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    Jun 19, 2006
    Quit it...why don't cha!!!!

    I always cringe when I read articles about "Stop Snitchin".

    Does anyone even know what it means to be a SNITCH???

    I cringe because most of the people out here expounding on the topic are totally wrong.

    We are not talking about whistle blowers!

    We are not talking about the woman who calls the police because she wants the neighborhood boys to stop hustlin in front of her house.

    &....... we are not talking about the woman that goes into court and testifies against the boyfriend that assulted her.

    A snitch is a whole different breed & I am sorry, but theses people should be called out for what they are.

    A snitch is a person who was involved in the crime, but because they got caught......they decide to tell on everyone. Yall out there "gettin money together" ......But you not tryna do the time alone. So you mess it up for everyone!!! Never mind the fact that everyone knows the risk when the get involved. Some people are weak and they take good people* down with them.
    *How criminals can also be good people is another discussion for another day.

    A good friend of mine....was on the run for several years {after they mashed his friend...who by the way took his time and lived with it}....moved down South, but would come back and fourth to visit his family every now and again.

    On one visit...his crack head cousin called the police on him for the $2500 metro crime stoppers reward.
    Not only is his cousin a rat, but he is a b*tch. LOL! yeah! he is! Them drugs got him to snitch on his family!!!

    Nooooooooow, before anyone gets mad at me or misunderstands my conviction....I am one of the most upstanding citizens you will ever meet, but right is right and wrong is wrong. When a person commits a crime..he should do the time, BUT....the police did not catch him. It was not a concerned citizien that called...it was a person who was prolly mad because this man was on the run for over 2 years and was still "gettin money" and would not give him any. They used to get down together an his cousin got caught up and left behind.
    His cousin prolly smoked all that reward money up in a weekend...IF he ever even got it. Some one may say..."well the cousin was doing the right thing"....& you are correct, but again ....you are missing the point. These are not normal citizens...they truly live in the shadows and are governed by laws that keep their world balanced...when one person throws this off..it messes up everything. I don't live that life so the rules do not impact my life in anyway. Snitching for rewards, telling to get less time, wearing wires for the police is now of epidemic proportions. This is not making the world a better place....if anything "Snitching" (using the term correctly) is causing more people to die. If you benefit from telling....9 times out of 10 you are a SNITCH!!!!

    "Stop Snitchin" has some how come to mean Witness Intimidation. When I was growing up.....SNITCH was a bad thing. This is not a NEW word or slang!!! All the confusion as to what it means....Just happened! This is yet another example of how mainstream media locks in on one understanding of a word or phenomina and runs with it. If you are out there living that life you know what a rat is.....sammy the bull was a snitch....& you know why. Why all this drama for using the same word?

    Sure, some people involved in illegal activities have intimidated witnesses because they were afraid of going to jail, but this is not apart of some organized national campaign to intimidate witnesses. Some people resort to anything when their backs are against the wall. Some people are bullies -PERIOD.

    I've seen them try to lump plain white T-shirts and gang violence with the "Stop Snitching Movement"....LOL! as if the broke asses, bloods and crips got together and decided to become national spokespeople. Its really not even that complicated!!!! It's a movement (figuratively), but in no way is it organized. You got a few yo's out here thinking its slick to say....but the sentiment is in no way NEW!!!! Black people {the main "Stop Snitchin" spokes people} are not that organized...SORRY blame people not showing up for court and high crime/homicide rates on something else!

    As with every other fad....let's blame the asians...LOL! Nah, we can't blame them, but it is partly their fault that you see it everywhere. Why is not one coming down on the people that perpetuate this BS? Once the T-shirts were available cheap (under $20) ....you know everybody and their mama (literally) was gonna get one. If you would have visited the flea market a few months ago.....every other stand was full of T-shirts making reference "Stop Snitching". At that point it was trendy...it was all over the TV, the newspapers, internet..so it was a guaranteed money maker........REWIND...last weekend! next to none...why b.c. the BUZZ is damn near gone. Same thing with Jeezy's snow man T's. The public outcry was so terrible that Changes up in Mondawnmin took them out the window (where they'd been prominently displayed for months)....REWIND.....yesterday....They got them NEW Snowman Tee's in assorted flavors.

    You can't blame this on Skinny Suge or Carmelo for reiterating something that is common knowledge to anyone that grew up in the hood or know people that break law. Why do I know people that break the law....YOU CAN'T PICK YOUR FAMILY!!!! nor can you pick the neighborhood your parents raise you in.

    .....Let's assign some blame CNN/Baltimore Sun/Washington Post and everybody else that has something to say -STILL. They are the ones' that turned Stop Snitchin into a billion dollar marketing idea/slogan. I think that this is another case of the media hopping on a story and sensationalizing it for ratings.

    Let's be real about this......We are talking about a bootleg DVD that was NOT for everyone. I thought it sucked.... yet....everybody by Roger Ebert reviewd it. The feakin JHU film fest showed it to a packed house!!!

    My only reason for this rant....is I am sick of seeing people engaged in these extremely educated conversations about Stop Snitchin and they have the core issue all wrong...LOL! (& in the process painting the picture that Baltimore is the wild wild west) . Message to John Law: Stop making it so that people can get off when they snitch!!!! That's what's wrong!!!

    What bought this on???..............

    315 years for the crooked cops

    Why didn't this make National NEWS!!!!???? This is a real story!!!! This the real movement that needs to be publicized!!! Let's find ways to smoke out these cops out here terrorizing people!
    ..........& what do you think theses cops are calling all the people that testified against them...concerned citizens??? They prolly aren't sitting back like, "I know I was wrong...give me my justice"...nah! I bet SNITCH has come out of their mouths a time or 2. If you are not involved in illiegal activities and you testify (truthfully)....you are not a snitch. If you broke the law with me ....& you mad because you got caught and not me....& you tell...not only are not you a Snitch but you are a hater! LOL!

    In legitimate business you have the Better Business Bureau..... the streets have Don Diva....& they have been calling people snitched for ever. LOL! I have read letters from inmates in Don Diva where they named names....people want this information. This is the reason why magazines like Don Diva and F.E.D.S. are so popular. Don Diva's no holds barred approach to urban journalism has gained them fans the world ova because they talk to a particular demographic.

    The above is not a complete thought....
    &.......... I am a woman! Yeah..we down with that street ish too!

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/19/2006 02:06:00 PM  
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