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    Sep 18, 2006
    Baltimore N.E.W.S.
    B'more scholar program diversifies

    One of the things that really "kills" me about Baltimore City Public Schools is that they preach to the students that "college is possible" yet many schools are not doing an adequate job of preparing their students for collegiate success. For this reason, many enter college, but fail to graduate because they soon realize that the gap between the "notion" and "the reality" (of academic success) is insurmountable without a tremendous amount of focus and hard work. In an effort to close this divide, the Jonhs Hopkins University has teamed up with BCPS to offer a new route to success to disadvantaged youths. It is through progams like this that many more students will go on to graduate from college and a life as a contributing member of society.

    Who says that hip hop wives are just "trophies"?

    Designer Roy breaks trend for hip-hop wives

    Wife of Rocawear's Damon Dash drawing positive buzz for her line

    Lil' Kim's first post-prison performance will air on VH1's annual celebration Hip-Hop Honors

    Lance Reddick, a Baltimore-born actor and Yale Drama School graduate, calls his role as the steely police Col. Cedric Daniels (on the WIRE) "a career-defining role." Playing Daniels, a man torn between ambition, career-survival and conscience, is akin to Hamlet, Reddick says.

    The primary elections were held last Tuesday. There were many surprises! Kwiesi lost his Senate race, but can't you picture him as the NEXT mayor? I love Sheila, but girl friend has some people that want her head.

    Speaking of potential mayorial candidates.....
    William Donald Schaefer Always Made a Splash!
    what are the chances that he'll run for mayor of Ocean City? mmmmmmmmh!

    Benedict XVI's background is theological, not diplomatic
    What is the world coming to? Are people that "out of the loop" that they do not realize that NOW, if ever, is the time to be very mindful of everything that comes out of your mouth. This is especially true if you are the leader and spokesman of one of the most controversial religious denominations in history. I am not happy with the Pope and at this point I think that an apology will mean very little.

    Universal Music Group, the world's largest record company, contends the wildly popular Web sites YouTube and MySpace are violating copyright laws by allowing users to post music videos and other content involving Universal artists.

    TV Movies: Sept. 17 - 23, 2006

    Amazing Grace'74
    An elderly busybody creates a stir in corrupt Baltimore politics. (G) (1:40)

    starring Moms Mabley.
    SHO: Tue. 7:30 A.M.
    If you are able, please check it out!

    This woman was my grandfather's FAVORITE comedian. I grew up hearing all about her. FYI: This woman influenced all of your all-time favorite comedians and yet she never gets the credit she deserves.

    Diddy in BMore City

    Honeywell and NASA launch hip-Hop Science Program, FMA live!, at Howard University

    Who says there is no ghood hip hop news?

    eh yuuuuuuuuuuurp! Mully is linked by HBO!

    The 2006 Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 3 Web-Polling Participants' TOP Prize Winner was awarded to a Baltimorean! Big Ups (or as they put it "Bless Up") to Raymond Pretlor!!! He's going to Disney World!!! (LITERALLY!)

    The 5 Seasons is arguably the Baltimore Hip Hop headquarters with 2 weekly and several monthly Hip Hop events.

    The weekly Hip Hop 101 (Mondays) event has recently gone through another structural change. Thank goodness Mr. Wilson (Star Status Entertainment ) is out of the woods and doing much better! Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

    Now...every Monday


    PLEASE NOTE: This event will no longer be held at Club Malibus (Ponco Street)

    Registration: $20
    Rules: Each emcee will get 60 seconds to battle. The better of the two will advance and the other will sit down. The final MC standing at the end of all rounds GETS TO BE THE CHALLENGER THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY, LIVE ON 92Q's TUESDAY NIGHT FIGHTS.
    Hosted by Sonny Brown and Squirral Wyde "Don Thing" (I won't use his other name)
    Sounds by DJ jabril on the 1's and 2's

    General admission: $10 for the fellas $5 for the females
    Drink specials and food

    If your interested in participating....come to the club TONIGHT (EARLY!) or send an e-mail to baltimoremusicgroup@gmail.com


    Speaking of battles.....

    I attended the One Mic Battle at the 5 Seasons this past Thursday (10.14.06). I haven't being going out much lately so this was a real change of scenery. Thanks to a two-way from Ike (from MYSPACE LOL!) I knew the parking lot was gonna be packed so when I found a spot like 2 long blocks I groaned, but I knew it was prolly the best I was gonna get so I parked. I get up in the spot and I think everyone came 4 in a car cause the place was packed. My dudes pulled it off.....that was a very good sign! Pork Chop did a great job hosting! very animated, very very at home in front of people! Big Ups to Reggie and Pluck (Milestone Media) on a very successful event!

    The battles were spread out so far apart that I honestly didn't develop a real sense of each competitor's strengths and/or weaknesses. After it was all said and done.....FIRE ARMS was the winner! CONGRATS, boo!!! If you are curious about his skills....you can check him out at this month's IBB show.
    correction: Young Rod from 1st Family Ent won it all (including a WWE inspired belt LOL!) I offer my sincere apology for inadvertantly assigning your glory to someone else. I promise to get my facts straight before I make such a monumental announcement again!

    In between the rounds were several acts (some of whom performed for waaaaay to long - not sayin no names!) including Unreal, Midas, Ogun, Skarr Akbar, Don Brody, Ms. Stress and Verb (Dirty Hartz - who was last year's grand prize winner and this year a judge). If you came for the acts...you would have been happy, but if you came for the battle.....uuuuuuh you might of left a lil pissed. I rolled out at 1:15 AM (had to go to beddy bye) and there were still 5 rounds to go...sheesh!

    Not tryna start nothing (don't shoot the messenger), but during this recent Baltimore hip hop news "dry spell"...this is ice cold water.....

    Apparently Verb (haven't talked to Mully yet to determine if he shares the sentiments) is more than a little salty with Bossman for his use of the Baltimore slang "Eh yuuuuuuuuuurp" or "A Yo" (as Bossman's camp has decided to spell the saying) on his new song "A Yo". He made it known (quite clearly) during a rousing freestyle that he don't appreciate that ish.
    Nooooooooooooow......its funny because someone came to me the day the Bossman song dropped and was like "Oh no. I think the Mully and Bossman beef may start up again" at the time I was like "naaaaaaah", but I see that perhaps I am a lil too mature to see this situation for what it is.

    Now this is just my opinion....

    The saying did not orignate with either of them.

    There had to be someone that said "Eh Yuuuuuuuuurp" or "A yo" before either of them. Shuuugs, I've heard it uttered a time or two when standing with a D-boy trying to get the attention of someone up the street.

    Neither of them can say that they own their version of the saying(spelling and/or pronunciation), expression or have officially defined the way in which it should be used.

    Can either of them prove that they are the first to write it down (Copyright )?

    I've already verified that neither of them have registered it with US Patent or Trademark Office (the only way that one can prohibit another from making money from the use of an original and protected idea). This means that Lil John's new song could have "Ayo" or "Eh Yuuurp" in the hook and neither of them could do a damn thing but whine about how other people are always jockin Baltimore's style. Do you even see either of them going after him ("mob style" or legally)?
    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut NOOOOOOOOOOO.....two of the most well known and respected rap artists we have in Baltimore (arguably) are better served beefing over the use of a word that both have the birth right (from a geographical perspective) to use.

    BESIDES....ITS NOT WHO SAYS IT FIRST....THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHO'S VERSION WILL THE PEOPLE REMEMBER. What are either of them doing to make sure the people know where they heard it first?

    All this dumb ish needs to stop.....will someone please get these guys together and do a damn remix. I would even help pay for it (NO JOKE!!!)
    If these two beef over this....they both can call it a day IMO. People respect progress and accomplishment....Bossman and Mully "beefing" has already been done and it helped neither.

    This is the time to correct the missteps that were taken during the first "flare up"....its time to show that Baltimore is all about gettin our message, slang, vernacular, and unique perspective to the public....not worrying about who came up with this TOTALLY unoriginal song first.

    At the end of the day....we are trying to introduce Baltimore to the world. From where I sit.....this song is only a problem because all parties involved spend far too much time at "home". I wonder if either of these songs are being played outside of Baltimore. "Eh Yuuurp" or "A yo" is a great concept. Exactly what has been missing from much of our homegrown music. If this is Boss man's first BIG National single...the fact the Mully and DH made one first will eventually become folklore and won't matter (SAD, BUT TRUE). Its catchy...its simple and it's Baltimorean...its a formula!!! Unfortunately, Ignorance, crabbiness, stupidity and immaturity is Baltimorean too.
    ...but it don't have to go down like that

    Here's a plan...Let's get both of these songs to the people and find out which one they like better. If I were either of their publicist, I'd advise that these two guys use this as an opportunity for exposure and milk it for what they can..why beef? Competition will always attract more attention. I like them both (the performers and songs)...one does not take away from the other and both have 2 different themes. WILL SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME PLEASE TELL THE ARTISTS. And will someone please tell Verb to calm down...he has far too talented to spend time on this issue either. FYI: We don't look good when we spend more time beefing than making quality songs! Do any of these artists have songs in regular rotation right now? Time to get the priorities straight, fellas.

    OK.....back to the show (sorry...yall know how I do):

    Big Ups to the First Fam head honcho (I didn't catch his name)! He was kind enough to treat me to a fish dinner and alcoholic beverage. This is the first time I ever ordered from the left side of the menu and wasn't asked for some of my cookies. LOL! Be on the lookout for these guys...they roll thick! I haven't heard any of his music (I must admit....), but the dude from their label, Sonny Gramz, is highly regarded by quite a few people who's opinion I trust. & nooooooo I am not saying this because they bought me some food....LOL!

    Its OFFICIAL......

    "That Boyz A Problem", the new Mixtape from Unreal is in the streetz! I was fortunate enough to secure one from Mr Unreality himself after he tore it down during one of the show's intermissions. I will have to check out the mixtape and come back with a review. His song "Playing the Fool" was featured on the RESPECT Mixtape. I love that song!

    Jason Torres is now a staff writer for the Baltimore City Paper! He has always been a great friend of the Baltimore Hip Hop community. I am so very happy to hear about his promotion.

    Tasha is 92 Q's newest on air personality (Saturday from 3-6 am)! Congrats Mama Cita! You deserve this opportunity. I am sure you will make something truly amazing happen in due time. Keep progressing my sistren!!!

    Happy Birthday Wishes go out to.........
    Shell Be Raw
    Rah Rah

    Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/18/2006 07:56:00 AM  
    • At Monday, September 18, 2006 4:08:00 PM, Blogger Al Shipley said…

      are you sure Firearmz won One Mic? I was there at the end of the night and I could swear it was someone from 1st Fam.

      I wasn't even gonna write anything about Verb calling out Bossman because I try to avoid publicizing beef, but you're definitely right that this shit needs to stop. Ever since Bossman's people first played me the song, I'd been kinda afraid that Mully/DH would claim he was biting "That's Da Sound," but yeah, it's definitely not a phrase that any one person can claim to have invented. Hell, Mya the R&B singer's new single is a D.C. Go-Go type song called "Ayo," are they gonna beef with her too? The day that Bossman and Mullyman squash their beef and make a song together would be a great day for Baltimore.

    • At Monday, September 18, 2006 4:12:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      Al....you would know much better than me...cause I left with several rounds left to go, but I was told it was the asian guy and fire arms with Fire arms coming out on top. If First Fam won it would be understandable..they entered like 5 people...LOL! The odds were in there favor. I will send out an apb and get the real scoop....LOL!

      as for the beef.....


    • At Tuesday, September 19, 2006 11:51:00 AM, Blogger Al Shipley said…

      Yeah, I was right, it was Young Rod from 1st Family who won, he had the championship belt at 5 Seasons last night. The last round was him and the Asian kid, A Class, I think Firearmz got eliminated a few rounds before that.

    • At Tuesday, September 19, 2006 1:00:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      LOL! Yes...you are so very correct. Sad part...I dont even rememeber who told me...I think they got them mixed up because their statures are similar (short and round...LOL! with braids i think too). Also...I saw the champ last night too...THAT was hillarious! I never imagined that a person that won a belt would actually wear it outside...LOL!

      I saw you up there in the pit last night, but I stayed in the cut and sold my T-shirts! LOL! i had a massive headache.

    • At Tuesday, September 19, 2006 2:02:00 PM, Blogger ShellBe RAW said…

      Thanks for the b-day shout C!

      As for the beef....unfortunately, that's what people support more, so that's probably why certain artists elect to go that route. I'm glad I'm focused on $$$

    • At Wednesday, September 20, 2006 2:43:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Can we all just get along? Kenneth!

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