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    Dec 8, 2006
    Baltimore is it's own thing

    "I'm not sure everyone will find this discussion as interesting as I do, but somehow, the fact that there's a largely self-contained style of music that doesn't really get outside the city of Baltimore itself is indicative of what I like about the city. Baltimore is it's own thing."


    The whole hyphy movement, the Baltimore club music scene, even that Chicken Noodle Soup shit from Harlem, is really exciting to me. While I don't think that any of these threatens to overtake the world (go-go at one time was supposed to be the next big thing), I also don't see them as signs of the apocalypse.
    Mr. Senor Evan


    Baltimore BTW I heard is becoming the new hot spot according to MTV for clubbing. It's gotten huge especially for hip hop clubs. A lot of top notch DJ's are heading to Baltimore to be part of the FAD.

    Next time you want to say something "SUCKS", please make sure you know the DEFINITION!

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/08/2006 08:30:00 PM   0 comments
    Changes are a coming!!!!
    Cynnamixx & Starr At WERQ

    Announced on 12/3 - DJ Cynnamixx will assume the midday shift as well as music director role, come February.
    ScuuuuuuuuuuuZe me, but DID I MISS A MEMO - IS NIKKI LEAVING TOO? Isn't she in the mid-day slot? Isn't she the music director? or will she become "NIK at Night" once again? I think she'd be great on Public Radio.....her podcasts (or "Q-ed up" segment as I think they are called) are great! OR HAS SHE GOTTEN A PROMOTION?
    .........Program Director Victor Starr's last day at the Baltimore urban outlet will be 12/22
    Perhaps they are righting a wrong. Was she skipped when they hired Starr as some would postulate?
    DAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! Yall must didn't believe me when I told yall the station was not a money maker a few months back. For the first time this radio business became real to me. Folks jobs are on the line at all times. I truly wish all parties involved much success!!!
    We have NO idea what we are in for now...things could get better, but then again......THEY COULD GET SOOOOO MUCH WORSE!!!

    92Q's LaDawn Black To PGC
    Announced on 12/3 - DCRTV hears that urban radio relationship expert LaDawn Black (left), host of Radio One-owned WERQ's "The Love Zone," will be jumping to CBS's WPGC-FM come mid-January. There have been rumblings over the past few weeks that the DC native has wanted to take her program elsewhere, with rumors that she might become a fill-in host on Michael Baisden's nationally syndicated relationship show, "Love, Lust And Lies".....
    WOW! No more love zone! No more "shout out to my baby farvuh ova Brockbridge. I love you baby! I can't wait til I talk to you tomorrow"
    For the sake of conversation........

    Ahhhhhhhhh ain't this cute! Young Leek has a fansite (looks like they've given up tho!)
    Do you think Baltimore has turned their back on Young Leek? I don't even hear his name mentioned - EVER. Do the people still think he is the future now that Next Level appears to have moved on to the next rap boy band (the new phenominon - thanks Pretty Ricky) Deuce Tre Deuce LOL!? I feel funny even bringing this subject up.

    Have you heard .......DJ Spontaneous is no longer on the Big Phat Morning Show and that he was replaced with DJ Cynnamixx ....LOL! WOW! Sounds like a new cereal. No discrespect......She is no doubt a great person (& peep her resume), but she has really big shoes to fill. Baltimore loves Spontaneous. I am assuming that since I've never heard of her round here (before now) that she must not be a native. What's up with that! Was there no one from B'more qualified for the job? What can you do; c'est la vie ("so is life")............
    Although "diggin in the crates" was not a totally original segment concept, Spon's take on it was always entertaining. I bet it was a real education for the young people that still think that NEW music is actually new. I can't lie......he stumped me all the time...LOL! I guess that is one of the many reasons I never called in and participated...LOL! All that being said....Spontaneous' voice and musical contributions will surely be missed. I am sure that God has something truly magical in store for him/you - right around the corner (just like Epic Pharmacy).
    Speaking of the BPMS.........I heard that Pork Chop recently went under the knife (vocal repair - no doubt). From what I hear from others......(I only listen to NPR and indie CDs for the most part nowadayz)...he sounds different too. I have got to check this out for my self on Monday. Over the years I'd gotten used to his raspineess........... GET WELL SOON, CHOP!

    What do the people think about the NEW Rap Attack? It was the most boring show in the world to me this past Sunday. PLEASE GET SOME NEW BLOOD ON THAT SHOW!!!! Its needs a make over - maybe a name change while you're at it. They need some new sound effects or break the show up in segments...something. I never realized how much Pork Chop added (in the way of entertaining commentary) until he left.

    DAYUUUUUUUM!!! Change is all around us.....R U READY? Take the time to investigate how ^these^ changes will effect you.
    source: DCRTV
    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove or www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/08/2006 01:56:00 PM   5 comments
    Dec 7, 2006
    The Government Names 2006 Baltimore Hip Hop Poll

    Vote for the best Baltimore hip hop albums and mixtapes of 2006.
    E-mail your lists to Al Shipley at shipley.al@gmail.com by midnight at the end of Monday, December 18th, and results will be announced on Government Names later that week.

    I've been covering Baltimore hip hop on the Government Names blog
    since 2004, but this year I really stepped my game up and started posting about every CD I could get my hands on, giving you information, mp3's to sample, and links so that you could purchase the music yourself. I really have no idea how much effect, if any, I've had on anyone gaining new fans or selling CD's, but I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from artists. Aside from word of mouth and download counts on my Rapidshare links (and untrustworthy sales figures, usually from the artists themselves), though, it's hard to quantify what fans are actually listening to. So I'm hoping this poll will answer some of those questions.

    Since I fill my site (and other outlets like the Baltimore City Paper) with my opinion all year round, I'm gonna try and democratize my year-end wrap up and do a reader's poll. So basically, if you follow the scene at all, I want you to send me a list of your favorite Baltimore hip hop albums and mixtapes of 2006 (I'm not really trying to worry about Baltimore club or R&B or any other genres in this poll). You can list as many or as few CD's as you want, be it 1 or 100 or anything in between, as long as you number your list from favorite to least favorite, etc. And I want as much participation as possible, so basically if you've heard anything, I want your opinion. If you only copped 2 CD's and one of them was wack, then vote for the other one. And e-mail this poll to your friends, put it on your MySpace page, whatever, get the word out.
    Artists should feel free to tell their people to vote for them, but showing love for artists outside their camp, too. You might effect the outcome of this poll by firing up your fanbase, but do not spam my poll or try to stuff the ballot box with fake entries, I want every vote to represent one real person. So if I feel like there's anything fishy going on, I reserve the right to throw out ballots or trash the whole poll and just put up my own personal best-of list. I'm just saying this to let you know: I want this poll to be representative of what Baltimore hip hop fans are really listening to, so don't fuck this up by trying to cheat or whatever. Nobody's getting a plaque or a statuette or a cash prize if they win, but I would like to think that this site has some authority and credibility in the scene and that placing highly on the poll is something that everyone who dropped a CD
    this year wants.
    Below is an alphabetized list of links to all the Baltimore hip hop releases I wrote about on GN this year. By no means is that list comprehensive, since there are a lot of releases I haven't heard yet (Ms. Stress, NOE, Teop) or have heard but haven't posted about yet (ShellBe RAW, NC-17, Tate The Arsenal, The Homicide Rapper, Jade Fox), and I'm sure some things that I slept on entirely. But just consider those some nominations or suggestions, if you've forgotten what came out this year or want to pick some stuff up before voting. You have about a week and a half to send in your ballot.

    Alevan - Came Here 4
    Tha Annexx Click - Banga Bill Presents Chapter 16: Tha Return Of Da Blue
    Architects Recording Studio presents Street Radio Volume 2.5
    I may be biased tho
    D.O.G. The Prequel: Champagne Dreams
    should be considered also.....
    E Major - The Major General Mixtape
    Finacy - Napoleon Complex
    Golden Seal - The Official Brown Sugar Mixtape
    Gritty Gang - Street Certified Goods
    Hots - The Introduction
    Huli Shallone - Huli Shallone
    Imperial Records presents... Operation: Shutdown
    Jon Boe - Before The Storm
    Labtekwon - The Ghetto Dai Lai Lama V. 777
    Labtekwon - DJ Jazzy Jerk presents Ghettoclectic Volume WON (King of the Slow Burn)
    Little Clayway - Still Movin' Independently
    Midas - Pay-Per-View
    Mike Malachi - Malachi's Way
    M.O.L. - Money On Da Low
    Mullyman - Still H.I.M.
    PenDragon - Revenge Of The Harm City King
    Profound and Ogun - Oil And Water 2
    PX (Parts Unknown) - Hood Therapy
    Ray Lugar - Exclusive Respect II
    Ray Victory - Ready 2 Go!
    Real2Real - Playground Legends
    Skarr Akbar - The Bidding War Stars Now!
    Skarr Akbar - The Cerebellum: General Part Four
    Team Green - The Hostage Vol 1
    Third Kind - Disaster Relief
    Top Of The World Records - The Grand Opening
    Tyree Colion - Tyree Colion presents Hustle Hard Blvd
    Under Sound Music presents Breaking Ground, Vol. 1
    UnReal - Dat Boyz A Problem
    Yung Gist - The Baltimore Son
    The Yung Huslas - Strickly Business Volume One

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/07/2006 10:55:00 PM   1 comments

    Shellbe Raw's first official release on the newly formed A.R.S. Entertainment label, Do You Like It Raw proved to be a very good. Not that I was doubting her skills.....its just that there was a whole lot of hype surrounding this project and many an artist has set a bar to high for even him or herself only to have to eat crow later. Well.....all ye among us who wished her failure.....will have to wait a lil while longer. She did good...real good.
    I think she has a great voice and while I wish that she told a story once in a while (I love MCs that can make me get into their song)....I think she has a tremendous amount of potential and can only refine with time. Plus...she is a hustla! The girl's erewhere - it's got to work! I can't wait to see what we are in for NEXT.
    Hosted by the incomparable STREETSWEEPER DJ Radio, the mixtape's credits ALONE are enough to make an educated consumer pick it up. It features approx. 20 tracks .....with several great collaborations .
    Just a few thoughts:
    What Yall Waitin For - Great Into.
    Give It To Me Raw - On my MYSPACE page now! Shout Out to A.R.S.....the production was tight.
    Drop My Shit f/ Ogun - definitely a club banger! Great contributions from both Ogun and Shellbe.
    Most Che collaborations end up being the "joint" REGARDLESS!!! but this one ranks up there with one of the best. Only thing I would say....I think the verses could have been stronger. I also think that it would have been slick if they Che could have adlibed some of her words ....so that it would have sounded more like it was a song instead of his voice just providing the hook. I am totally not knocking the approach that was taken,but I could do without the movie dialogue. You couldn't use that on a album anyway for free (I don't think).
    In Big Business SR holds her own next to D.O.G and EJ, two of our city's most widely respected mcs. EJ was doing his best Hip Hop Sammy Davis jr. impression...LOL! I can imagine what he looked like in the booth recording that...LOL!
    "The bullsh*t's nothing when compared to my blessings
    every struggle i survive through I learn a lesson....." S. Raw
    Great song! - One of my faves!
    Get That Money Interlude - Love it! Wierd, but true moment: I swear.....when I was listening to SR/you talk...I kept thinking about New York from Flava of Love in the confessional...LOL! Don't ask why. That chick was psycho, but could make you believe anything she said because she really believed it.
    Get That Money produced by Banga Bill. Shellbe's full of braggadocio on this one. I enjoyed the way that SR's voice was blended on the 2nd verse. Again...there are some things that I think could be done to make this one a better song. I can say: It's not the verses themselves.....I need to listen to it a few more times.
    What It Do f/ Talal...its always funny when you know the artist that your listening to.....LOL! Most of the artists treat me with the utmost respect. I never get to hear their game...LOL! Some people surprise me more than others. I loved the track and yall voices (especially) but I didnt get the point of the song. Ima give it a chance and see if it grows on me.
    Down For My Nigga f/ Tony Bosco - "Street Cut" All the down azz chicks will be able to relate. Staying up late waiting for him to come in....going to the jail to visit...."hold his gun in the fendi bag" kinda gal. Been dere! I love Bosco. He needs to get something in the streetz.
    Phone Bonin' f/ Rockwell ((CLASSIC)) - This song was featured on the 360 mixtape. I am glad to see that this gem survived. Rockwell is too funny!
    CR is featured on the joint called Crack. Pretty cool filler track!
    BMORE LOVE - Great display of wit. Appropriately titled - through out the song Shellbe Raw is shouting out all the Baltimore artists she respects. A real testament to the love that most artists in baltimore genuinely feel towards one another.
    This Shit Right Here f/ XO - the sample is from the Money Mike ("Ima boy Damon") special (not sure which cable network it originally aired on because I saw it on DVD)....LOL! funny as hell. Overall....the song's great (SR really surprised me with a few of them bars....the lyrical dexterity was refreshing).....but its not one that I would listen to over and over again......the beat gets kinda irritating after a while.
    They Don't Like Me f/ Skarr Akbar - This did not sound like a song at all. It sounded like SR recorded a verse over the track, Skarr recorded over the track and both were combined and added to this mixtape. The whole "Everybody Hates Skarr............Except ME" sentiment has been around for a while...I am surprised that he didn't come a lil different. I felt everything both artists were saying....I just wanted a little more from this dynamic combination.
    Damn Shellz f/ XO (Featured on the RESPECT Mixtape) - great feel!!! From personal experience......I know...this is a great highway song.
    Daddy's Song - This song is a great tribute to her father. I watched SR perform this song for her father at her mixtape release. This is one of the most introspective songs on the mixtape. In addition, it effectively proves that this first release only scratched the surface (outer shell) of Shellbe Raw. I'll be glad when she feels comfortable enough to show this side a little more.
    Just as Radio says.... "This is how it all started" RAW - (( ALREADY CLASSIC)). Great party track and it always looks alot of fun to perform.
    Sorry for the delay Ms. Raw....I hope this helps!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/07/2006 07:57:00 PM   2 comments
    Ones on the Move Photography (SONAR 11/29/06)
    Here are a few of the better shots:

    This cake was really da bomb!

    - DNA-

    and he's tryna tell me he wasn't twisted...LOL!


    -Skarr Akbar-

    -DJ 5 Starr-


    - DJ Venon-


    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/07/2006 06:04:00 PM   0 comments
    Take me to the moon, baby!

    The next NASA space shuttle launch will have 2 African Americans on board (with one being woman). Yes....I am well aware that she is not the first (Shout out to Mae Jamison), but every chance we get to recognize black people for thinking and living outside the box .....WE SHOULD!! Right about now (as a collective)....we are not looking real good. This is a story of someone challenging the paradigms....I Love It!!!
    The lack of discussion on the part of our prominant leaders shows that our priorites may be a lil out of wack. Why hasn't BET ran a whole show on this? Why hasn't Jesse Jackson sat down with her.....why was eliciting an apology from Kramer more important. This is what's wrong with the world. I love rap to death, but do we need one more story on some rapper with a new clothing line?
    NASA Astronaut
    Baltimore's man in space
    Woodlawn High graduate blasts off aboard shuttle tomorrow
    Thanks Bunny for the tip!


    with five minutes remaining on the countdown clock, NASA scrapped last night's space shuttle Discovery launch.

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/07/2006 03:17:00 PM   2 comments
    Dec 6, 2006
    WEBBIE // LIL BOOSIE @ SONAR (12/9/06)
    $40 // $60 (V.I.P.)
    $100 Ultimated V.I.P. (Limited)
    Opening Act:
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/06/2006 02:17:00 PM   0 comments
    BMORE N.E.W.S. (12/6/06)
    It always surprises me when I find out that people still meet on peer to peer networking sites like Black Planet or MYSPACE. I am not knocking anyone's hustle, but after all this time....I thought everyone knew that for the most part, only the weirdest, most desperate people use the internet as the primary means of meeting new people. I apologize if that offends you (i said primary).
    The men that operate like this are usually THE worse. Go awn and act like you haven't been waiting for him all your life.... you might get cussed out......LOL!
    Half the time....that's not them in the picture you've been using as your screen saver ever since yall started im-ing 3 months ago (its called "Bait and Switch").
    After like the thousandth "a/s/l" message or "I just wanted to tell you that you are sexy" from a person who randomly found your "picture-less" yahoo profile on-line that you realize that most men (in particular) are throwing out a long line with the hope that some one (ANYONE) will bite. Its like dating "cold calling / direct marketing"....LOL!
    This whole subject is very funny to me..... I could go on, but I'ma save it for the book.

    but on a serious note.....

    if you enjoy meeting new people on line.....please be safe. Your intentions may be pure, but you have no way of knowing what is in the heart of another.....

    I feel so sorry for this woman. May her story be a lesson to all of us:

    Gaumer and Josie P. Brown, 27, of Hampden were on their first date -- a meeting arranged after the pair met on MySpace.com, an Internet site used for social networking.

    Because the evening didn't play out the way that he had fantasized (weirdo)......he kills her.

    Read the details:

    Congrats are in order........ M.O.L. were the featured TEST BIN WINNERS on this past Friday's 88.9 FM Strictly Hip Hop.


    Many wants to blame it on racism........BUUUUUUUUD maybe just maybe the bosses are simply sick of their employees coming to work looking like they are ready to hit the club.


    Fancy threads suit Ravens just fine

    After the game, many players get down to business of dressing up

    Our players always look good!


    Jay-Z, the hip-hop mogul, will be one of Barbara Walters' "Ten Most Fascinating People of 2006." This airs Dec. 12.
    Da Band's Chopper Signs With Cash Money, Slams Diddy

    I love this woman....She stars on HBO's THE WIRE, but does anyone remember her from "SLAM"? She was so awesome. Her character in the movie reminds me of JaHipsta!

    Sonja Sohn: Not "Your Typical Black Girl"

    She also shops at Wazobia on N. Charles Street!!!! Shoutout to Kingsley!

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/06/2006 01:53:00 PM   0 comments
    Dec 4, 2006
    Mully Man @ 5 Seasons (12/3/06)
    I attended Mully Man's (aka Mr. "Still HIM") The Life, The Hood, The Streetz release event held last night (12/3/06) at the 5 Seasons. It had been a long week and even shorter weekend....so you got to feel me when I say....the 5 was the last place I really wanted to go on a Sunday night (had to be up for work in the a.m.).

    After I splashed some water on my face, twisted my hair and applied my eye make-up....I started to feel much better. I actually got excited. Mully had been on his grind the last few weeks promoting this show and I give shows so I know the pressures and stress. I had to show him some love. Plus....He told me like 3 times that this show was going to be the ish....so if for that alone......I was going to see what a Major League Unlimited show was like.


    I was very pleased with the turn out and overall party-like atmosphere that greeted Ebony and I as we walked through the double doors. Shout out to DJ Spontaneous for the bangin sounds! I didn't even know if was him...the flyer kinda gave me the impression that DJ Boo Man was Dj-ing. Plus, this is my first time listening to him spin (besides the radio)...so his prescense gave the show was an added plus.
    Heavy W8 was the very animated host for the evening. LOL! I'd seen him at the 5 Seasons last week and he told me to come and check him out. I was pleasently surprised. Got to keep him in mind. I didn't even know he had that much personality. He seemed to be having a great time.....especially during the "Break it Down" contest!

    Speaking of the contest........

    about 6 girls went at it for $100. All I saw was ass shaking (LOL!) ....no dancing involved....is that what break it down means? Every girl simply turned her back to the crowd and gyrated their gluuts. Nothing special in my opinion (then again...I couldn't really see everything), but the majority of the audience (guys and girls alike) seemed to love it. Check out Mully's MYSPACE page @ http://www.myspace.com/mullyman and listen to the new song.
    One guy (what up Mr. black and white hoodie!!!!)....musta had a pocket full of money because he kept balling it up and throwing it to the front....LOL! I know the gurls loved him. I hope he at least got someone's phone number.
    Not sure who actually won (at one point Vicious V was saying they should just give each of the finalist $50), but I will say all the ladies definitely gave it all they had - some more than others (BIG girls were not barred from particpating). BRAVO to the winner!!!!

    Mully always gives one of the most energetic and ANIMATED live performances of anyone I've seen in a long while. Up and down the stage!!! .......then side to side......that's before he takes his shirt off.
    On this night he was joined on stage by Verb (Dirty Hartz), C.O.M.P. (Banga Rang Gang) and Nik Styles (with whom he used to be in a group). There's was a very HOT combined set (a medley of songs that featured at least one of the others) with a rousing poetic introduction from Lady D that blew me away...followed with them premiering 2 scenes from this seasons THE WIRE that featured Mully Man music - including, "That's Da Sound" (featuring the Dirty Hartz and featured on the C-LOVE/DNA Respect Mix tape ).
    The WIRE has been a huge boost to the Baltimore hip hop profile. It was really cool to see how they incorporated the music into the show. It fit well too!!! I don't have cable .....& have only seen the show like 3 times (total).....so I am always pumped to see a lil bit of what the fuss is about. The jury is still out for me concerning the "official-ness" of the show.
    doesn't that sound cocky of me...LOL!

    Highlight: Mully has a new song that was produced by Debonair Samir, aka Mr. Internationl, that is really good.
    (Must be nice....he was in Tiawan over the Thanksgiving holiday).
    I hope something major happens with the track. It's definitely not your average and I could support it being called the "Baltimore Sound". Its kinda clubby, but not in a corny way....much the same way that "LAND OF THE O" (Bossman) borrowed the Bmore club sound, but still possessed enough grime that even rap purists would be comfortable calling it Hip Hop. That is a VERY hard task!!! I'm so glad to see Mully taking chances with sounds.
    Of everyone that performed, I was the most impressed with Ms. Styles. She and Mully were the only performers to perform their own set. Widely regarded as one of the best female MCs on the scene, her performance really made me wonder where she has been hiding. Nothing about her performance said new comer or rusty. I found her delivery and general on stage swagger to be on point. I could hear what she was saying and thats saying a lot. She held the microphone correctly and maneuvered around the other people on stage well. Her hooks were good and she spoke to the fellas as well as the grown azz women in the audience. Lesser skilled emcees (male and female) don't often know how to write like that. to my knowledge.......She didn't lose her breath or forget her raps ....she appeared to know what she was doing. I was impressed. I have got to get a copy of this one song (why is the hook escaping me right now?) ....where she talks about how a man wants you to do "this and that" all the time....never mind what you have going on.....(well that is what the song said to me...LOL!) .....GURRRRRRRL....I felt you!
    Please don't stay away for too long mama cita. You could make this rap ish interesting once again!!!
    I told Sonny Brown last night that he was one of the best hype men Mully ever had. I was not lying. I am NOT trying to take anything away from Sonny as a solo artist....he is a real talent....BUT there is truly something special about the chemistry he and Mully have on stage. Also....hypeman or woman (that's some next) is a very important role. C.O.M.P. used to have a really good one. Brownskin - can't think of his name right now...also Skarr's man what is .....??? SK....anyways. Dudes shoul not look down on being hype men....I miss Freaky Tah. Listening to Mr. Cheeks is not the same and I am sure there are other people that feel the same way. Sonny came on stage and joined Mully for "Home of the Realest" and it bought back so many fond memories. I'd missed seeing them on stage together- for real. Maybe I'm just nostaligic. Mully and Sonny performed together at the very first SYNERGY event too.

    Mully's new guy is okay (I'm sorry, but I don't know his name yet), but his voice doesn't contrast with Mully's enough to effectively standout/echo....nor does he know Mully's music as well as he probably should. That's not to say that it can't work...that would be something I would work on. He wasn't really in the picture that much at this show, but he was at IBB 3. I really got a good look. Mully has phenomenal breath control, but the extra emphasis on certain bars really helps you to hear how HOT some of the stuff Mully says actually is.

    Performing their song, "Im the shit". I liked the song alot!!

    Then he really got excited.........took his shirt off and all...LOL!

    ALSO......The Mully Maniettes (provocative dancers) were in full force.

    I would be negligent if I did not mention the V.I.P. room.......
    It was absolutely beautiful!!! Please reach out to Social Butterfly Enterprises (http://www.myspace.com/butrfliwrld) Rich green was the theme. The tables and ceiling were all draped with this beautiful cloth. clear votives and tall free-standing bejeweled candle holders adorned all the tables and produced a warm glow and atmosphere throughout the room. I ate shortly before leaving out this the house this evening so I did not partake of the catered buffet, but Ebony said it was all kinds of delicious. MLU sure knows how to make their V.I.P.s feel special. It was a truly nice touch.

    There were numerous local celebs in the building. Hugs and Kisses go out to:

    Mully, A- Milz (thanks for making a lady feel so appreciated)
    I know that the team is sitting back today feeling grateful that its finally over.

    Heavy W8 - GREAT JOB!!!!

    Lady D (Mully's wifey)

    DJ Gemini - Always a pleasure
    Lisa Mack - Please get familiar with the super talented songstress!!! Her CD would make a great Christmas gift for someone you love.

    DJ Spontaneous - Always smiling!! Please NEVER change!!

    DJ Hassan
    DJ Vicious V
    DJ Boo Man
    DNA & Don Brody (Rountable Music Group)
    Squirrel Wyde
    Jimmy Jones
    Pop (Crooked Streetz)
    IKE (Head Nod Entertainment)
    Ebony Elle (Check you out!!! Posing with pimps and what not!)

    First Fam was in the building
    RAW DOC - whats good fella! Great seeing ya - as always!!!
    Mr. Wilson (JI-900)
    No Wun
    Candace (What's up gurl!!!)
    Skarr Akbar (He dances!!!! I didn't know that! He told me, "I know how to have fun too"...LOL!)
    It was absolutely beautiful!!! Please reach out to
    ONLY (& the Go Hard or Go Home Ent fam)
    730 Commission
    Kelly C.
    Ray Lugar
    Low Key (Great seeing ya!!! I will be at your event tomorrow barring a natural disaster)
    Che Ray (So great to see ya!!! I am not going to divulge what you told me because I don't know if it was a secret - BUT PEOPLE!!! be on the lookout for the next Che Ray project. He is going to be showing a side of himself that we've never seen)
    SouthPaw Ent (Kadar, Ace, Chris B....where was Kev?)
    Tufflon Donna
    First Family

    5 Season Staff (Whats good!!!)
    Big Ups to Tyree Colione....he was being shouted out all NIGHT!!! Felt like he was supposed to walk through the door or something.

    sorry if I forgot anyone.....ya know I love ya!

    Great show!!! I'm sorry that so many within the community missed it! Ya boy raised the show bar anutha notch.
    Ill leave you with ..one of the most memorable parts of the evening. Mully told all the MCs in the spot to come up on stage.....he said look at all this (pointing to the people behind him)....if you don't think Baltimore has a movement something is wrong with you. It was very moving - no BS! We had some all-stars in the building too...so those with cameras ready captured a jewel.

    Skarr Akbar



    Nik Styles

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 12/04/2006 04:15:00 PM   0 comments
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