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    Jul 7, 2006
    ....I'll Look into it later!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/07/2006 12:10:00 PM   0 comments
    Ro Brooks Tribute (7.6.06)

    Rome Brooks is truly a Baltimore Hip Hop legend. I can't sit here and rattle off all of the man's accomplishments, but just know that he has put in some work. Rapper, Actor, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, friend to many (many people came out just to see him recieve the award) & very handsome chocolate man...LOL! (this list is in no way all inclusive) .....And still he is so very humble. I love his energy! Rome mentioned that this was the first time he'd ever receive an honor like this.....that is a shame!!! As many of you know....Rome will be moving to Cali (or maybe its ATL) soon to pursue his acting career....we must all take time to give this man his props! Sounds N Da Hood (which will be closing soon.....) was an under utilized resource in this city. Rome prominently displayed local music on his shelves right next to all the biggest names in the game. From my first encounter with this man...it was nothing but love. He always made me feel like my contribution and opinion were respected. I am eternally grateful for the boost to my confidence. This is a hard game to get into...we need more leaders to take the time out to school us "up and comers"!!! Make sure yall cop that Charm City Movie. Support the Baltimore Movement!!!

    Also up in that joint:

    Big Special shout out to the Legendary Scotty B!!!! He and I chopped it up for a ghood while. He was so easy to talk to and most def had lots of jewels to drop on me. He and I talked about the Baltimore Club explosion and how if we (Bmore) is not careful...people from outside of here (namely philly) will eventually claim it as their own. We talked about the club Hip Hop fusion and his only response was, "Stop Fighting It"...LOL! He also gave me the scoop on some shady biz that's going down this year at the Artscape concerning Bmore Club, but I need to collect my thoughts and remember which parts he told me were on and off the record.

    The Doo Dew Kidz (DJ Booman and Jimmy Jones) were in the building!!! Its always so nice to see these guys!!! That Jimmy ain't right! Got some really hot news....well this may not be news to some, BUT the DDK and Labtekwon plan to collab on a whole album. WOW! 2 ambassadors of our uniquely homegrown sound and arguably one of the best MCs on the scene gettin together. This is sure to make a few of our out of town "swagger jackers" sit their asses down. For a sample of the collabo.....check out my "sister" MYSPACE page. "Sex Machine" is a hot ass song!!! I plan to ask the DJ to play "Sex Machine" every time I go to a club, party or show. If they have that song....I will become their #1 FAN & if they don't at least they will know people are checking for it. This song is "Club hop" (as Sean "Mo" Banks would call it) at its best.

    C.O.M.P. - performed a Bobby Drake/J-Funk produced song last night that had Sonny Brown throw a whole bottle of water on his self....LOL! This guy's show is ALWAYS LIVE!!!! Anybody that was there saw me get ready to dive into the crowd I got so pumped...LOL! Sike nah, all the drunk mofos were in the front ....they prolly would have just let me hit the ground.

    Sonny Brown - You are really steppin out!!! Good Luck with your hosting tomorrow!!!

    Jen Jones- One of the hardest working women on the scene. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, the women in this city are making you guys look extremely lazy!!!!

    M.O.L. - It was so nice seeing yall!!! eh....if you are reading this- YES YOU!!!! Cop that "M.O.L." Mixtape!!!! (Click on the CD cover on the left for ordering information)

    Big Boi (of Third Kind) - OMFG!!! It was so good to see you! Like i said.....I have a review coming up for yall!!!! The CD is really good!!! you guys obviously put a lot of heart into it!!!

    All my peeps from the 5 Seasons- Biggie, Solomon, bartenders, security, etc. Thanks for making me feel welcome!!!

    Low Key & Ray Lugar - In our busy lives...we often forget to show love to the people that made our dream possible. This is the 2nd Jacqueline Ruth Lanier Foundation Award ceremony I attended (the 2st was for Backland), but this one truly touched me the most. I thought that the plaque you gave Rome was very beautiful and the words inscribed came across as genuinely heartfelt. What makes this award presentation so special is that...its the "STREETS recognizing the STREETS". You prolly won't ever get the credit for your contribution to Baltimore hip Hop or your efforts to make sure the youth remember their forefathers, but just know...your work is not lost on everyone. Thanks for setting a fine example of how to REALLY show love.
    Aiiiiiiiiiiight!!!! yall check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove when you get a few!!!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/07/2006 08:29:00 AM   6 comments
    Jul 6, 2006
    Must SEE TV!!!!!
    Source: Baltimore Crime!
    Part 1:
    Stop snitching (click for to read entire post)
    A few weeks ago, the house of a 59 year old outspoken anti-drug activist (whose name they haven't released) was firebombed. They've now charged four suspects: according to WBAL, "Jackie Brewington, 18, and Antonino Newsome, 18, Richard Royal, 20, all of Baltimore. A fourth suspect, Andre Wilkins, 31, is from Randallstown." This is two years after the horrible firebombing that killed the entire Dawson family, kids and all.

    According to the AP, "The new incident comes about six weeks after a DVD titled "Stop Snitching" hit Baltimore streets, warning people they could "get a hole in their head" for telling police about illegal drug activity." "Stop Snitching" was produced by Rodney Bethea, owner of One Love Underground in Baltimore, and a guy named Skinny Suge, who appears to sell a lot of mix tapes online, usually with names like "Street Wars 6".

    Evidently, the DVD was aimed at one particular Baltimore drug kingpin who rolled over. Still looking for details.

    One man has already been sentenced to 15 years for his part in this tragedy...no travesty!!!!


    Source: WTOP
    Part 2:
    Please note: BC's 7.4.06 link to the updated story was not working, but a quick GOOGLE search produced this one.....OMFG!!!!! I am not sure what Fox had to say on the subject, but this is scandelous!!!!

    Hostage-taker competent to stand trial, judge rules
    Jul 3rd - 2:23pm

    BALTIMORE (AP) - A Baltimore judge ruled Monday that a man who barricaded himself for hours in a Baltimore police station with a civilian employee as hostage is competent to stand trial.

    In April, Rodney Bethea, 21, was arrested for a drug violation and was being interviewed at the Northeast District police station. After the interview, Bethea "attempted to hang himself in the interview room with a string," according to police charging documents.

    When he failed, Bethea removed a halogen light bulb from an overhead light that was about 3 feet in length.

    When an officer entered the darkened room, Bethea allegedly jumped off a table, striking him on the head with the light bulb. The officer was treated for numberous lacerations at a hospital and released.

    After attacking the officer, Bethea ran out of the interview room and into an office where a clerical employee was working. He locked the door behind him and held the woman hostage with a pair of scissors.

    After a nearly three-hour standoff, Bethea was taken into custody when a SWAT team "forced the door open and utilized a stun gun" to capture him, police said.

    Baltimore District Judge George M. Lipman scheduled a trial date for July 17.

    They actually had to call in a hostage negotiator......DAMN! He is unfortunately going to jail...prolly for a while. There has got to be Soooooooooooooo much more to this story!!! As soon as I get it....you'll have it!!!
    The SAGA continues!

    Disclaimer: thought I knew what Rodney looked like (One Love) & the pic above (just added) doesn't look like him 100%. I remembered him being a Philly dude with the characteristic facial hair....if this is not the same person....GREAT!!!! ............ but if it is....DAMN, SON!!!

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/06/2006 01:09:00 PM   3 comments
    What the fans have been waiting for..........

    According to SOHH NY (Blog):

    "Hip-Hop is missing that raw and uncut, street savvy sound. Alongside the demise of the '90s went the fierceness that once possessed hip-hop music."

    MY response: Baltimore, BABY!!!!

    We got what you need!!! The game is screaming for realness!!

    I have a New Slogan:

    Baltimore, The last bastion of Hip Hop Hope!!!

    Lyrics and beats with minimal gimmicks!!!


    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/06/2006 12:36:00 PM   0 comments
    TEAM FIFTY JUMP OFF (7.6.06 @ 5 Seasons )

    The Big Bad Beat Brigade & Redemption Showcase ARE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!
    I Wanna Rock Right Now
    Exclusive Respect Battle*
    Starting Thursday July 6, and then every first Thursday of the month
    *The Battle is by invitation only
    In addition, there will be a tribute to Jerome "Ro" Brooks
    Owner of Sounds N Da Hood & star of "Charm City" The Movie!
    5 Seasons
    830 Guilford Avenue
    Doors open at 8
    For more info: 410.947.5601
    while you are there....be sure you cop that new TEAM FIFTY Mixtape!!!
    Check out Ray Lu....LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/06/2006 09:49:00 AM   0 comments
    What u know about Sistahs Pimpin? (7.7.06 @ a SUPER SECRET LOCATION)
    Come out and join GS for the screening of the "Sistahs Pimpin" video!!!
    This event is going to be VERY OFFICIAL!!!
    Get your tickets today.....I sure hope some are left! Smooches!!!

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/06/2006 09:43:00 AM   0 comments
    Networking 101- 7.8.06 @ the CHINA ROOM!!!

    Ray Victory and S.Dot will be hosting a party this Saturday at the China Roon in Downtown Baltimore. I'm not really into the whole whole party scene, but I'm on my grind during the next few weeks. Let's call this...partying with a purpose. COMMERCIAL BREAK: 7.26.06 @ SONAR!!!! This party promises to be a really good time....I really f*cks with Ray Vic...& I like seeing him do his thang. Also too....DJ REDDZ.....wit his cute self ....will be there spinning all your favorites. For those of you that don't know............Reddz is most certainly someone that you all should get to know.....NOT only is he 1 HELL of a DJ (Miztapes, parties, hip hop, R&B- blends), but he is the CEO of the DJ crew, Streetjocks U.S. &....if that doesn't impress you......he also works as an on air mixer on DC's #1 Radio Station- WPGC 95.5 FM. GET THAT MAN YOUR MUSIC!!!! This would be a great opportunity to chop it up with a person that could truly help you gain exposure outside of the area. Networking is the key to this region making it!!!! We HONESTLY have everything we need right here in BMore!!!

    Just got a copy of Ray Victory's new CD "Ready 2 Go" (with special effects by Nelly Nel*) I'm lovin Ray's voice....& I must say....THEY DON'T CALL HIM THE "BLEND KING" FOR NOTHING!!! THE CD WAS HELLA ENTERTAINING. VERY HIP HOP!!! Get yourn. The CD also features collabs with this guy Boogie...MOLTEN LAVA!!!

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby
    (&.....i will be changing the background soon...LOL!)
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/06/2006 07:15:00 AM   0 comments
    Jul 4, 2006
    Happy 4th!
    I really should have warned yall that I would not be posting for a few days. There has been sooooo much going........I'll fill you in lata! until then.....


    BU BU BU BU BU BU!!!!!!

    Im chillin....back to work tomorrow!

    Got the flyer design back:

    This line up is crazy.....


    NEW MUSIC @ www.myspace.com/clove

    Join the Movement!

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 7/04/2006 03:19:00 PM   0 comments
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