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    Feb 13, 2007
    A-MAZ-ON @ Club One (2.12.07)
    Last night I attended the first exclusive listening party for Next Level Production (K-Swift & Co.) recording artist, A-MAZ-ON, held at Club One. Thank you Derrick and Kid for inviting a sista out and making me feel comfortable. You all never cease to amaze me. Who else could bring "offical" industry heads to Baltimore? NO ONE!!! Keep showing me how to do it. I had a good time, surprisingly. #1....I haven't been out in ages. I went to the B-Fly event at Edens last week, but that did not feel the same.....that felt much to grown up to be a Hip Hop event. Last night was much more inline with what I am used to....... and #2 the MUSIC. I did not expect to like it. I thought that it would have been some more jiggly pop or some super silly extra clubby mess, but surprisingly it was all Hip Hop. I definitely liked the edge. There is no way I can listen to club music all night. Of course, I will need to listen closer, but I thought every thing sounded pretty official. The production was really top notch. I am so glad that I went with an open mind.
    There were so many good people in the building...people I have not seen in months. This really wasn't my crowd.....the demographic was much younger than the norm. I mentioned to Samir that "this must be the club pop crowd". I saw colorful hoodies, too damn tight jeans, chain belts, fashionably styled dreds....LOL! this was definitely the Friday Night Paradox crowd. It was all good tho....it was nice to see that many youngsters in the spot showing love. It was also nice to see that...despite this being a listening party.....A-MAZ-ON actually has some fans. I saw quite a few people in there mouthing the words to his songs......even the LOVE song!
    I'm mad that I didn't get any pics. The lighting wasn't very good, but I could have showed yall a lil something. I thought to take my camera, but was not in the mood to walk it back to my car (in the snow) if they wouldn't allow me to bring it in. <------- surprisingly, lots of clubs do not allow them. Side note: It appears that no one brings cameras with them anymore....LOL! What happended? How can you have a song called, "smile for the camera" and not have ppl in there taking pics.....LOL!
    There were so many things I would have liked to capture and save. Ya boy, A-MAZ-ON, REALLY showed off...LOL! He even took his shirt off before his set was over. Only thing missing was a gurl in the front to faint. He is definitely a pretty boy.....slim, muscular, brown skin, long braids, nice teeth, iced out piece and at 19......all I can say is in a few this guy is gonna be a real problem. Don't get me wrong......he is too young for me buuuuudderrrahhhhh........
    It's kinda like the uncomfortable period when you didn't know if it was okay to say Usher was SEXY....LOL! USHER WAS A KID ONE DAY AND A SEX SYMBOL THE NEXT.......SCARY.
    He had performed maybe the first 2 verses of his smash new single, "Smile for the Camera", when he cut the music and decided he wanted to be "closer to his people" (as he put it). He climbed down off of Club One's Go Go platform and proceeded to walk through V.I.P. (w/ mic in hand) accompanied by his 3-man security detail (lol! sorry. They were looking so serious. You would have thought they were guarding Luda) only to be hoisted up on the bar so that he could redo the song with more fan fare. I tell ya......it was so Very Dramatic! LOL! I wonder who told him to do that...he he!
    The spot on the bar also made it easier for me to see the little dance that he and his hype man did that I have now learned accompanies the song. Everybody gots to have a dance now...LOL! It was kinda cute. It reminded me of the moves the guys from "yall say fog, we say fug" (I forget their names - D.O.T. maybe - sorry, its been a while since I had to recall), but still different.

    I wish this guy A-MAZ-ON a lot of luck! He has a arduous task a head of him. I hope that someone in the building took an interest in him and pray that his dream of becoming a recording artist comes to reality real soon.
    Big Ups to:
    Debonair Samir - looking all dapper!
    Rod Lee - crazy thing.....I did not speak to him. I don't even know him...LOL! .....this was actually my first time seeing him up close....he has a nice smile :-]
    Bobby Drake - Hey darling! Thank you for the jolly rancher....I loved it. The 2nd one was out of order tho.
    Billo - Yall be on the look out.....Billo has a new CD out. I got mine last night......I'ma have to give that a good listen and give the ppl some feedback ASAP. Big Ups to the whole For The People Movement.
    92 Q fam - Squirrel Wyde - Thanks for the love, papi! So glad to see you making your rounds.....weren't you supposed to be at the 5 Seasons....LOL! I heard K-Swift on the mic, but did not get to say hello.....Victor Starr was chillin up in V.I.P.....looks like he was enjoying him self. I did get the chance to say hi to him - & he remembered me....he he! (i think), Sonjay was chillin in the cut in her b-girl stance (i wish I could rock a baseball cap)...... Kelson, the urban reporter was in the spid-dot too!
    Tony Bosco - thanks for the love darling. I heard you got a new CD out too....I CAN'T WAIT TO LISTEN! BOUT TIME!!!
    Now....I think that was him in purple (my favorite color), but I am not sure......Young Leek was in the building. If that was him....wow! he is a cutie pie. long pretty naturally curly hair.....mmmmmy. And the dooky rope he was rockin......must be nice to not have real bills. What I wouldn't do to be 20 again!
    Skarr Akbar was in da building. SMILING <-------- if you know him...you know how nice that tis. he he! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    Torcha and the Streetz Magazine family - Great to see ya! Can't wait to see some of that Durty Nation TV.
    Test Me & Gator Management - Glad to see yall grindin. One cannot miss the "Black and Green"
    U Turn Marketing and Promotions - Whats good, Motts and Swen. These guys are doing great work with Skarr Akbar. THANK YOU!!!
    DNA & Don Brody were in the spot. Don B. is such a nice guy...LOL! Haven't seen these guys in a few months. Always nice to chop it up when I can. DNA and I talked a little bit about life after the DJ DRAMA raids......if it ain't always something. The devil is a busy man - ain't he. The cream always rises to the top so I know he and others like him will mofidy, adjust, regroup and figure out a new way to give the ppl what they want.
    who else.....who else.......
    OH h*ll yeah.....

    Whaaaaadup, DJ Radio So nice to see ya! Happy New Year, Partna!!!
    CMG - Hey Malcom aka Top Cop Jones (he he!). Niiiice to see ya! CALL ME!!!!

    Outside I spotted.....Mully and Nik Styles. So great to see you fine folk. I promise I will check my MYSPACE account today. The spam on there is killing me. I end up spending so much time deleting messages and comments from hot and horny girls that its almost not as much fun to log in as it used to be.

    There were prolly a few more folks in the spot that I have neglected to mention.....for that I APOLOGIZE.

    More on the man of the hour:

    A-MAZ-ON Live at Choices

    A-MAZ-ON Freestyle

    He is more known in the Baltimore Club circles than what I would term the "Baltimore Hip Hop scene"...so here is a lil something about club (if you care!)

    Baltimore Club
    (source: Answers.com)
    I would also recommend that you check out Govt. Names for more info. on A-MAZ-ON and Bmore Club (in general). He may even have some music you can download.

    FYI: Tried to find a pic of AMAZON, but could not.
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 2/13/2007 12:07:00 PM  
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