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    Jun 29, 2006
    A message from the Underground Business Bureau (UBB)

    It has come to my attention that the topic of yesterday's post has decided to take decisive action and fire back a response to my scathing criticism of how he does business.

    Apparently the newest member of the dynamic, BMore-based super group, "Da Banned", decided to repost my blog post on his message board. I knew nothing about them doing this until this morning. P-Funk deleted the post and rather than make it obvious as to what he was referring....he posts a message about me out of what would seem thin air.

    What is surprising....the response was addressed to me yet...the author knows there is no way that I can view the board and/or respond to the additional charges and accusations he is now leveling against me.
    I response to his rant....I offer the following tidbits of info.

    This is far from over (btw he and I), but I ask that you all understand my reluctance to put out in the universe the little petty stuff that is unfortunately going on behind the scenes. This wil be the last time I talk about this again via IBB or ADLofHH.

    #1: It has already been proven that P Funk is a liar. He went into court and lied about his wife being assulted by Ogun. If need be.... will post highlighted scans of the court transcripts. Readers will be able to see that you and the "assulted" could not keep yall facts straight. You thought that man was just going to go into court and take the stet....HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yall wasn't prepared for balls! This being the case.....no one should believe anything you say EVER!!!!!

    #2: How is it that.....YOU witnessed a man assault your wife....and you NEVER said anything about kicking his ass or never even publicly acknowledged that you saw this man hit your wife....until you went into a court house. Then....even after you and the district attorney failed to convince a judge of your farce...YOU still didn't have anything to say????? Couple this with the fact that Ogun released a dis track where he said some things that were most definitely worthy of retort.....& STILL nothing???? I get it....it's just easier to pop shit with someone you don't perceive as a threat??? This is what I was referring to when I said "Bully-like" tactics. You could have rumbled with a man...but nah...its just easier to keep on tryna get out on me.

    #3: The tape to which you keep on referring to....man o man...it amazes me how you are using that tape to say everything you want it to say...LOL! I am not even going to get into that much detail because I have nothing to prove to anyone....BUT one thing I will say.....in response to you saying WE should eat the cost of a DVD I offer this response and point for the people to ponder:

    The numbers are hypothetical:

    A DVD cost $1000 to be made

    2 people put up $500 each

    A $500 deposit was paid with the understanding that the other $500 would be paid once the DVD was complete. (one partner holds the other $500 in trust)

    No DVD was produced - despite the fact that on the CD ( you continually reference - which was not recorded to be used in any manner you so please) I clearly state...and we agree that we would complete the DVD and then we would both get master copies and do with it as we please. I even have an e-mail from you where you tried to say what I could and could not call it...LOL! )

    The reason currently being offered to why the DVD was never made is totally BOGUS. It is obvious that the decision maker...NEVER looked at the footage (despite him saying that he wanted to hold off production until he had the time to re-evaluate the footage that the producer and I had already finished editing).....HE NEVER LOOKED at the footage because neither he or I is even in it...LOL! The camera man...JUST GOT THE BATTLES....no "Who you spit Hotter than"....No corny ass "This is your beat"....

    so the word is...Im supposed to eat the other $500...not we...cause it sounds to me ...like P -Funk gets to pocket the other $500. So let me get this straight...there is footage out there of SSW.....and if I say f-it and sell them (as I know I could)...I am promoting his event...LOL! and he doesn't want to sell it because that means his mooching *ss actually has to work. I will get anybody that wants it and will vouch publicly - a copy of the footage.....tell the people that what I am saying is true...the footage has neither of us on it. He has no excuse....or should I say...TRY ANOTHER ONE!!!
    This is just 1 EXAMPLE of his funny math!!!!
    I definitely said that I wanted to make a clean break with him at that meeting...but at the advice of my witness and business associate ..I ended the meeting by saying that I would think about all that had been discussed. This is on the audio file (CD) P -Funk likes to reference as well. He bringing everything back to me stating I wanted out of the partnership....cool, but what does that have to do with what I am owed.
    I was dealing with a lot at the time...and left the meeting telling him that I wanted to continue the conversation at a later time because I was:

    # 1 emotional due to the manner in which he was treating me (I was hurt. I trusted! A VERY UN-BMORE LIKE TRAIT. Call me a succa for doing so! His true feelings had not been revealed until that time. Up until then.....I truly felt he viewed me as his equal in the endeavor. I was also informed for the first time that I didn't add anything to what made the event special.)


    #2 I was being stubborn and full of pride. I was too quick tongued. I knew I could start over, but that was not the point. I was saying that I would walk away essentially giving him a jewel that he did not deserve.

    I promptly followed up with him (& not after weeks as he continually implies)...because I evaluated my investment in the project and felt that this problem could be resolved if we better...more clearly defined the boundaries of our partnership.

    Partner ships end everyday...it is not the right of any partner to tell another what he/she is gettin when she/he leaves. But in this case..b/c we had nothing in writing and b/c I allowed him to deal with the business aspect of the partnership and I handled the brunt of promotions...he had the upper hand. Then when he and his partner tried to send Ogun to jail....I consulted the I Ching and it told me to fall back & so I did with no question. I could care less about this man's future...he has burnt the brigde between he and I.....

    I just need my paper (period).

    Its funny how you not only think its funny that my car is messed up.....but then you went on to imply that I only put you on blast b/c I needed money to fix my car (your point??? That is ludacris..... I have FULL COVERAGE auto insurance)..... I've been asking for my money since day one. You FINALLY responded "the day before SW"!!! Publicity Stunt? You can't be serious??? Do you even have a car??? Get tha fuuuuuuug out of here!!!!

    What I think it comes down to iz....You don't have my money.....so you want to take me through changes - STALLING IS WHAT THEY CALL IT!!!! If you had it...why would you not put out the DVD of the BIGGEST EVENT YOU EVER CREATED....LOL? Give me my money and call it a day. You could sell 20-30 in one night or after a day on the phone...if you knew how to hustle i.e. sell merch (instead of hustlin hard-working people). Even if I was captured in the footage...CMG are experts..they could have simply lowered the volume when I talked or cut me out all together. I picked the best people for the job when I selected them for the project. You never once called to set up a time to go and see them so that you could review the footage as you said you would. Again you are cheating the people (your customers) b/c you want to be right (THE BOSS).

    You didn't make me...because you are nothing...how u make something out of nothing-exactly? I hollared at you....remember that! You can't take away any of my accomplishments ...what did you really do for me after all? ....Except steal from me after it was all said in done. You have NOTHING to do with my connection to the BMore streets. I got STYLE WARZ jumpin with the non-underground hip hop segments of the population....I am the one that reached out and nurtured relationships with MCs.....the blog is my creation...I went to all the other events and took the pics...I posted on message boards...It was ME up at 88.9 hollaring at Ahk....I was the one that got the good acts.... When was the last time you "googled" Style Warz?...what do you see? I am not trying to take credit for anything someone else has done.....it just kills me b/c you really know the truth. All I want is RESPECT!

    If you go back and look at the articles that you like to reference as proof that you hired me to host style warz....YOU SAY...."We fashioned the rules" (please see the 9th paragraph)...."We are XYZ".......You are right...I did give you credit for the basic/general outline (you bought to me what you saw at a poetry slam you were DJ-ing)...BUT It did not become Style Warz until WE did it. You and I worked out the rules, prize and price structure...I came up with the name (unfortunatley I have no proof....BUT THEN AGAIN...NEITHER DO YOU...that is why I don't argue that point....Who cares at this point anyway)!!! Do you remember you wanted to call it "Elements Battle AX"? Also..........how is that early style Warz flyers said Elements Style Warz and later ones said Style Warz (Period)...if it was ALL yours? How can I tell you to take your name off of your event.....the lowly host???? I can post 2 flyers side by side if you need a reminder! &...... Riddle me this...what is the/a TRADEMARK?? You mean to tell me those "letters" you are currently using for Style Warz is what you plan to brand...LOL! I don't think you even know what holding a trademark actually means.

    Who cares if ppl you poll think I am self-serving, predjudiced (are you saying I dislike non-blacks?), a snake.....all of those people would love for me to be on their team. I bet none of them have even tried to get to know me (Not C- Love). Most people are manipulative...& simple don't know there is a better, more respectible way. They will tell me and you anything they think we want to hear. I am pretty aware at this point who rides for me...all others can get take a number - a) to hate on a sistah pimpin or b) to hop on the the ecelera express going to the top!

    I think this is enough...I'll holla at you!
    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/29/2006 02:08:00 PM  
    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 3:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Wow! this is serious C why Brown Fish and B Fly got banned from P Funk's site?

    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 3:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Good!! I think you should put out the recording of the meeting so people can see what you mean C

    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 4:41:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      They got banned because he can't control what comes out of their mouths.

      He is the only one allowed to state the "truth"

    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 4:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I agree you should release the meet

    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 6:12:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      correction: thought it was B.Fly that posted my blog entry....but it wasn't (just got the full scoop from the horses mouth)

      ...F.I.S.H. folk are so damn rebelious...so I assumed....

      never the less...its good to know that others feel that we need to bring it to the surface.

    • At Thursday, June 29, 2006 6:16:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      Honestly...if i thought it would gain me something...I would....people that are down with me...already are...I am not trying to gain supporters. I am trying to let people know what is going on....

      He keeps on threatening to post it...he will prolly have copies for distribution tonight...LOL! can't trust it tho...

      he originally said that he posted it in its entirity ...but now ..he ias admitting that he doesn't know how to make the file small enough to post the whole thing...LOL! which one is it? Did he post the whole interview the first time he called himself telling the people the kind of evil person I am or not...all you have to do it pay attention ...he lies all the time.

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