to write like that. to my knowledge.......She didn't lose her breath or forget her raps ....she appeared to know what she was doing. I was impressed. I have got to get a copy of this one song (why is the hook escaping me right now?) ....where she talks about how a man wants you to do "this and that" all the time....never mind what you have going on.....(well that is what the song said to me...LOL!) .....GURRRRRRRL....I felt you!
    Please don't stay away for too long mama cita. You could make this rap ish interesting once again!!!
    I told Sonny Brown last night that he was one of the best hype men Mully ever had. I was not lying. I am NOT trying to take anything away from Sonny as a solo artist....he is a real talent....BUT there is truly something special about the chemistry he and Mully have on stage. Also....hypeman or woman (that's some next) is a very important role. C.O.M.P. used to have a really good one. Brownskin - can't think of his name right now...also Skarr's man what is .....??? SK....anyways. Dudes shoul not look down on being hype men....I miss Freaky Tah. Listening to Mr. Cheeks is not the same and I am sure there are other people that feel the same way. Sonny came on stage and joined Mully for "Home of the Realest" and it bought back so many fond memories. I'd missed seeing them on stage together- for real. Maybe I'm just nostaligic. Mully and Sonny performed together at the very first SYNERGY event too.

    Mully's new guy is okay (I'm sorry, but I don't know his name yet), but his voice doesn't contrast with Mully's enough to effectively standout/echo....nor does he know Mully's music as well as he probably should. That's not to say that it can't work...that would be something I would work on. He wasn't really in the picture that much at this show, but he was at IBB 3. I really got a good look. Mully has phenomenal breath control, but the extra emphasis on certain bars really helps you to hear how HOT some of the stuff Mully says actually is.

    Performing their song, "Im the shit". I liked the song alot!!

    Then he really got excited.........took his shirt off and all...LOL!

    ALSO......The Mully Maniettes (provocative dancers) were in full force.

    I would be negligent if I did not mention the V.I.P. room.......
    It was absolutely beautiful!!! Please reach out to Social Butterfly Enterprises (http://www.myspace.com/butrfliwrld) Rich green was the theme. The tables and ceiling were all draped with this beautiful cloth. clear votives and tall free-standing bejeweled candle holders adorned all the tables and produced a warm glow and atmosphere throughout the room. I ate shortly before leaving out this the house this evening so I did not partake of the catered buffet, but Ebony said it was all kinds of delicious. MLU sure knows how to make their V.I.P.s feel special. It was a truly nice touch.

    There were numerous local celebs in the building. Hugs and Kisses go out to:

    Mully, A- Milz (thanks for making a lady feel so appreciated)
    I know that the team is sitting back today feeling grateful that its finally over.

    Heavy W8 - GREAT JOB!!!!

    Lady D (Mully's wifey)

    DJ Gemini - Always a pleasure
    Lisa Mack - Please get familiar with the super talented songstress!!! Her CD would make a great Christmas gift for someone you love.

    DJ Spontaneous - Always smiling!! Please NEVER change!!

    DJ Hassan
    DJ Vicious V
    DJ Boo Man
    DNA & Don Brody (Rountable Music Group)
    Squirrel Wyde
    Jimmy Jones
    Pop (Crooked Streetz)
    IKE (Head Nod Entertainment)
    Ebony Elle (Check you out!!! Posing with pimps and what not!)

    First Fam was in the building
    RAW DOC - whats good fella! Great seeing ya - as always!!!
    Mr. Wilson (JI-900)
    No Wun
    Candace (What's up gurl!!!)
    Skarr Akbar (He dances!!!! I didn't know that! He told me, "I know how to have fun too"...LOL!)
    It was absolutely beautiful!!! Please reach out to
    ONLY (& the Go Hard or Go Home Ent fam)
    730 Commission
    Kelly C.
    Ray Lugar
    Low Key (Great seeing ya!!! I will be at your event tomorrow barring a natural disaster)
    Che Ray (So great to see ya!!! I am not going to divulge what you told me because I don't know if it was a secret - BUT PEOPLE!!! be on the lookout for the next Che Ray project. He is going to be showing a side of himself that we've never seen)
    SouthPaw Ent (Kadar, Ace, Chris B....where was Kev?)
    Tufflon Donna
    First Family

    5 Season Staff (Whats good!!!)
    Big Ups to Tyree Colione....he was being shouted out all NIGHT!!! Felt like he was supposed to walk through the door or something.

    sorry if I forgot anyone.....ya know I love ya!

    Great show!!! I'm sorry that so many within the community missed it! Ya boy raised the show bar anutha notch.
    Ill leave you with ..one of the most memorable parts of the evening. Mully told all the MCs in the spot to come up on stage.....he said look at all this (pointing to the people behind him)....if you don't think Baltimore has a movement something is wrong with you. It was very moving - no BS! We had some all-stars in the building too...so those with cameras ready captured a jewel.

    Skarr Akbar



    Nik Styles

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/04/2006 04:15:00 PM  
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