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    Aug 27, 2005
    8-25-05 Style Warz re-cap
    ***disclaimer: please don't get mad if I dont mention you. I dont keep notes. I just wing it!!! Im only human!!! ***

    Last night was off the hook. It was so funny because the MCs actually got excited about performing the verse and hook and holding their opponent accountible I think the verse and hook is gonna work !!!!!

    Thank you so much to our judes, TIF of Poetology/Ruff Ryders and Bilal of Crushforce!!!!! I think you both were fair although at times I think the people were in your ears a lil too much, but hey, what can you do...THEY WERE EXCITED ABOUT HIP HOP I think you both were fair. There was only one MC, Karlito (Bulldog Kartel), that came up to me and ranted about you all giving it to his opponent despite him not performing a hook. But OVERALL, everone seem to respect your position and I think you all called as you saw it. Thank you so much for filling in for us with NO notice. Both of my judges cancelled for various reasons at the last minute. If it seemed like everything was A-OK throughout the night it is a testimony to the flexibility of you guys!!! Thanks again!!!




    The Runner up and June Style Warz Champ, Haz, did his thang real BIG. Both of these MCs did there thang. Both of them were from Park Heights so you know it was a party throughout the final rounds. Oneil even let Haz rock with him during the performance he earned as prize.

    Last Nights Competitors included:

    K--this kid from South Paw Entertainment is NASTY!!!

    Mr Whitefolks came from DC and did his thang!!!

    Talal repped for 360. man, you have a powerful voice!!! I liked how you flipped the get up stand up joint....hot!!!!

    Tone (BullDog kartel)...I am so proud of him. Yall know Tone. This is the one that battled Jane Doe. This MC is coming along nicely. He played the game the way it was supposed to be played and actually faired very well. He told me I can get his 20 every month. That made my night.

    Mad Thinkah...Ghost did his thang!!! I think he came back much more prepared this go round. I can't wait to see how he freaks it next time.

    The Analyst did his thang too. That is my man!!! Shakeen is really blossoming into a hot MC. Plus he is giving EJ a run for his money as one of Baltimore's SEXIEST MCS.

    AwnPoint from Annapolis was in da Buildin. Both Marcus and Twisted MC performed. Thank you guys for your continued support!!! People need to get at these folks for the Hip Hop Festival they have going down in October. Holla at Tislam for info. They have all kinds of options available for you to showcase your talents or wares.

    Henny Lo was in da Building!!!! He got his freestyle two-step on last night!!!! I loved it!!! Henny, they are not ready for you!!!!

    SYMPH, you did the damn thang gurl!!! WORD!!! All the people around me thought your shit was hot. The very tall vocal dude that was next to me all night was like you got em....until....choc spit..... then....he had to give it to him...both of yall was good. IMO....Its just that you went first. He came back with a song that poked fun at the whole theme of your song. You unfortunately picked a worthy opponent and his hook and clear articulation impressed the judges a lil more than your silky slim gangstress charlie baltimore-esque story of guns and mayhem....LOL!!! Man, you aint get robbbed DUDE was HOT ma ma!!! You know I love you!!!

    Ab Rock was in the Buildin....said he wanted to celebrate his birthday. I love it!!!! That is real. That says to me that you still love it, Ab!!!

    Lyrical Leviathan/ Slick Vic Low (think that is his alias )....you always rep. Thanks for doing you!!! They are totally not ready for you!!!!

    Hill Top Records was in the building!!!! Make sure i get my T-shirt, Bunnie!!! Gata Chice, Baby Beast, Lace....i'm sure they had bout 3 more I just can't remember. Baby Beast impressed the hell out of me last night. That will explain my rousing shout out when he was elimanted. He did his thang.. he just didnt win

    My man, Naps did his thing!!! I love his voice. It is very different and distinct!!! Be on the look out for him. He is tryna get his self together. He told me that he is going to keep on writing and that he will be back next month. That's whats up.

    OK........I know I am forgetting MCs....please don't shoot me....

    As for everyone else...thank you for coming out. It looked like there was a good number of new faces in the building. Thank you to my homegurls from the EBONY BOUTIQUE in Security Mall and My home gurls from up Mondawnmin Mall...( I cant think of the store...its 2 doors down from Mama Lucia)....PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!

    Top of the World was in the Building!!!! Jay Boogie, I am glad to see Armadaye is coming out more. That is real good. Release date???

    I think I saw NINA ROSS of Tha Plague!! I think she had a new hair color. If that was you.....very Niiiice!!!

    Salim and Company!!! Ima holla!!!!

    Kelly Connelly (Music Monthly)--- thank you for gracing us with your presence. I am sure you were making your rounds last night. LOL

    ROP-- thank you for stopping through!!! Always good to see you guys!!!

    CMG ---PLEASE HOLLA AT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PUTTING TOGETHER A BRIEF CLIP OF VIDEO FOOTAGE TO BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PRESS KIT!!!! These guys can make it happen. Like I announced last night...we are going to be putting out DVDs of the Style Warz Shows in the next coming month. SO now ...not only will the event it self showcase talent, but the tape will create history of it and also act as an advertisment of not only our show, but also of those that participate. it will be part interview, part gam...part exclusive ish..!!! Ima show yall how to sell too. None of that giving stuff away crap.

    Major League!!! Thank you Mully and A-Milz!!! I need to holla at Milz...my phone died...I hope yall didnt have any problem with gettin in the joint. Good seeing yall!!! check out Mully's site at www.mullymania.com

    Tyree Colione and Dyverse did their thang last night!!! For real. That was my first time seing Dyverse perform and I expect that he will be making alot of noise in the near future. Thank You to your whole team for being so accomodating and stepping in at the last minute. Thank you again. Your cooperation will not be forgotten. Tyree's entourage included Skinny Shug (who I might add was on his better behavior ), Dirty Hart's Verb, the Young Hustlers (What up Blu --"Exactly" this song they do is a hit yall!!!) and almost half the audience. It was all love last night. People seem to be really drawn to Tyree. I think I know why tho!!

    Thank you to the 5 Seasons and the Security. Thank you for keeping the drinks coming and for making the people feel safe. It seems like after I told the people that security was wanting to use his BILLY CLUB on somebody the people calmed down "Big Show" no longer works at the 5 Seasons and his "massiveness" was definitely missed. Plus, Big Show used to crack me up all night.

    Trippple Black was in the BUILDING!!! What up Emjay!!!!

    Bishop was in the place to be gettin his promoting on!!!

    We had a picture man in the building. I hope you all took advantage.

    There were a nice amount of women....MY COUSIN DANIELLE came too. That was a nice reunion. Farrah Shanell and Co. were in the place to be as well. Thanks for coming out!!!!

    P-Funk kept the music FLOWIN!!! Thanks for holding it down!!!

    Last night was fun. One thing I learned....we need to start...reviewing the local producer tracks....some people don't know how to showcase their best work. Why are you submitting slow tracks to a battle HAD A BALL!!! HOPE YOU GUYS DID TOO!!!!

    I'll be back lata....just had to give yall the huggy low down right quick!!!

    Make sure you make it out to the next one......you dont want to be the last one to know.....

    Love ya,

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 8/27/2005 01:42:00 AM  
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