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    Feb 25, 2006
    HEADLINE: Super Style Warz 2005 / SOLD OUT!

    Sorry for the delay........
    Ok k k k kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Where do I stizzart? Last night was such a beautiful thing!!! It felt so good to have so many friends in the building last night. This is prolly the first time that everyone that said they were gonna come…actually came. I heard there were people in there that I didn’t even get the chance to see- show love. All of the lovely and prophetic words I had prepared were thrown out the window quickly. The more ghetto the crowd got (& I mean ghetto in the best way possible!) the more my nappy roots started to show. There were so many emotions I was feeling last night….I am so glad that its ova!!!

    Yall know how I do….so here it goes:

    I want to give my sincere thanks to our judges (pictured below-black and orange caps) , Bilal (of Crushforce) and Ahk (Host of 88.9 FM Strictly Hip Hop). I know your job was extremely hard- especially last night. Thank you for your willingness to assist us with the monumental occasion. Quite a few times I think yall split decisions on purpose tho…LOL! Can’t say I blame ya, but in life sometimes ya gots to make a decision. I didn’t hear tooooo much complaining this time around…so I guess that means yall can still show your faces in the streets. Bilal….you and that damn bladder! LOL! You didn’t even give me a heads up….I look up and you are gone. I am glad you got that together. I must admit, it was nice having my "nig**".... in the front row. LOL! Also…make sure yall tune into Strictly Hip Hop tonight and EVERY Friday (12:30 AM – 5:00 AM) to hear Ahk and the family (L.I. & Scooby) cut up. Tonight is special because EJ will be in the building this evening…so ya know this is gonna be a good one. He is a character, but yall already know that. Thanks Ahk for continually holding down the Baltimore underground. Your contribution is so very essential to all of our success. Cop that Street Dreams DVD also…as mentioned last night, aside from the videos, freestyles and other typical hip hop DVD highlights….he has this very informative segment on “The Purp”….man o man…I didn’t know their were so many varieties. There is also a great interview with Ms Tris beats. I liked how he captured the essence of what Ms Tris puts into her music. She isn't merely a beat maker- she produces music…there is a major and recognizable difference.


    I want all of you to know that…. You all are stars!!!
    Shakeen “The Analyst”
    The difference between you all and the “rookies” was unmistakable. Each one of you [in your own way] has so much to offer the game. I know many of you felt you were robbed and I know a few of you know that you lost. Quite a few of you OBVIOUSLY prepared for the evening and quite a few of you got up there and winged it. All in all….I think you all have nothing to be ashamed of and so many things to be proud of. I appreciate all of you showing up and participating….that was so very real!!! 1 out of 11 to not make it…is truly amazing. All our previous champs will be receiving T-shirts and write-ups once we get spithotter.com together. Beyond this, I am going to refrain from stating what I thought of each of you individually…if you care to talk, feel free to hit me up!
    Congrats to our 1st Super Style Warz Champ (2005): E J
    Style Warz in my mind is about charisma, flair, lyrics and showmanship. In all of those categories he excelled. When he hit the “Yall know who I am..Style Warz King....jack pot…di di di di da ding ding” ( $$$$ - shot! I wish there was a way for me to spell that sound….LOL!) I knew he was hot! Had had the crowd going crazy....people are still commenting on that line. He came in the door ready to win- PLAIN AND SIMPLE. That wasn’t even EJ’s best Style Warz performance, but it was most definitely his most prepared performance. He even came equipped with lyrics specifically about the event. That showed that this was not just another competition to him. I am so very proud of him! I wish you nothing but good things! Now, create a demo dammit!
    The finals was between EJ and Midas. Both did a hell of a job. The final round was an original song of their choice (with their own beat). While both songs were really good...it was EJ's that has the crowd the most involved and ultimatley impressed the judges the most. Midas has nothing -AT ALL- to hold his head down about. He is a champ as well...that's already been proven. You live to play another day Midas!! EJ ..they are gonna be coming for ya!!!!
    Big Ups to our 2 Rookie Contenders:
    Iceburg held Philly down. He is most def a very talented performer. I hope that he will come back [although, I doubt he will….LOL]…I think that Baltimore would feel him a lot.
    Low is inches away from winning a Style Warz. He has been in it a few times and I see how he is making further along every time. He performed in both competitions…"free" and "super" SW! You really did your thing last night!
    Our performers last night were some of the best that Baltimore has to offer:
    Ogun and Real 2 Real
    Both of you did a phenomenal job and I think you all enhanced the evening tremendously. I wish you both so much success with all of your future projects. Cop that Gritty Gang CD….in a hood near you “NOW!”

    I want to send a special thanks for the entire Invisible Set Entertainment establishment for coming through and showing me much LOVE. Big Ups to D.O.G. (pictured in blue sweater) who sat in the front all night…checking out everything!! I even saw him nodding his head quite a few times. He will be performing at the next Style Warz….so please add March 30 th to your calendars. SPECIAL thank you goes out to the producer extraordinaire Sean “Moccaa” Banks from RSMG [that was the BIG guy on stage all night] …..I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to come to the event. He told me that last night was a good gauge of the talent in Baltimore [where people are right now]….he was most definitely impressed with a few people. Big Ups to Pop [The man—nuff said] your presence was missed.
    Major League Unlimited was in the building. Thank you Mully Man, Milz and Sonny for coming through. Thank you Sonny for the M & Ms that was very sweet! ( but, how you know I like nuts? LOL! Sike up boy)
    Plague Up! (Symph of Tha Plague pictured) -- Whats good rox and L’s. I seen yall. Looking lovely as usual!
    Timmy F*ckin Grins was in the building. Im loving the new breakdown TV flyer promos. You are such a hustla. I said it last night, but again….good luck with your upcoming meeting!
    M.O.L. – Yall are my peeps for real! What Up Bunnie, Tim, Kelly, Tinkerbell….and dem! Thank you for your continued support. Folks like you are the backbone of Baltimore’s independent scene. Keep on making ghood music.
    Top of the World Records -- Chinese subway….LOL! That was a good one! It was the place to be last night….and you (Boogie) have a way of being in all the HOT spots. Your presence raised our stock 10 fold.
    Hustlehard Blvd. was in the building- What up Tyree!
    B. Fly- what up ma ma! Love your energy!
    Ms. Stress & Rio- Thanks for coming through! Congrats on the new album!!!...Im feeling that track with Sean Toure' (sounds like yall on some "Lets get High" Roots/E. Badu ish. Loved it!)
    Bosslady – Good ta see ya last night!
    C.O.M.P. – I love this dude! I swear, you make me feel so good....all the time with only a few words. You are such an original.
    Low Key God – Thank you so much for being my camera man last night….LOL! I haven’t checked out the pics yet, but I can’t wait to see them. Thanks Again for coming & Supporting!
    Kartel Entertainment- yall always do it real BIG! Good lookin with the food!! And Magic, you always know how to get a party started right. Thanks for holding me down!!! Ill be sure to write something about the new mixtape. I am impressed by what I've heard thus far.
    SouthPaw Entertainment- BIG UPS to KADAR!!! Freestyle Champ! I am glad you finally won something…you are so good!
    Hazardous Ent. -wassup Lady Haz & Friend (pictured) ! Big Ups to all of you- Lil Jack was missed!
    Don Bling – Thanks for looking out with the assortment of shirts.
    XO- I only saw you for a minute....thank you so much for coming through!
    Divine Ideals (Tasha)- thanks for coming my sistren….FYI: had not 1, but 2 flyers for the All female revue on my car. I’ll be there….dang! LOL! Your street team is forserious!
    The Dirt Hartz were in the building! Big Ups to Slixta! Dude, is nice as hell! I think in his case…it was the beat he received….cause the way he rocked that track with Mully…maaaaaan..rappin is easy for him! He has it! What up, Verb! He has people so shook….LOL! next time…..right?
    Skarr Akbar - Thanks for coming!! Love your music!!!! Can't wait for you to blow!!
    DNA – Thank you for coming through! You are so good to me….thanks for your energy, advice and the opportunity to build with you. I know we are gonna come up with something special! The harm City joint is fiyah!!! Right about now…I can’t stop listening to that Skarr N.E.W.S., COMP and Grafh’s WAR and surprisingly nice Skola joint! This CD is a great look for B’More…Let’s put Harm City on the map, baby!
    RADIO - Thank you BIG homie! All the things that you used to say to me…make so much more sense now..thanks for always telling it as you know it. Also, someone stole my CD….so Ima need another “Mr Sold Out”. The cover and track listing sounds hot…gots to get my hands on another.
    Kelly Connelly – I want to say something really witty…..something funny, but I can’t even think of anything…LOL! I am not sure what was going on where you were, but by the time I finally saw you….you were wet (not drunk…LOL!, but sweat soaked). You looked really happy….I really need to see the show from yall perspective one day. I can’t wait to see the DVD. Thanks for coming! Also, I am glad that I amused you last night…It was one of those “I started drinking tooo early” nights!
    Jason Torres – OMG! Did we have fun or what! I swear you are the funniest dude in the world. I would have killed Ogun last night if not for you! And I really didn’t appreciate you using my comb to untangle your beard- YUCK! LOL! Thank your very nice lady friend for coming and taking in the festivities as well. Your energy was very calming.
    Lou Duva – So nice to finally put a face with name and a name with the face ( I always wondered who you were…LOL!) Thank you for your continued support! Thanks for telling a friend [or 2]. You seem like real cool peeps!
    Untouchable Magazine- Good seeing ya! Can't wait for the first issue to drop!
    Govt Names aka Al (do you have a nick name?)- You are always there covering the underground. We appreciate you tremendously. The shout outs! Write ups (recently: DNA- thank you so very much)! Showing up! Thanks a million! next time drinky drink on me.
    TM – Park Heights…LOL! Boy, I love your personality!
    Danja Danja -- good to see ya! Was that you at the table in the middle of the room? I thought that was you!
    Nick Soprano – Hey dude! Always a pleasure!
    Born King -- Mr. Blue Lights…thanks for really getting into it. I could tell you all were listening….for a minute their I thought yall whole section was gonna start climbing the walls [after a few decisions]..LOL! Thanks for helping me take pics too!
    Solar-- what’s the word, son! Thanks for your kind words and support! (pictured below-black shirt)Team Green – Akira, D Mic, Cato & Kenyon. Good seeing yall as always!
    Sizzle & Comp [I forget your partners name] – Thanks for coming through. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I told you Style Warz was something special. Let’s talk this weekend.
    Jen Jones – it was a pleasure to see you as usual. I am glad you finally got the opportunity to come through.
    Micki & Tif -- Didn’t get the chance to chop it up with yall last night, but as always…it was good to see ya!
    Keebie -- Thank you for coming. You always a welcome “happy” face!
    R.O.P. – Profound Ammo Mykeey! Thank you for your support!
    Rah Energy – work it! Work it! Work it!
    J-Optimo – Thanks for the super kind words!
    Head Nod Entertainment got that NITRO!
    Ms Tris Beats always comes through. In a game where consistency rules…. you got the competition beat. Keep on doing whatever ritual it is that you perform to get you in the music making mood…you have it!
    ARS- Big Ups to Niige and Mike Mac (we got Mike Mac to come out…. WOW!) Thank you guys! You know I have mucho respect and love for yall! Holla @ me Niige!
    Beat Game Industries Inc- CRACK! That hard yellow kind! The kind that don’t crumble! That kind that pop when you smoke it…LOL!
    Bangin Beats – Kariz was most def in the building!
    Who I heard was in the building:
    Mr. Wilson
    Third Rail
    STREETZ Magazine – Damn, Torcha! You know I would have wanted to holla at you, main! Missy – did not know you were there. Would have loved to talk to you!
    You – [insert your name]
    J Funk ( I have yet to meet you sir)

    Thank you to the entire 5 Seasons staff:
    Solomon, Marc, Security Guard “b” (Damn - ? I am drawing a blank on his name…but he is my man doh…can sing his butt off too!), the wonderful bartenders that contributed to my loose tongue and intermittent beer induced burps…LOL! (Tis, you heard that?...LOL!)

    Big Ups to P-Funk! Season I is in the bag! Let’s make Season II even hotter!

    Ebony you are the greatest! I really do appreciate you so much. I hope that you continue to have faith in the “dream”. I know that you too have lots of aspirations…I hope that this can become the stepping stone that will lead to all the riches you are no doubt destined for. Thanks for holding us down, without you I wouldn’t be able to relax and do my job. My success is most def rooted in yours. Keep striving, sis!

    CMG- Thank you so much for coming through. I can’t wait to see the DVD. If anyone is interested in their footage from last night, please send me an e-mail. I can help to make the necessary arrangements.

    Big Ups to Aaron Henkin (The Signal WYPR) for taking an interest in Style Warz. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I cannot wait for the documentary to come out. I am sure you will put something excellent together. I love what you all did with the Lyrical Leviathan piece.

    A Special Thank You goes out to all the media outlest, websites, podcasters, internet radio programmers etc (especially Music Monthly, The Baltimore City Paper and The Baltimore Sun Papers [LIVE])...out there helping to put Balimore Hip Hop on the map. We're in the periphery thanks to you! But now, people..... its time to really make um recognize!

    And for those that wondered…DNA answered the call…LOL! He came over with a beer like, “Here. You need it”…LOL! Funniest shit in the world. He looked so concerned. Ogun’s X ass knocked over not just one beer, I got upset after he did it the second time [a second beer]. He was over there messing up!

    There were so many more people that I spoke to or were introduced to last night that I can’t remember right now…Sorry! But I swear I appreciate everyone that came up to me with well wishes and thank you to all the people that came up to me last night like, “Are you alright?”….that was the funniest. Hell yeah I’m alright…last night was a f*ckin monster…thanks for showing love. Last night’s success far exceeded my expectations! Make sure you check out the newly added pics as well. I added 75 already....with more to come.
    If you missed it....WOW! you missed something special.

    Erebody and dere mama was up in the joint!

    C Love & Wild Child DNA(Jeah! Cop that NEW Harm City Vol 5)

    BangaRang Gang Cappo "C.O.M.P."

    Love you, boy!

    Mully Man (MullyMania -- IN STORES NOW!!)

    Yung Gist (Red & Black-Be on the look out for "Baltimore Son"-- B'More's satellite representer)

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 2/25/2006 12:09:00 AM  
    • At Saturday, February 25, 2006 6:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Yo good event C-love...I mean you could have acknowledged my team...I mean I know 3rd War is in the Streets right now but damn, aint that what this is about cuz thats where we plan to stay ( the two "rookie" challengers were wearing what type of tees...We was the thickest team in there by far and that was by accident cus we at least 200 strong in the streets of Baltimore and Philly (the only team where the movement existed before the music)...no disrepect to any of them other niggas cuz Yung Gist shows support to everyone and I love events like that because Im down with the whole hip hop movement in baltimore but you gotta give us respect cuz we held in down better than any team out there...shouts out to all the rappers that showed up by the way...My mixtape will be in the streets March 7th..."The Baltimore Son" (a lil something that the people gonna need and ohh yeh...it will be the best mix-tape you ever hear for those that know how to listen to hip-hop...) and Iceberg' shit "The Statement" will be out shortly after that...
      "Baltimore...lets put all this hatin bullshit behind us and get at this rap money like every other city is doing"

    • At Saturday, February 25, 2006 7:14:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      You know...i wasn't really tryna get too deep about what things I liked about each MC...that wouldn't be fair. I will talk to you offline if you like...I did notice that both rookies had the same tees on...that was tight. People form alliances in the game all the time. I thought your man was hot [I told you that when you called me about registering]!!! HE'S HOT [ICEBURG]!!! He no doubt impressed people. Did you have any CDs to sell? & ..from what I've seen of you...you seem very cool, articultate and driven. I am very interested in hearing your music. You seem to have all the necessary components...I wish you much success!!! I am going to do my part for the movement. Until we meet again, Baltimore Son (or is it Baltimore's Son?)Be ghood...lata!

    • At Monday, February 27, 2006 2:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      where can u get the street dreams dvd? Does EJ have a mixtape out wit the song he performed?

    • At Tuesday, February 28, 2006 12:18:00 PM, Blogger C Love "The Rap Addict" said…

      hey anon,

      Hit Ahk up 410-319-8888 on Friday nights (12:00 AM - 3:00 AM). I know he will be at the station during those hours. He can most def point you in the right direction.

      EJ's song is on the new Gritty Gang Mixtape(www.grittygang.net or com or www.itsogun.com) I will post it when i get a chance to convert it. I also plan to add it to my myspace page...check back! aaaiight 1

    • At Saturday, April 15, 2006 1:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      i want to air out this frontin ass kool g. rap soundin like clown. guess who mike wilson.its been a while but ya gals back to put u on blast.an iam hungry ,broke an aiming at ya head i'll be at 5 season every monday 2 let tha hip hop heads no tha truth about wanksters like u.f@$k ji900.if i cant get no money wit u then f@#K u.its only fare mr.wilson i want my cash.karmas a b@#%h.an its ur turn.u wack ass had never seen money like that 2 u met me.enjoy doggie cause the end is near. tell ur daughter hello,i no 2 much.1jkilladilla/jasso.

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