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    May 9, 2007

    What I've heard through the grapevine:

    Banga Bill will release a full-length album this summer....actually 4 of them. Vols.1 - 4 of THE WIRE: ACCORDING TO SIR WILLIAM will give you a glimpse into the mind of, arguably, one of Baltimore's greatest musical minds. The man behind all of my favorites...."Tattoo Tears", "Other Side of the Game", "Chicken Box", etc.....is finally opening up his catalog of hits for the world. Well its about time!!! I for one can't wait until the whole world knows his name. Be on the look out for THE WIRE: ACCORDING TO SIR WILLIAM
    OOH and Jahiti of Brown F.I.S.H. are gearing up for the upcoming release of "The Separation of Church and State". I for one can't wait. I saw the pics from their latest photo shoot and all I can say is, "OH MY". I know Im late, but...... I finally got a hold of a copy of Jahiti's 2003 release entitled, "F.I.S.H. Bowl".....& Maaaaaaaaaaaaan! I am so very in love. " Impressed" doesn't even start to capture my feelings. I am writing something on these 2 right now that I will put in the universe very soon....so I won't be redundant, but these 2 truly offer music lovers something different. When I say different....Im not talking about weird mash ups or rapping midget geishas........all im saying is that....you need to find out what you've been missing. IMO - Edutainment at its finest!
    K-SWIFT posted a bulletin on MYSPACE in response to the New Republic's scathing criticism of 92.3 FM (92Q) in a piece entitled, Baltimore's Radio One's WERQ 92.3 FM Supports Payola And Bootlegging Practices. From Baltimore To New York City. posted on the Government Names blog.
    Thank You!!!! D. Chase and Farrah Chanel for giving Baltimore 2 NEW weekly talent filled events !!!!
    Thursday, May 10th
    Soul Kitchen Live Music Series
    This week's featured performer: Deborah Bond and special guests
    hosted by DChase & 2Tru
    Free before 8pm
    15 W. Eager St. Baltimore, MD 21201
    Tuesday, May 15th
    Open Mic Showcase hosted by Farrah Chanel
    Featuring a LIVE BAND!!!
    $5 all night long!!!
    All genres of music are welcome!!! Get there early to sign up!
    One East Chase Street
    13th Floor
    Baltimore Maryland 21202
    Phone: (410) 347-0888
    If you don't know D. Chase you are slipping......if you don't know D. Chase nor Farrah Chanel......you need to really get with it! Knowing these 2 could be very important to furthering your music/entertainment career.

    Ogun has a forserious street team........I see those damn "BMORE HERO" stickers EVERYWHERE!!!!
    Heard that guy Mack Houston has a new BMORE CLUB-inspired Banger...........I need to check my yahoo acct to see if it has arrived....mmmmmmmmmmmh....haven't checked that joint out yet, but I dig Mack's style ...so I'm pretty sure he did it justice. Im sure its on his MYSPACE page. When you get a few, check it out and let both of us know what you think. I can't be co-signing for wack!
    sike-up! DOC HOUSE all day!

    Also ladies, that brotha......Bobby Baltimore is cute....check out his new vid "Baby Girl". Rollie Fingaz (Street Dreamz Ent) and Ahk (Strictly Hip Hop) put that jawnt together. Looking good, papi!

    Taz of the Unstoppable Knucklehead's told me this past Saturday at Kelly C and DJ Spontaneous' Hip Hop Kareoke that ....and I quote, "we're bringin messy back...yeah" ......with their upcoming release, "The Mysterious Messy Revolution"............wow!

    Guess we have to wait and see what this is about...........

    I need an address........can you help me? I want something posted in the next B-MORE VIBE "letters to the editor" section ......... SOMEBODY DONE LIED ON ME. Remember this one sentence when reading: No one ever talked to me about anything!

    In a city where so many ppl profess to live by "a code and death to everyone else"......there are lots of hypocrites among us. I won't go into details because....I want yall to pick up the mag. And in reality I don't care, but I miss gossiping so...........I guess if I am not making it or involved in it there won't be any so......I get it, "YALL NEED ME BACK ON THE J-O-B!!!" he he!

    What else have I heard:

    Folk think I am pregnant or have fallen off....LOL!

    Quite the contrary.....if I were expecting, I'd be happy and tell the world (I'm a Grown azz woman)......& I am more motivated than ever to "do what I do"....main problem: VENUE!!!! If ya have one, holla at cha gurl!!!

    The more well known clubs in this city (except the 5 Seasons) put waaaaay to much shit in the game for my taste. I know that venues want to make more money than the promoter, but at what point does it go from business to rape?

    I will get a permit for a street corner, alley or park......and deal with the uncertainty of that before I allow myself to be treated like I bring nothing to the table. I don't take that punk ish in personal relationships....so why would I with a stranger?

    I am a dedicated promoter and Baltimore rap activist. When I have an event or project I push it to the limit and go for broke. I am an ideal partner for a venue because I bring my own drama free crowd and my crowd drinks top shelf, baby!!!!..... I pay for all my promo (with or without your ppl.....the party is going to be live), I work to obtain press which benefits all parties involved and ......I could go on and on, but I may begin to sound like a jilted lover....LOL! I'll stop!


    .....just wanted you to know the dealy yo! I have not turned my back on Bmore!

    Through the Web vine:
    Black Starr Review

    This guy is starting to get some shine! go head, you wild and crazy guy!

    Smart hip-hop, the kind you rarely hear
    Music Notes: Rashod D. Ollison


    "Lifesavas represents the smarter part of the genre, the side that's fully aware of the rich black musical legacy on which it stands.

    "Black people are so much more than the images you see in mainstream hip-hop," Vursatyl says. "It's about balance, man; it's about restoring that balance. Right now, hip-hop is so homogenized. But there are a lot of cats doing much more than what you hear on the radio."

    A thoughtful album such as Gutterfly is a rewarding example."

    Actually...........Great piece, but this guy kills me. Him needing to go all the way to Portland, Oregon to find a group like the one he described is so typically Baltimorean. We have groups/MCs like that right here buddy!!! I swear I need to find out where this guy is going to be so I can run up on him for a brief chit chat.
    I prolly could share some more if I had time to think about it, but I don't so.........Ill holla.

    check me out if you get a few......www.myspace.com/clove

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 5/09/2007 08:03:00 AM  
    • At Thursday, May 10, 2007 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Al said…

      That's great news about Banga Bill's new project, I'm a big fan of his, too. I've been wanting to give him some press coverage for a while and this sounds like a good time to, please tell him to get at me.

      I didn't see K-Swift's MySpace bulletin (I think the Next Level page is on my friends list but her personal page isn't), can you post it or send it to me? I'd love to hear her response and maybe post it to GN along with the New Republic thing.

    • At Thursday, May 10, 2007 2:49:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      Hey al....As you prolly know...its kind of hard to find a bulletin after a small window of time...I have a lot of friends...so bulletins get pushed pass by cache very soon.....

      I tried to find it....I wanted to post it....and K-Swift does not post on her MS blog.

      I knew this was going to come up....so I tried to cover my tracks by saying I heard through the grape vine.....now if I do come across it....I will def send it to you.

      Bill's album is CRAZY!! I will definitely tell him to get up with you.....but I am going to be helping him with the press for this project...so I am very interested in knowing what ideas you have in mind.

      We are working on the timeline for his release at this time....so any coverage you can offer is greatly appreciated...He is very deserving!!!

      I may be able to get you someting in advance (vols. 1 -4 are done)

      Thanks for checking out the blog!

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