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    Jan 27, 2006
    Style Warz re-cap 1/26/06
    January's Style Warz Winner:


    The newcomers are coming out the woodwork!!! 2 months in a row first time contestants came through and smashed. Big Ups to you Big Guy. NYC was most def in the building! His man had been calling me all week telling me how nice this dude was. He came up in the spot all unassuming, chilling at the bar until it was time to take his spot on the stage. I was very impressed. I feel like everytime he got the mic, regardless of if he was feeling the beat or not....he did his thang with it. Not sure what it is about the NY swagger, but its very real. Dude had a real presence and a cocky stance that told you he could spit even before he opened his mouth. BRAVO CHAMP! See ya Next Month!

    Style Warz was a lot of fun last night! Thank you to all you fine folk that attended. I didn't really get to talk to many of you...sorry about that! I hope you enjoyed yourselves. People's confidence levels are rising and I see more and more people actually incorporating moves, gestures, mannerisms and facial expressions to their presentatitons. Things are getting really good! I felt like a proud mama last night (i.e. any body got to go potty- what up, Micki ).....all of you [MCs] are really coming along. I see the love that you all show each other (even when you lose) and I see how you all actually get each others math and make plans for the future. The "future"...wow! who would have thought a few years ago that so many people would be looking forward to the future at the same time.
    Big Ups to P-Funk! WOAH! I was loving the beat selections last night. You really did you thang on the 1s and 2s last night- for real! I heard no complaints...except on "Final" beat #2 .....that was crazy. Not sure how either one of those MCs rapped over that one. Big Ups to you, main!
    Thank you EBONY!!! you are the greatest! If anyone needs a reliable person to man the door at your events....Please see Ebony! She is very accountible ............and good help (especially with your $$$$) is hard to find.
    To our very respecful and courteous security!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!
    I want to extend a sincere thanks to our 2 distinguished judges.
    Mr. PX7 a/k/a Easy Tee a/k/a Tee Original LA Dream Team 1980 "PX7" Thank you for the advice and Love. It was a pleasure to have you in the building. Not sure if these youngsters understand the homage that they should pay someone of your stature, but do not take it personally. It is not just rap....the is a total disconnect between today's youth and their forefathers. I appreciate you .....as I am sure many others do. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and build with us.
    Torcha of STREETZ Magazine Thank you for coming through with the promo copies of the mag. I am sitting right here looking through the issue with Trey Songz. WOW! The mag has come a long way. Thank you for coming through and checking out the talent and game......NOW????? where is my story at????
    Both of you did a fine job and I appreciate the support of the event.
    Special thanks to our performers:
    PX- you guys are so on a nother level. You looked good, sounded really good and then you are just great men. Thank you for stepping in and killing it. What up Face! I wish LB would have come through, but I know he was workin. Thank you again fellas....you are the best!
    EJ- Thank you for coming and performing!
    What up Kelly. I saw you for a minute in the front lobby ...then you dissapeared into thin air- "Have you seen her?" Wassup Bosslady....I see you was on the grind last night....I peeped the Color Purple Advertisement under my windshield wiper. Way to diversify. I would love to see the play...not sure I can afford the trip right now tho...dammit! who wants to chip in and send me on a much needed vacation?? Special Shouts to all the 5 Seasons bartenders. I've yet to get any of their names , but they are all my home gurls. I hope yall tipped good last night!
    Power 105 was reppin for NYC as well So many ghood people were in the building: Tislam Thanks for taking the pics for me. That was very cool. I hope you got some good shots of the event as well. I know, for a fact, that you take ghood pics when you want to...LOL! Also, you are a really good promoter. I see the effort that you put into what you do. I am not cut out for this shit...LOL! If any contracts come my way in the near future...Ima holla at cha! You obviously have the patience of Job) Kartel ( Majic, Karlito. Your camera man's pics look awesome. Please have him to call me) MOL (what Bunnie, Baby Beast) Ms. Tris Beats (what up Keebie!!!) Good to see you both! Ms. Tris's promo game is serious. She was in the spot givin out "testers" last night! Leave it to a woman and we will come up with something memorable. SouthPaw (44-Buck! Buck! Buck!, Kashon, G-Man, Kadar, Chris B, Kid Deuce & dem) What up Akira! I seencha buddy! D-Mic (Team Green- he is Niiiice. Loved the bragadoccio!) Midas (where was the energy you brought last month baby. Last time you made the crowd feel you. Also, it helped that it was a lot of women in the audience. Last night you faced a tougher crowd, but you could have made them feel you....you are gonna have MAKE them feel. Can't always count on a sympathetic crowd. In your defense, I will say that you didn't come to the spot ready to rumble....I convinced you to get in. But come prepared to rock and roll everytime. Also....I know you wanted to rock at the end .....hold on...hold on ) T.M. (he was so cute and nice. Plus dude could spit! I love the lil moves he was making on stage. It was very entertaining) RYU (I love his energy. I swear! he could be the one to do a hip hop/club track and that shit bump. His voice is crazy...like on some jazzy pha shit. Plus, he looks like he is having FUN! I like that! Big Ups to you!) Henny Lo...wassup fam! Are you ready for next month?? Betta be! Big Ups to AHK of Strictly Hip Hop (88.9) for coming through. I can't remember you man's name (and the name is so common ), but he gave me the DVD. I appreciate that. I will check it out and give yall a review. Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to working with you in the future. Nick Soprano was in the building as well. Adversary! Not sure what the judges saw, but dude was nice as shit!!! I hope you come back. Please!!! Sin (Thanks for coming to B-more!!! I think you are hot- for serious! Big Ups to Cofi! You are ghood peoples) FastLife.....you are so crazy! I love you fam! Thanks for coming through! How the hell could I wait so long to mention.....LOW KEY GOD was in the building. Front and center!!! I could tell he was having a good time last night. He is so crazy. 1 time I had to say...shuuuush ! the MC's concentration was being fucked up...LOL! Big Ups to you and Ray Lugar. I hope yall had a good time. It was so nice to have yall in the building. Hazardus (what up Haz! you are crazy! You need to attach a mic to your chin...u always got something to say!...what up lil Jack!! What up to the rest of the haz fam....I forget your ace's name. Where was my boy Ray. I missed him. Also, wassup Haz dad) ROP (big Ups to Ogun, Pro and Wink) Dirty Hartz....were mos def in the buidling! Big Ups to Mal. My man had a front row seat all night long!!! I hope you enjoyed the view. Tif- you are a great person! Very interesting with many layers. It is a pleasure gettin to know you and your dynamic lady friend, Ms. Micki. Thank you for continually supporting this endeavour (in all the ways that you do )....your contribution is felt! Since he capped off the night....Ima end this post with praise for him: VERB Its one thing to say a person can spit off the dome....its another to spit off the top for like 10 mins straight. LOL! 10 mins straight & everyone enjoyed it. Funny thing, Verb asked me for 40 seconds.... he mustof thought I was slow....LOL! That is why I told him to wait until the end....I could tell he was itchin. The need to rap is like a drug for some. I could tell as soon as he started rapping that he was in a zone. The sheer enthusiasm and joy that could be read on his face was magical. THAT IS WHY I DO THIS! For that moment in time...he looked so happy and that seemingly made everyone in the audience happy. That, my friend, is charisma. Verb had heads that were heading to the door ....turning around and coming back...as if there was a surprise act on the card...LOL! that was funny. Thank you for sharing your love for this life. If I think of anyone else ....I will follow up- FO SHO! If I forgot cha...please dont take it personally....I am only human! But i still love ya!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 1/27/2006 11:37:00 PM  
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