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    Mar 6, 2006
    I want some mo of ur brown sugah, baby!

    GS (So Damn Fresh!)
    Brown Sugar II
    Part I was the jump off!!! I can't wait for Part II
    April 14, 2006 @ a SECRET LOCATION (Private Loft)

    INVITE ONLY - hit them up....Ask nicely
    Shakeen "The Analyst" (Bulldog Kartel Recordings) is ALIVE
    I spoke with a represenative from his team this evening and this is another case of a tasteless RUMOR making its way on the internet. Message to the people that started this nonsense: Please get a life! In the future, when any of you wish to change your names....do not post on message boards or send out mass e-mails saying R.I.P. to "XYZ". Its been done so much....that it's becoming corny. Baltimore is a very jacked up place and a member of our hip hop community being killed is a real possibility. I hope to never experience this - for real! Also, I want to add....I do not think this was any kind of publicity stunt. Knowing Sha (like I know him)...this is not the kind of games he would play.
    On friday I put up my 26 bucks (& yes, I'm still fussing!) and went to the Juvenile concert. Hammerjacks has a reputation in Baltimore that always makes me think twice before attending any event there. Not sure which one is worse - the rude way that the butch security guards feel you up... I mean frisk you.... before entering or the way they scream "step down" or "$40" or when they bark "whats this?" while using an open ink pen to shift the contents of your pocketbook around or the way that they make you feel like you are visiting someone in prison (anyone that has ever visited a jail understands me)- "NEXT!" - No Hello - No Smile- "who you here to see?" - they treat you like you aren't helping to pay their salaries - Make you want to scream out, "I am not a prisoner. I'm a tax payer" LOL! - no customer service skills & no repercussions for not having any. Needless to say, getting in the club is not a battle I am often willing to fight.
    Hammerjacks will never have the charm it once possesed (IMO). It could be that I am getting older or because I have a frame of reference (Baltimore Sundays - Druid Hill Park aka "The Park" then to Riesterstown & Cold Spring Mc Donald's aka "The Lot" then on to HAMMERJACKS aka Hammers), but I experienced some good times @ that spot. FRANK SKI was the man when I was coming up and there ain't NO party like a Hammerjack's party when it was on Hamburg Street (location of the new Ravens Stadium parking lot).
    Although it wasn't very crowded (this is relative - the spot holds 2500 and there were maybe 1000 attendees), I enjoyed myself alot. There was just so much going on in the city this weekend -- 92Q had a ski trip (if I am not mistaken), Frank Ski was having a jump off at Club One...everyone was getting their mind right for the All Female Review, etc. Got hit on by an attractive female bartender all night...LOL! Im not sure why, but I found it quite flattering. Saw my old boyfriend with who I can only assume was his new girlfriend....didn't speak, but felt oddly happy for him. But I wouldn't be a real chick If I sat here and said I didn't disect every single inch of his new chick (FROM her black yacky perm straight tracks to her sling back shoes). I mean, THAT is who I made him BETTER for.... ladies, I know you feel me. Aaaaaaand the verdict is....she has NATHAN on me. Jeah! Ran into my ghood ghood friend from the hood, Mr. Zeke Marshall. I hadn't seen him in a min and its always LIVE whenever we connect. This brother has so much on the ball....he is a realtor, a mentor to the youth, Ivy League graduate, former pro ball player - DAAAAAAAAMN! my homie is a real catch. LOL! Too bad...I know he is a nut already! Love em to death...as long as I don't know all his biz. He has been holding the Outstanding Athletes Basketball Camp at the St Paul School, Park School and Arlington Baptist Academy for the last few years. The hugely successful sports/leadership building camp gives Zeke the opportunity to share some of the wisdom he has acquired over the years (being an inner city youth, attending the prestigious Cornell University and later going on to play professional sports over seas) as well as introduce the kids to some of his professional athlete friends (& the guy gets love from them all). Ask about him! I just had to shout out my peoples! Plus, he made sure I was comfy up in V.I.P.
    I really have to tip my hat to Tracye (IKON Entertainment)....her concert concepts are very hot. Dancers, runways, models, fashion shows, VIP...... you can almost forget the fact that it's actually a rap concert she is giving. She is proving that Hip Hop fans do appreciate nice ish! If I go to one more show that feels like I should have worn my timberland boots I am going to hurt something. Thank You Tracye for having vision.
    I'd recently interviewed her for an article I wrote for STREETZ magazine and found her to not only be a beautiful person, but also very articulate, thoughtful and driven. She is shooting a pilot for her new reality TV show tentively titled, "The Promoter". I can't wait!!! I sure hope they got footage of the concert because I have no doubt that her preparation (for the show), reactions (after arriving at the venue) and frustration (as the night progressed) will make for great TV. As a promoter ....I know the stress invloved in giving events and the possibility of losing money, but the reality of the game is that - there are GREAT days and there are unfortunatley BAD. For every awesome turnout & payout$$ (Chi Ching!)....please believe you got a dud coming. I think if more people can see what is actually involved in producing a quality event.....they'd develop a new respect for the profession/hustle. I saw Tracye several times through out the night and I loved the way that she took the time to make everyone feel important. I could tell she was stressed out, but she asked me if I was good. That was real classy in my opinion. A true professional....if you didn't know already, Tracye Stafford is that woman. The NEXT IKON Concerts include....Keysha Cole (hosted by the model, Hoops) followed by Beenie Segal and Freeway. I will follow up with the dates and visuals.
    I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention the food...LOL! They had this rice with sausage and shrimp in it that was to die for. It was soooo good...I NEED that recipe.
    The crowd on this night was great!!! Hammerjacks' crowds are notorious for literally boo-ing acts off of the stage. The crowd was so supportive of all of the opening acts that I started wondered if some crew had bought everyone in the spot drinks. I was up in the VIP area (which is not the best seat in the house IMO) when the show started, but eventually had to make my way down to really get a good look at what was going on. Big Patch got the ball rolling. Even if you could care less about what he was saying, his beats were most def gonna capture your attention. But in Patch's case...lack of hot lines is not one of his problems. I've seen him rock with a band so I can attest to his ability to MC. He has apparently inked a new situation with Unruly - that is really good news. I wish you much success with that endeavour and I hope you sell a mil. Finally got the chance to meet Cooli Hi. We'd talked a lil bit on Myspace, but this was our first time actually meeting. This brother has been doing his thing for a min in Baltimore (most notably with Sisqo - don't even front - actin' like Sisqo is not the MAN!). I tell ya, his pictures make him look much older (to me). I didn't even know he was on the card. I was very happy to get the chance to see him do his thing. He definitely has a distinct flair for making those club bangers. He has this song with Ms. Kitty that is definitley aiiight! Top of the World did their thang as usual! They were on some real Hollyhood shit! LOL! As I previously mentioned, there was a runway and you know they made use of it. LOL! Amadaye, Finny, Swann and Jay Boogie (who is not a rapper!! LOL!) always bring a lot of energy to performances. Damn near the whole right side of the stage was there reppin for T.O.W. Boogie, I loved the hot pink on black T's......where is mine? I'll take a large. I've seen these guys perform numerous times before so I had no doubt that they would do well, but I often wonder if I'm just biased (I genuinely like them all as men). After seeing the satisfied looks on the people's faces...I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that these guys have something special. AND...where the hell was Kariz???? hunh??? LOL! Yall know that is my wild out partner (LOL!- Was gonna say "cut buddy"...like in "we cut up together", but Trilville dun messed that slang up too. Damn you Southern Rappers!! ...................j/k)
    Didn't see to many familiar faces from the scene....
    BUMPED (literally) in to Jay Hunnie!!! She was in their gettin her "perculator" on. FYI (non-baltimoreans): The perculator in this case is a dance.
    Torcha from STREETZ was in the spot as well.
    Troy Johnson from the Big Phat Morning Show was holding it down as the host. He and I had the opportunity to talk. He was such a nice guy.
    VS Magazine - I don't remember his name (sorry), but he was a real sweetheart as well.
    Had fun ova the weekend...what you do?
    Oh......just realized I never mentioned Juvy
    He was aiight!, but I wasn't impressed at all. He really has no charm what so ever. He is just a rapper! Don't get me wrong....his first CD was my jawnt!!!, but this live show left a lot to be desired. No cameras were allowed. The sound system sucked all night. You couldn't even feel the beat when back that thang up came on! That blew me! I'd love to see him again before I just write him off.
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 3/06/2006 10:02:00 PM  
    • At Wednesday, March 08, 2006 12:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      CLove it was a pleasure seeing you at the show and we are glad you enjoyed yourself, i'm sorry a lot of the women were subjected to the groping and violations of personal space which sadly seems to be a regular occurence at HammerJacks.

      The crowd showed us crazy love and we are grateful for that! look out for footage of our show performance at www.topoftheworldrecordsllc.com

      the site will be up within the next two weeks.

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