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    Jun 17, 2006
    AAHF Day 1

    I stopped by the AAHF on Friday for a min. I wanted to check out the stage in anticipation for my hosting duties on Sunday. I ran into Ab Rock, winner of the Blackout Studios/Organic Soul talent competition, right after he finished opening for last night's Old School Hip Hop All-Stars Show. Headliners included Biz Markie, Whodini, MC Lyte and Doug E. Fresh. I tried to get some pics, but colored people was not tryna let anybody get any closer than they were at the start of the show. I took a few pics, but all you can see is the shape of Biz Mark's BIG head...LOL!
    I'd heard on the radio that D.O.G. had a booth at the festival....you know...I had to go by and check him out. It was thick as hell out there last night! People were every where...even at 9:30 PM. I'd all but given up looking for it when I ran into John Boh -LITERALLY!

    They had the official RYDA GYRLS out there -much to the pleasure of all the pre-pubescent boys that seems to be swarming around...LOL! Check out your boy, "B'More Bri". I ain't seen this dude in a month of Sundays.

    D.O.G. aka Mr. Icey Yo out and about signing autographies and kissing babies. LOL!

    This is a great picture!!! ISE/BBC RUNNIN SH*T!!!!

    I'm on MYSPACE too @ www.myspace.com/clove

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/17/2006 03:38:00 PM   0 comments
    The grass is not always greener on the other side!!!!

    Demorne Warren

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    New York Hip-Hop Scene needs CPR.

    Current mood: hyper
    Whats up my people out there. I just came back from Austin Texas at the SXSW (south by south west) event, and needless to say the trip was crazy. Big up to everybody in the lonestar state who showed us love when we was there, we did it big; everything is bigger in texas and the women are the proof. I thought Beyonce was their prime rib but its enough fine thick ass ladies there to make me feel like I had the hottest chic in the game screaming my name. One thing me and my niggas noticed was how polite everybody was and how the most dimed out shorties was so down to earth; it was a shock at first. Why do I have to go down to Texas to meet with industry heavy weights when we live in N.Y.? Because mufuckas in New York is too cool for they own dam good. Niggas really need to knock it off thats why we aint winning no more, example when we out here trying to sell ya C.D's on the street its like you begging for change. In Texas and everywhere in the South niggas constanly grind out the trunk and on the street so people come to you eager to see what you got and ready and willing to cop. I love N.Y. and one of my goals is to bring back that real New York rap, but right now it seems that its a lot of following and confusion in the rap scene here. People dont even know what they want to hear no more or they act like its not hot unless they heard it on Hot 97 or seen you on MTV. Well all yal who think like that can suck my glock 9 and my desert fuck yal dick ridding faggots and money hungry hoes. They got a name for yal in Texas its called a bopper, now yal can go jump on they dicks like the bitches you are or remember when we had shit in a smash and do ya own thing. I love the south and I love N.Y. but dont be surprised when you see me with my Rap a Lot niggas and all my niggas from Dallas, Killen, H-Town, ATL, FLA, and N.C, niggas. Not taking nothing for granted with the support I do get here from all my people in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and all over the tristate area. Shout out to Reggae Edutainment and BTU-TV on BCAT-TV(channel 68) for interviewing me and showing the video and DJ Eclipse and the Halftime Radio Show on 89.1, Rap Fanatic Magazine and everybody who copped the album or came to the shows thank you from the bottom of my gut. Yal stay tuned to watch history take place this year. They doing it in the South because they got that hometown support, show a brova some love and go get my shit. You need it in ya life. Signing out shout out to Do For Self Entertainment, Black Diamondz, Gutta Fam, Black House, Burna Fam and Robot Music... all you haters be afraid be very afraid, ya time is up, Game Over....... One hunnit,

    I said it before....I'll say it again....

    you have a better chance of making it from right where you are!!!


    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/17/2006 08:41:00 AM   0 comments
    Jun 16, 2006

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/16/2006 09:15:00 AM   0 comments
    "In the Field" Concert Series

    Wednesday night was a tough call...........

    Rakim was playin at Sonar and Real 2 Real was droppin their much anticipated Mixtape, Playground Legends, at the End the Field Concert.....DECISIONS....DECISIONS...DECISIONS!!!

    Well...yall know how I roll...


    I was "In the Field"

    For those of you that missed the second show in the series ....shame on you...LOL! Next time, right..

    The show was really great. There was a lot of love in the building. Ms. Stress always gives a great show!!! M.O.L. always bring the energy!!! Rockwell was a surpise addition...LOL! Do your thang, son!!! The entire Head NOd fam was in the spot....it's always good to see my peoples! T was apparently feelin under the weather and didn't attend...GET WELL SOON!!! "The Cali Connect", J. Stone, was in the building!!! This is one of the hardest workin men I know. He is in Maryland sellin CD & has made enough to be out here for 3 months...what are you people doing???? B. forever Fly...did her thang!!! Her presence is always a treat!!! Big Ups to the Unstoppable Knuckleheads, Bosslady, Shellbe Raw, Dirt of Nuance, Golden Seal, Ogun, Ronald, Tiffany, EJ, Tim (M.O.L.), Big Rio and everyone else in the place.

    Ms. Stress

    M.O.L. - FREE BUNNY!!!!

    Rockwell got it in....

    Real 2 Real STOLE THE SHOW!!!!
    Cop their new mixtape today!!! Their song, "Ghetto Super Star" is a definite hit!!!
    I can't wait to see them perform it again!!!
    They had the whole spot [LITERALLY]rockin!!!!

    J. Stone (The Cali Connect)

    B. Fly - This girl is the biggest flirt!!! LOL!
    For some reason...I can't post any more pics....but I think this was enough to get you excited for the next one. When I get a few, I'll load all the pictures into a flickr photo album. Until then.............
    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/16/2006 08:25:00 AM   0 comments
    Jun 15, 2006
    City Paper Roundtable Discussion (6/14/06)
    Yesterday was a really great day. I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the people selected to participate in a roundtable discussion with some of Baltimore music most influential people. We were all bought together by the City Paper's Jason Torres and Jess Harvell for a feature they are writing for an upcoming "Big Music Issue" story. This is huge because Baltimore Hip Hop is in the spotlight again.....WE MATTER.....folks are taking notice of the progress and the increased public profile. Pat yourselves on the back!!!!

    Lemme start with the end in mind.....

    I truly feel like the radio wants to play local music.

    Digest that for a min....LOL!

    The panel included:
    Sekani Williams (MTV film'
    s Carmen: A Hip-Hopera)
    K-Swift (DJ/92 Q)
    Sean Caesar (UnRuly Records/DTLR)
    Victor Starr (92Q Program Director)
    Mike Mc Intosh (Architects Recording Studio)
    Ronald Clinton and Ogun (R.O.P. Entertainment)
    D.O.G. (with additional commentary from Sean "Mo" Banks)
    Victor Starr: My first impression.... HE IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I EXPECTED. I can't say that one enough. Not sure what that means [myself]....so don't ask! LOL! He is probably nothing like anything anyone one of you can imagine either....LOL! You ever met a white guy that tried to damn hard to show that he is connected to the "streets"...LOL! You know, soooooooo "yo yo yo yo" that it seems fake? I can't take it....LOL! Well that is not him [.....or I should say, he did not present him self in that way]. He seemed very real to me and you can tell he has hung out with a few black people during his life...LOL!
    I'm a go out on a limb here and say.....I truly believed him when he said that he is committed to helping Baltimore become a music mecca that can rival Houston and ATL. If you could have seen the passion and enthusiam that I read in his eyes...you would have believed him too. I am so elated to find that someone else sees the BIG picture! We need all the help we can get!!!

    He spoke at length about how Baltimore is in a very good position to dominate if people from here would work on covering more of the I-95 corridor (aka Middle East: Philly, Maryland, Delaware, DC, VA). I was so happy to hear him point that out.

    Have you ever noticed that Southern artists refer to their region as the South....Regardlesss of where they are from [TN, GA, TX, MS, etc.]? This is a very effective marketing strategy because it covers a wider area and because its all inclusive. In addition, it encourages a collective sense of pride [identity] that people can get behind and support. THAT IS A MOVEMENT!!! People are happy to promote because everyone wants to be part of something that is bigger than them. I hear a few people holla out "Middle East" or "Durty North" here and there, but when it this going to go from a slick thing to say to an actual movement by the artists who represent the area.

    Sean Caesar [Unruly/DTRL] spoke about how when Southern artists have in-stores and release parties....the community comes out and supports in a BIG way. Artists line up and support one another, buy 20 copies of their fellow MCs CDs and support each other's efforts because at the end of the day....they all need each other, but more importantly.....BECAUSE its just plain good for business. His knowledge of the retail end of music is invaluable....He is the person yall need to be worrying about getting a meeting with...he is someone that can definitely tell you how to make it happen because he lives it.

    I can't say it enough....
    D.O.G. is an extremely humble dude. I am always impressed in the way that he expresses his feelings about his fellow artists and his love for his hometown.....when seriously.....he could be a jerk & be on his own nuts right about now.

    The Invisible Set is doing it. There were on a for real "PRESS JUNKET" yesterday....LOL! Jet setting from the City Paper offices to 92Q for the 7 o'clock hour without skippin a beat. BRAVO, gentlemen!!! I heard the "RYDA GYRL" remix featuring Young Joc (Yes! The College Park, GA representor) for the first time yesterday and had to pull over and listen. K-Swift and Swirrel Wide spun it back to back ..they was feelin it so much! It definitely sounds like Sean tweaked the beat a lil more and D.O.G. has added a third verse. This variation may prove to be the one!!!!

    Noooooooow........I only heard it once.....so don't write me with the correct quote if I am wrong.........LOL! I seriously think there are people that sit around ready to point out that I never get people's song lyrics right.......LOL!

    I thought D.O.G.'s

    "She's praying and hope in' / Maybe later on I'll put my boat in her ocean...."

    was the funniest!!!!

    Until I heard....Young Joc's line

    "I got me a RYDA Chick yall
    Thighs so thick......like she play kick ball...."
    I may be forgetting a bar LOL!........but I was just talking to someone about kickball the other day........LOL! & we were trippin about how we haven't played kick ball since the 8th grade...LOL! Then he comes with that line.....that was cute. I am always liking the dumbest lines. And I can vouch for what he is sayin'....play enough kick ball and you could crush a grape with them bad boys.

    LOL! Whaaaaaaaaaaaad!
    What they look like???

    Folk don't know the business......& it is not the RADIO's job to teach you! Ogun suggested that the station offer some kind of music business conference. I agree, that would be an excellent idea. Yall know I had to add my 2 cents .....LOL!......"Don't call it ....."Fittin" to be.........anything!" I said. I mean....come awn $175 and you can't even call it something that sounds professional. That name insults my intelligence.

    Sometimes when I get music from people, I refrain from reviewing it [publicly] because I have genuine affection for the artists and don't want to hinder their chances of tricking someone into buying their CD.....LOL! In many ways the radio's decision to not play local music is done for the same reason. They are trying to prevent you from looking like a damn fool..... and furthermore they are trying to make money. If you put the average, homeboy basement mixed, non-mastered song on the radio between Rick Ross' MEGA HIT "Everyday I'm Hustlin" and T.I.'s "What chu know about dat?".........people would turn the station because the sound quality is not on the level. That is just talking about the sound ......we haven't even got to content yet.

    People need to really face the reality that their music is not ready for PRIME TIME in many cases. That is not to say that it's not good.....its just not comparable to the music that has proven to work [meaning get people to listen long enough to hear the commercials]. All of us want to leave our mark in this world.....I honestly feel like Victor Starr wants to go down in Baltimore history. So that being said.....give him something that he can use to take it to the next level!!! I know this wasn't just smoke up the whaaaaa-toot-sie b/c....an A&R recently said the same thing to me ....LOL! Give me something that can help me get a promotion....until you have that.....I'm busy. HOLLA!!!!

    If 92Q turns you down....why aren't you trying to get a meeting in DC? Is it because you've never heard of anyone else making that happen??? Shucks....3 years ago ...would you have imagined that 92 Q would be playing this much local music? Would would imagine that an event like the Super Style Warz could have occured. My point is.....someone has to grow some balls.....go bang on some doors until someone pays attention. How many people actually go through the hoops of getting their music on Strictly Hip Hop (Fridays 88.9 FM) before going straight to 92 Q? I think people are more interested in hearing their music than actually lobbying the radio because its part of their larger marketing plans.

    I made sure I got to the chance to make a few points.....I am happy about that. I'm hope'n I'll get a few Hip Hop quotables out the deal...LOL! BUT if not....I feel so blessed to have been able to reach out to so many people at one time....it was the ultimate networking experience for me.

    There were a few things I wish I hadn't said and a few things I wish that I could have said, but all in all ....it was an eye wakening and enriching experience. I anticipate that most of the article will focus on the radio [which is good b/c a lot of jewels were dropped that people need], buuuuuut I do wish that we could have got more into a discussion about the independent/underground [for lack of a better word] scene. There is a real disconnect between the local scene and the general public's awaerness of events. Its so unfortunate because there is such a wealth of talent here that deserves a chance to demonstrate what they can do...."EVERY MAN HAS A RIGHT TO CONTRIBUTE A VERSE"
    If I had an artists or a project....my plan would include providing the radio with updates of my progress [initially]...you are a no body until you become somebody...make them curious about you. Then.....I would work the pool of DJs we have in this city alone....get them spinning my music in the club and on their mixtapes. I know at least 3 DJs that create and sell mixtapes on a regular??? And they tell me...no local artists come and holla at them?!?! How many people even go to the club and at least find out what it will take for the DJs to give them a spin before going to 92Q? Seems like there is a lot of "putting the cart before the horse" going on round here. People just aren't out here working the system that is in place and besides its sooooo much easier to sit around fantasizing about how much closer you would be to "stardom" if you could just get on the radio. I am sorry to break it to you.....BUT if the radio is the ultimate sign of achievement......You need to re-evaluate your musical aspirations. You sound like you just want to be a rapper.
    Sekani Williams made some very valuable points when he talked ....although I think much of what he was saying went over people's heads....I felt him. He spoke about the relationship between an MC and the artform. It is obvious that he still views Hip Hop as a culture. WOW! I thought that view point went out with the X Clan.
    He made me realize.....

    I too, still love H.E.R., I care about what becomes of the music, but at 30 + years old......she is sowing her wild oats....I'm just letting her do her thang. When she comes full circle.....I'll be here! After everyone uses her for all that she has to offer.....she is going to want to come back home.

    It's not a thing!

    I know I am leaving out stuff....
    You'll just need to keep your eyes open for the article....it will be coming in the next month or so (I believe)
    I am not sure that Jason could have done a better job of moderating the discussion.....we were trying to fit an elephant and 10 people into a small room. Everyone has a different view point and perspective...it would have taken days for everyone to speak his or her mind. One thing that we could all agree on is that there is a reason to get excited about the chances of one of our artists blowing on a National scale. We have artists in position. We just need to supprt them...regardless of their lack of support for those of us grinding it out now..... Lord forgive for they know not what they do. Hip Hop is so much bigger than all of us...it is so much bigger than Baltimore.
    For many... music is more a labor of love and a display of one's connectedness with God (it's a very spiritual; a metaphysical thing) and for many others it is a job ....a way to make money from the exploitation of other people's talents. When was the last time you asked yourself, "What category do I fall under?" As Mike McIntosh [ARS] pointed out, "Once you add money to any equation...it changes everything". I struggle with how to approach this business because I am very "feeling type" person ....The analytical approach with me is not innate.....I had to learn that. My facial expressions are very expressive.... so I am told and when I decide to speak on issues...I am generally very passionate about it. So many people that I come across don't make decisions based on what is right or wrong...most people in this business have long abandoned feelings of getting involved in music because this form of expression should be preserved and shared. But....I'ma keep on doing it...and feeling about it "my way".....being different is such hard work...LOL! Look at Wendy Day....she is my shero.

    Yesterday was awesome....this was just the early part! Details of the "In the Field" Concert coming soon!
    Thanks again, Jason, Jess and the City Paper Management for your continued interest in Baltimore Hip Hop!!! & Thanks for considering my imput essential.

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/15/2006 08:27:00 AM   3 comments
    The Bidnis
    I've been meaning to add to this blog all week. MY BAD!!! I've been so busy ....I have sooooo much to fill all you in on. I can't guarantee that I am going to write everyday...sorry...I do step away from the pc sometimes, but I will give you the scoop as soon as I can...PROMISE! Anywaaaays......ANYBODY that wants to become a regular contributor...just let me know. I will appreciate and love you so much!!!! We can work that out for sure!!!

    Last Thursday.....

    Kelly and I checked out the stage play "Crumbs from the Table of Joy" @ the Center Stage in Mt Vernon, Baltimore City. It was GREAT!!! Thanks for the invite, hon (that was so Baltimore-ish!)

    Directed by David Schweizer

    This charming and heartfelt play marks the return of CENTERSTAGE favorite Lynn Nottage (Intimate Apparel). The Crump family is in trouble. Godfrey-widowed and adrift-has found solace in a mysterious, possibly duplicitous preacher named Father Divine. His daughters, Ernestine and Ermina, have immersed themselves in the glamorous illusions of Hollywood to escape the confusion of adolescence and the dangers of race relations in 1950s Brooklyn. But everything changes when free-spirited Aunt Lily shows up. Suddenly, Godfrey has remarried-a white woman. Ermina discovers boys. And Ernestine? She’s torn between bebop and the Communist Party.

    This is the 2nd Lynn Nottage play that I've seen(Intimate Apparel was the first...another great play!!!) and I am a huge fan. This writer always features a strong, but flawed woman as the main character. I am drawn to feminist issues and/or simpathetic story lines. The writer shows that strong women are often vulnerable and how adversity often brings out the best in them. IMO....Heroines don't get the shine they deserve. The main character/narrator of this play, Amina Robinson, was GREAT! Ernestine [her character] was a little girl that dreamed big!! THAT IS ME- ALL DAY LONG!!! I found a really great interview with her. She seems to have a very nice disposition. I will definitely look for her name in the future. I loved all of the characters ....laughed my butt off at certain parts and left the play feeling truly inspired.


    For those of you that don't want to take my word for it....here is an alternate review

    I would tell you to go see it for your self, but it's run ended on the 11th! Boooo Hooooo for you! LOL!

    I've always loved the City Stage {both the Pearlstone and Head theaters}. This is the place where I've seen many of August Wilson's plays. If you've never been there ....or to a play for that matter....YOU REALLY NEED TO EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS!!!! ....when I was in college I had a season subscription. I really ought to think about renewing that. Theater is an experience that one never forgets. Intimate theaters like CS's Head and Everyman really make the viewer feel like you are part of the scene. I love the feeling of being a fly on the wall. If only I could do this in real life...LOL!

    I was walking around the flea market all tensed up this weekend. I'd been saying that I was going to treat myself to a massage "real soon", but really haven't had the time to invest in finding a person that I would feel comfortable with touching me all ova. LOL! I try to explain to people that real massages are therapeutic...not sexual....BUT tell someone you got a massage and the first thing they think of his sex. GROW UP!!!! We are humans...touch is how we know we are alive and connected with the other humans of the Earth.


    I am not sure if any of you have noticed it but on the 3rd level of Towson Town Center they recently opened a massage/reflexology parlor. Now...Im not to happy about oooh and ahhhing in the mall at the hands of an Asian man (where are the cocoa brown, 6ft 210 pd masseurs with pound basket ball physiques?), but I was in need and willing to try anything.

    I ran into DJ DNA and he referred me to his lady, Leslie. OMG!!!! He ain't tell no lie....THIS girl is awesome!!!! She works out of the Red Door Spas in the Village of Cross Keys and is worth every penny she charges!!! Please tell her I referred you!
    Although I didn't make it to the "Hon Fest" as I had originally planned, I still had a very good time. Next year....I'll be out there with my beehive...hollarin out "B' have"...LOL!


    Be back with more in a few!

    Be ghood and show me some love on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove and while your at it....join the forum

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/15/2006 06:00:00 AM   0 comments
    Jun 14, 2006
    Rest in Peace.......TONE
    I recently found out that Tone (of the BullDog Kartel).....MY PEOPLES....has departed this Earth.
    I struggle with what to say right now because on one hand I want to get up here and preach my message of Black-on-Black Love, but ima save it b/c in this instance........... it may be preaching to the choir. I could also sit here and be all sad, but for real....ANYBODY THAT REALLY KNEW TONE (& the whole Kartel for that matter).....KNOWS that he liked to P-a-r-t-y....so with that.....

    I can picture Tone wildin out on this beat!!!!!

    Music Video Codes by VideoCure.com

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove




    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 6/14/2006 08:40:00 PM   0 comments
    Jun 13, 2006
    Baltimore....In the N.E.W.S.
    Jaheim & Mary J @ the 1st Mariner Arena 7/26

    Speaking of Spank Rock.....found this article today on Allhiphop.com....its with Aaron LaCrate:
    Until the captivating writing and gritty cinematography of The Wire, Hip-Hop seems to have been slow to embrace Baltimore. But as one of the few remaining checkpoints on I-95 gets its due, Aaron Lacrate rejoices after years of work in the effort. The DJ/producer has been getting the Baltimore City name up with spray paint, with clothing designs, and now with his second album release, the Koch Records-backed, Baltimore Club Crack release this summer. The effort features familiar names like B-Rich, as well as Tim Trees, Chopper, and Dirty Hartz. As Hyphy, Crunk, and Screw have given cities and regions a sonic identity, Lacrate hopes that "Baltimore Club Music" will be Hip-Hop's next embraced sub-genre. Already, official remixes for Busta Rhymes' "Touch It", Shawnna, and Jurassic 5 have surfaced, as Jim Jones spits on Lacrate and Debonair Samir's-produced, "Get Doe" on the Waist Deep Soundtrack. If the 120 beats-per-minute feels like a Moby-minded fad, Lacrate wants to walk you through the clubs where the comes from, where possibly Avon Barksdale tucks his chain. Likewise, if you think another trendy gimmick is on its way, the Milkcrate Athletics clothier, who worked for both Wild Pitch and Roc-A-Fella, kicks the bobo like Pete Nice and Daddy Rich.
    AllHipHop.com: Growing up, what was your Hip-Hop sensibility like in Baltimore?
    Aaron Lacrate: It was very New York-centric. Hip-Hop has always been the essence, the main source of everything I've been involved in. As a kid, the first things were like the early Eric B. & Rakim, The Fat Boys, Run-DMC, LL Cool J.
    AllHipHop.com: Were there Baltimore acts?
    Aaron Lacrate: There were a few. There was actually a compilation that came out when I was very young called Bmore Nation and it just had a lot of the local acts at the time. I was always involved in the local community. I worked in a record store, meeting Labtekwon, who I grew up with. There were a number of various talented MCs that never broke. The climate of life in Baltimore City is drug-heavy, crime-heavy, and not the best. It's very lower working class. There's not a lot of hope. I never encounter too many from Baltimore in my travels from Europe, Japan, and various places. If you look at the ratio of the kid who makes it out of Baltimore is like finding a needle in a haystack, really.
    AllHipHop.com: What told you that you had to leave?
    Aaron Lacrate: My cousin went to Parsons in New York City. I always went up there with her 'cause I wanted to ride the elevated tracks in the Bronx. I was an obsessed graffiti kid. I was the littlest graffiti writer in Baltimore, but I was actually very good. I ended up being up a part of it. In the early '80s, there was a lot of writers who were really good in Baltimore. Revolt, who is a massive subway legend, went to the Maryland School of Art in like '78 and '79. There's still Revolt tags there. He brought the New York graffiti style to Baltimore. New York was just the birthplace. That's the place to be.
    AllHipHop.com: The "I-95" hustling mentality, along with The Wire has made Baltimore very big all of a sudden. As a true caretaker of Hip-Hop, how does that feel?
    Aaron Lacrate: Praise God. Halleluiah. Unfortunately... the average Joe says, "Oh no, drugs.." but that's a part of Hip-Hop. The drug culture is sadly the sixth element of Hip-Hop. [laughs] It's street culture and its always gonna be there. It's no different than action movies. It's unfortunate that that's what put Baltimore on, but it's true. "Bodymore, Murderland." It's a fact.
    AllHipHop.com: What's the Hip-Hop identity there? Tell me what spoke to you about the artists you and Debonair Samir put on Baltimore Club Crack...
    Aaron Lacrate: They're the most talented lyricists, Debonair and I feel, in the city. He's the Baltimore club king! This is the movement we're pushing ahead. It's a different sound. There's a lot of dudes in Baltimore, and in every city, that resemble the New York [sound]. Most of them are [doing it like] Young Jeezy. That's the comfort zone. For whatever reason, he's the guy to resemble. Years ago, it was. We're trying to keep the lyrical content and change up the sound. Baltimore is kind of a combination between North and South. On Baltimore Club Crack, we also brought in the Baltimore club music, which has been a ghetto artform since the early '90s. They're equally credible. There's clubs that play the uptempo, 120 beats-per-minute, bass'd out hybrid of Hip-Hop/Crunk/House, but there's some places that now play Hip-Hop. We're doing a slowed-down version of it. Club music is just faster, and it's not based around an MC. It's more chopped-up lyrics that are about neighborhoods, or p***y, or drugs - the same content.
    AllHipHop.com: Bmore Gutter Music combined those worlds....
    Aaron Lacrate: Definitely. You have a song like DJ Class' "Stop Snitchin" at 120 beats-per-minute, but it's a f**kin' hard-assed record. It's a definitely a different sounding record. You have the taste-making guys who are already accepting the music like, Timbaland, Neptunes - they've all been heading there, 'cause that's the Mid-Atlantic region. Some Hip-Hop fans can't wrap their heads around it 'cause they think it's Dance music or House music, but if you saw the clubs that this was gettin' played in, this is no white boy s**t. People think it's for raves or somethin', it really isn't. This music did not come from white kids.
    AllHipHop.com: When you produce it, what do you guys use?
    Aaron Lacrate: Primarily, Pro Tools. Then the MPC to chop it up and play it out. Sometimes I use Fruity Loops to do some dumb s**t, and Reason and Logic - mainly, Reason.
    AllHipHop.com: It's important to note that Cipha Sounds and others have been playing these records on air...
    Aaron Lacrate: Thank God for him. It's always good when people play stuff on unbiased terms. He invited me up to his Sirius show on Shady. I did a guest spin up there. He’s very interested in promotin' the s**t the way it is. He's been playing tons of the remixes that myself and my partner, Debonair Samir have been doing, on the radio every Saturday. We're working on some production and remixes for his artist, Daytona and Nina Skye. He has vision. He's not following. He was very instrumental in bringing the Down South s**t up, and reviving Dancehall.
    AllHipHop.com: Tell me about these remixes for a second. Are they unofficial, official?
    Aaron Lacrate: The first remix we did was for Busta Rhymes' "Touch It" for Universal Records UK. The UK has been going crazy. They're in touch with hot, new s**t. New York is not a trend-setting place anymore. I hate to say it, but with what's happening Hip-Hop-wise, it's not that innovative. No ones taking chances like that. Universal UK heard "Blow" which we did with Spank Rock and Amanda Blank and was like, "We love this beat. There's no samples in here. Do a Busta Rhymes one, and we'll send it out." They sent it. The taste-making DJs have been playing it - Cipha Sounds, Mark Ronson, DJAM, Stretch Armstrong. Now every time I go to a New York City club, kids come up to me like, "Yo, I need this remixed." It's funny to see how a trend works.
    AllHipHop.com: Tell me about your label experience...
    Aaron Lacrate: I wanted to be an A&R for Wild Pitch Records during the hey-day of Hip-Hop. That's why I interned at Wild Pitch, Pay Day, Penalty, Def Jam, I even was at Roc-A-Fella when the Jay-Z and Foxy Brown song ["Ain't No N***a"] came out. I'm so happy I experienced it, 'cause that was the last reign of [the industry]. Going to Jay-Z's first record release party or the Mad Lion release party where there were 5,000 people there. You're standin' there next to Showbiz, Puffy, Biggie, Old Dirty Bastard, and KRS-One. Everybody's laughin', and Grand Puba's there. That was what I loved. That's what I try to recreate with [my DJing]............"
    For more information visit www.myspace.com/aaronlacrate
    I wanted to post most of the interview b/c I wasn't sure how many people know that blogs are often full of clickable links...LOL! Eureka!!!! I can't say I was feelin everything he was saying...especially the part about drugs being an element of Hip Hop...that was an innapropriate thing to say IMO....., but BIG UPS SAMIR!!!!! Drugs culture is a BIG part of rap today, but to call it an element kinda implies that its part of the foundation and that is SO FAR from the TRUTH I don't know what to say. Then again....maybe he meant element like a "variable" and not as deep as I took it to mean. I love that he is helping to get Bmore some shine....but all the "Bodimore" shit and the "murdaland mentality" is why we are where we are.....
    Got to love this place or no one else will...I don't know anyone that wants to come to Bmore so that they can go on a crime tour....with stops at The Morgue, Shock Trauma, March Funeral Home, Woodlawn Cemetary, North and Long, Edmondson and Poplar Grove etc. We need to stop acting like our high crime rate is a calling card to be proud of!!!!
    Samir is the man of the hour!!! This Baltimore Club Crack Compilation is going to really put Bmore on the map. Big Ups KOCH records!!! I anticipate hearing about quite of few new artist signings in the next few months. The pressure is on.............
    Did yall peep.......
    "I Get Doe" - D.O.G. & Jim Jones is featured on the waist deep sound track. Congrats to everyone involved!!! This is a huge opportunity. This looks like its gonna be a ghood.
    "Waist Deep" is an urban action thriller with a sexy 21st-century Bonnie and Clyde. Ex-con O2 (Tyrese Gibson) is suddenly plunged into a life-or-death situation; trying to go straight for the sake of his young son Junior, O2 is forced to go back outside the law when Junior is kidnapped in a carjacking. His son is now in the hands of a vicious criminal leader, Meat (hip-hop superstar The Game). O2's shady cousin Wanna Be (Larenz Tate) is caught between loyalties, and so the only person who can or will help O2 now is wily street-smart hustler Coco (Meagan Good).

    With the clock ticking down, the heat between them rises as they become a lawbreaking couple, on an action-packed tear through town to save Junior and outwit the underworld. You can listen to a sample track off the album right here:
    Listen to : Bad Girl (featuring Fabolous) by Black Buddafly

    WaistDeep Soundtrack
    Album Tracklisting
    Guttaville - Dro
    Child Support - Ice Cube
    This Aint A Game - Lil Easy feat. Bone Thugz & Harmony
    Who Want It - Sam Scarfo feat. Buju Bonton
    Do Yah Bad - Yung Joc
    Shit On Me - Dro
    Hey - Young S. Dub
    I Get Doe - D.O.G. feat. Jim Jones
    Bad Girl - Black Buddafly
    Like Oh - Ahmad Belvin
    Act Like That - Lee Carr
    Slow & Easy - LaTocha Scott
    Problems - Curtains
    Dolla Dolla Bill - Nate Dogg
    Gilla House - Redman
    Be Easy - Ghostface Killah
    Be sure to also check out the New Waist Deep Trailer
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    Jun 12, 2006
    In The Field (6.12.06)

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove
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