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    Sep 21, 2006
    The incredibly obvious signs
    10 signs you need a vacation from work

    10. You're so tired you now answer the phone, "WHAT??.'

    9. Your friends call to ask how you've been, and you immediately scream, 'Get off my back!'

    8. Your garbage can IS your 'in' box.

    7. You wake up to discover your bed is on fire, but go back to sleep because you just don't care.

    6. You have so much on your mind, you've forgotten how to pee.

    5. Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday.

    4. You sleep more at work than at home.

    3. You leave for a party and instinctively bring your ID badge.

    2. You blasted your Daily Planner with a .357 Magnum a week ago, but still haven't been able to miss a meeting.

    1. You think about how relaxing it would be if you were in jail right now.

    MY vacation countdown has begun.....keep workin with me people. I am really NOT myself!

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove or www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/21/2006 09:18:00 AM   0 comments
    Do it because it makes cent$

    I'm really on this home buying kick right now. I don't know when it happened exactly, but for the last several months or so I've been finding myself driving around the city just "visualizing" .

    I see the change that our fine city is going through. It would appear that we are going from a blue collar city to a white collar one. Long gone are the shipping yards, packing plants and loading docks that used to border the inner city. Today, downtown is home to corporation headquarters and along with it a new kind of Baltimore resident. Prices for condos and new developments are astronomical. I truly wonder where do all these people work that can afford these homes (I daggone sure can't afford a $1500-$2500 morgage..sheesh!) But with all of this growth....there is also a steady exodus of people from what used to be many of the city's most populated areas. One area in particular that currently has my curiousity piqued is the Harlem Park area of West Baltimore. There are several area redevelopment plans that are NOW being considered by the city.

    Bordered by Sandtown-Winchester and what used to be Murphy Homes (Heritage Crossing now)....I really see the potential in this area of historic homes, beautiful parks (which I found out were actual encampment grounds during the civil war), churches and the biggest draw (IMO) EASY access to downtown Baltimore and several major highways/byways. Who would not like a less than 10 min commute to work...or the ability to walk for that matter. Sure....its not looking like much RIGHT now, but that is the reason that folk should give the area SERIOUS consideration. Houses are relatively cheap and with a lil love....you can have you that historic brown stone just like the ones folk lust after when riding through the other historic communities in Baltimore.

    A few years back...I was really feeling "Whitelock"....um let me correct that...."RESERVOIR HILL" (as it is now called). I would drive through the maze of one way streets and look in amazement at the architecural splendor of these massive older homes. A girlfriend's mother owned a jewel on Eutaw Place.....so I knew that many had retained their historic charm (hardwood floors, mahongany panneling and stairs and bannisters, claw foot tubs, marble mantle places, ornate chandeliers, tiled vestibules, ect.) those that know me know...I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I so don't get why people go into these old homes and the first thing they do is put tile over the floors, enclose the fire place, paint over the marble, put down carpet (FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! LEAVE THE DAMN FLOORS ALONE), etc. Despite the pervasive blight, dirt, drugs, thugs, crime, police and everything else that's ugly about the impoverished inner city...I knew they were the EXACT SAME houses as those across North Avenue in Bolton Hill that easily went for 3 and 400 thousands dollars a whop. I knew it was only a matter of time before other visionaries saw the undeniable potential too. Note: The 3-story homes on Alchentrolly Terrace (facing Druid Hill Park by the flower house) used to be mansions of abolitionists. Most have close to 10 bedroom and two kitchens (the servant/canning kitchens are often in the basement). Steeped in history...this area was also a stop for many on the underground railroad. Sub basements and hidden walk ways have been found in the deep basements of many of these homes. I love finding out these kinds of facts.

    It's sad that so many people lack vision. But one man's loss is ALWAYS another's gain!
    Just 4 years ago...you could get a shell in the area for less than 20 thousand dollars, but today....you better have at least that much when you sit down at the bargaining table.

    Same thing as the rap game.....

    You will have the greatest success when you make something out of nothing. If one takes a chance on building a community because they see the potential...there rewards will be so much greater in the long run.

    I am very interested in doing more than buying a house somewhere. I want to help build a community. I want to have a neighborhood corner store......I want an after school tutoring program on the first level of my house....I want to plant rubber tire gardens (what you know about that?)....

    I want to help make the world a better place...& why not start in West Baltimore ....where I was born and raised?

    Not sure why I always go for the biggest projects...LOL! I def like a challenge. Sooo...if you have some time and are thinking about buying a home....check out Harlem Park. I bet you any amount of money...in a few years it will be just like everywhere else in the city that was allowed to fall apart (so that the property value would drop so low that one person with money could come in and buy it all up and make it unaccessible to the average person).
    Hood is a mentality...brush off the dirt and see the potential.
    5 YEARS......Im tellin ya! That's all. Coulda shoulda woulda!
    Think BUSINESS, man!
    The above is in no way all of my thoughts on this subject....just felt like sharing a few!
    soooooo now that we're all in the "home buying" mind state...LOL! .....the following article proved to be a real wake up call for me. Hope it helps you too!

    With home prices cooling off and apartment rents heating up, is now the time to buy your own place? Here are the ways to know when it makes sense financially to purchase your first home.

    By Erin Burt, Kiplinger's
    On Kiplinger's: Declare your financial independence
    On Kiplinger's: 50 smart places to live
    On Money: Why you need a down payment

    The squeeze is on for renters. Apartment rents are expected to rise 5.3% this year, according to the National Association of Realtors. That's about double last year's increase, and it's the highest jump since 2000. Until now, rents have seen slow growth over the past few years as the booming real estate market has lured away renters into homeownership.

    But that's starting to change. Interest rates are rising and home price appreciation is slowing, so fewer buyers are looking for new homes. That gives landlords the upper hand to raise rents. Meanwhile, the real estate market is starting to turn from the seller's favor toward the buyer's. So if you're a renter who has been dreaming of homeownership, is now a good time to take the leap?

    Sure, a cooling real estate market is good news for buyers because it's easier for them to negotiate a deal. But it shouldn't be the main reason that pushes you into your first home. In fact, buying your first home is a personal decision that you should make independent of what the market may or may not be doing.

    "Time means nothing," says Michael Eisenberg, a CPA and financial planning specialist in West Los Angeles. You can't predict what will happen to home prices in your neighborhood in the next few months, let alone the next few years. But if you're looking to make the long-term commitment of homeownership, it helps to approach the decision like you would any business decision. You don't want to buy on emotion, or because everyone else is doing it. "This is the biggest financial move a young person may ever make," Eisenberg says. "You should make the investment because it makes sense for your finances. You buy when you're ready."

    So how, exactly, do you know when your finances are ready? We provide a checklist of eight things first-time home buyers should have squared away before they consider a purchase -- no matter where analysts say home prices are heading.

    You are ready to buy when ....
    No. 1: You have a budget -- and you know how to use it
    Owning your own place comes with a slew of new expenses, so good money management skills are a must-have. If you don't have a household budget right now, start one. (See "Build your budget" and "A simpler way to save: The 60% solution" to learn how.) You need to know where you are financially -- where your money is coming from and where it goes every month -- to know exactly how much you can afford to spend on a new home.

    Once you have your current finances sorted out, draw up a mock budget for homeownership. Find out how much homes cost in your area and how much your mortgage payment will run. Then, factor in higher utility bills, homeowner's insurance, property taxes, homeowners association fees, and maintenance and upkeep costs, as well as higher commuting costs if you're considering a neighborhood further from work. If you simply cannot afford the increased expenses that come with a house, it's never a good time to buy -- no matter what's happening in the real estate market.
    Related Resources

    The 10 most overpriced places in the U.S.
    5 homeownership tax myths
    The most expensive cities for renters
    The runaway power of homeowner's associations
    High-style prefabs cut second-home costs
    On Money: 7 creative ways to buy your first house

    No. 2: You have a sizeable down payment
    Traditionally, to get your foot in the door, you'll need a down payment worth 20% of the home price. That means for a $250,000 home, you'll need $50,000 upfront. Sure, there are ways to get around that steep requirement with zero- or low-down loans, but those options will cost you. You may have to pay extra for private mortgage insurance or take out a piggyback loan with a much higher interest rate. With the slowing housing market, having that 20% down payment becomes even more important because you'll start off with some equity in case you have to move earlier than expected. "In the early years, you aren't building any equity with the mortgage payment," says Eisenberg. "If the market changes or your personal circumstances change and you're forced to sell, you could lose money" if you made little or no down payment. The equity in your home can also give you an extra source of cash in an emergency. (See "Why you need a home down payment" to learn more.)

    And the money down is only the beginning. Don't forget to factor in closing costs (3% to 6% of the purchase price) property taxes, initial repairs, moving expenses and decorating costs.

    No. 3: You have a reliable source of income
    Buying a home is a long-term financial commitment, so you'll need consistent cash flow to cover those monthly payments -- not to mention the little extra expenses that come with homeownership. If you're in school, plan to go back to school, have a less-than-reliable job or plan to start a family, you need to take a good look at your future cash-flow abilities. Will you be able to make your mortgage payment six months from now? How about six years from now? "Some couples can afford the house when they're both working, but if a kid comes along and one wants to stop working, then they have a problem," says Eisenberg.

    No. 4: You have an emergency savings fund
    If you have enough cash on hand to cover three to six months of your living expenses, you're one step closer to being prepared for homeownership. Just in case something happens to disrupt your steady income -- say a serious illness, unexpected layoff or even a natural disaster that prevents you from working -- you want to make sure you can still afford to make your mortgage payments until you can get out of your rough patch, says Bob Baldwin, a CPA in Charleston, S.C. Learn more about how and where to build your emergency stash.

    No. 5: You have your debts under control
    Call 'em crazy, but lenders like to make sure you'll have enough money each month to pay your obligations. So before they'll give you a mortgage, they take a look at your so-called debt-to-income ratio. Generally speaking, they want to make sure your monthly housing costs -- including principal, interest, taxes and insurance -- will consume no more than 33% of your monthly gross income; and that your total debt payments, including your mortgage, credit cards, student loans and auto loans, will remain below 38% of your total pay. So if you have large outstanding debts, it's a good idea to try to pay them down before applying for a mortgage to make sure you can qualify for as much money as you'll need. This also means you should avoid taking on any substantial new debt six months to one year prior to your purchase, or you may throw your ratio off. So, it may be best to drive that clunker for a little while longer, or put off charging that European vacation. Find out here how much you can qualify to borrow.

    No. 6: Your credit report is in good shape
    Nowadays you don't have to have perfect credit to become a homeowner, but a decent history can help you get a lower interest rate on your mortgage and a lower monthly payment. The government allows you to check your credit history free once a year from each of the three main credit bureaus at AnnualCreditReport.com. So take a peek to find out what lenders see about you. If you see any errors, correct them now. If you see room for improvement, find out how you can boost your score.
    "Don't be sloppy the year or two before you buy the house," says Baldwin. You don't want any missed payments or other black marks that could lower your estimation in the eyes of lenders.

    Having bad credit, however, may not be your biggest concern. If you're just starting out, you need to make sure you have a credit history. If you hold a credit card or took out student loans, you're probably covered. If not, find out how you can build a stellar credit history from scratch, preferably one year or more before you plan to buy.

    No. 7: You can make a long-term commitment
    Are you ready to stay put for at least three to five years? Typically, that's how long you'll have to keep the house in order to recoup your buying and selling costs. If you sell before then, you may lose money on the deal. And if you do turn a profit, you'll have to pay capital gains taxes if you lived in the house less than two years. The length of your stay becomes even more important now that home appreciation is beginning to slow from its previous pace. If you don't think you'd stay put for that long, you may be better off renting.

    Don't fret: Renting can actually make better financial sense for some people at different times in their lives, says Eisenberg. If you think you may get a job transfer, go back to school or otherwise need to move within the next five years, renting gives you the flexibility you need and could possibly save you money.

    Want to find out if renting or buying makes the most sense for you? Our calculator will crunch the numbers to help you decide. In the slot for "appreciation rate," assume your home will appreciate at the rate of inflation or a little more, just to be safe. Right now, that's around 3% to 4% annually.

    No. 8: You are prepared to become your own landlord
    Even if you can afford homeownership, don't buy simply because you can. You need to make sure you're ready to live the lifestyle. Owning a place comes with a fair share of new responsibilities, headaches and costs -- not the least of which is becoming your own landlord. When you rent an apartment, you simply call the landlord if something breaks. With your own home, if it's broke, you fix it -- or you'll have to pay someone else to fix it. You're also responsible for upkeep, including yard work and shoveling snow (unless, of course, you buy a condo without a yard). Will you have the time, energy or desire to maintain the property? How about the money for all those little extras, such as buying your own lawn mower and hiring the occasional plumber? Make sure you know what you're getting into.

    check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove or www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby
    Thanks for listening....no really!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/21/2006 08:32:00 AM   0 comments
    Sep 20, 2006
    THE VOTES ARE IN......
    Best Club DJ K-Swift
    A few years ago, K-Swift was an underdog in the Baltimore club scene: a young woman among the countl...

    Best Club Music Producer Debonair Samir
    Samir Singletary has been producing Baltimore club songs since way back in the '90s. But in a recent...

    Best MC Verb
    Verb, the most prominent member of the trio Dirty Hartz, probably wouldn't be one of the top 10 rapp...

    Best Female Rapper ShellBe RAW
    The women of Baltimore hip-hop are stepping their game up, but the reigning queen is ShellBe RAW, ak...

    Best Female Rap Group Golden Seal
    A hot Baltimore hip-hop group is rare enough, but a hot all-women local hip-hop group is practically...

    Best Hip-Hop DJ DNA
    Baltimore is full of hip-hop DJs who make their bread in the club or on the radio. But with the city...

    Best Teen Heartthrob Young Leek
    Barely old enough to drive and already inspiring the kind of screeching, Beatlemania response in pub...

    Best Producers Darkroom Productions
    Juan Donovan and Jamal Roberts, the two men who are Darkroom Productions, bristle when you call them...

    Best Record Label Unruly Records
    Since its 1994 inception, Unruly Records has been synonymous with the city's indigenous and deeply e...

    Best Summer Jam "Ryda Gyrl"
    Every year, if we're lucky, there's one song that eats the city during the hot months of the year, b...

    Best Hook Blaq Starr "Hands Up Thumbs Down"
    Local jam "Ryda Girl" ruled the summer radio airwaves, but Blaq Starr's "Hands Up Thumbs Down" owns ...
    Like it or lump it, 92Q is about as good as dedicated music radio gets in these parts. Sure it's a c...

    Best Radio Show Strictly Hip-Hop
    If you care about hip-hop in Baltimore, then you care about WEAA's venerable Strictly Hip-Hop. Now a...
    A few things keep us sane in the hellish week that is the production cycle of a City Paper special i...
    The 5 Seasons restaurant and lounge doesn't look like an obvious haven for underground hip-hop, nest...

    Best Place To Hear Jazz New Haven Lounge
    Places to see live jazz in Baltimore aren't exactly thriving, but the few venues that are hanging on...
    For sheer consistency of post-2 a.m. partying--by which we mean safely in public, undrunkenly, and f...

    Best Weekly Event Sonny Brown's Old School Mondays at 5 Seasons
    Sonny Brown is a label mate of Mullyman and a talented rapper in his own right, but lately his most ...
    Please check out the actual City Paper (or their site) for the complete list of BIG winners!
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/20/2006 10:26:00 AM   4 comments
    Sep 19, 2006
    Change iz a cumin..........

    In a direct challenge to Apple's iTunes, MySpace has announced its intention to sell songs from the 3 million unsigned bands on MySpace.com. Even more surprising: the songs will be sold as unprotected MP3s, free from DRM. MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe told Reuters: "Everyone we've spoken to definitely wants an alternative to iTunes and the iPod. MySpace could be that alternative."

    Mashable readers won't be surprised to learn that the new feature will be powered by Snocap, the music distribution service from Napster founder Shawn Fanning. Snocap only recently launched a MySpace music player, which allows users to buy unprotected songs via Paypal. Snocap charges the artists a small distribution fee, and most of the tracks are DRM-free. Unlike the fixed-price model of iTunes, artists on Snocap set their own price. Once the service is live, DeWolfe wants to add copyright-protected songs from major record companies, and it’s rumored that MySpace has spoken to EMI regarding the move.

    It's worth noting that America's second largest social network, Facebook (DJ Radio put me down with this), is already a promoter of iTunes - it's currently giving away free iTunes tracks to members. YouTube is also getting into the music game: in mid-August the site announced its intention to host "every music video ever created". And in late July, booming social network Bebo launched Bebo Bands, with a near-identical setup to MySpace music. But the move to sell music directly through an embedded player is a bold one: MySpace users are notoriously hard to monetize, yet they continue to pay for music downloads. This latest addition could help MySpace monetize its users far more effectively, dramatically increasing the site's revenue. With a $900 million search deal under its belt, MySpace's revenue opportunities are looking better than ever before.

    However, the move could spell trouble for some of the startups that are plugging in to MySpace. The music community ProjectOpus released their own MySpace music player earlier this week, providing a link to a page where users can purchase the track. Sonific, another startup, has also begun an invite-only beta of its music player for MySpace, blogs and social networks. Sonific is focused on building a massive database of licensed music, and users can buy the tracks through iTunes or CDBaby, with Sonific pocketing the affiliate commissions. Once MySpace begins to offer music sales directly through its own player, there's a risk that these services could be sidelined.
    "Advancement" is not always an improvement. MYSPACE's qwest for world domination continues....
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/19/2006 02:55:00 PM   0 comments
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry
    DMX Says He Was Raped

    In the October issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Tashera Simmons -- wife to rapper DMX -- stands by her man as he talks openly about recently fathering a child with a Washington, D.C., woman.
    "She raped me," the rapper told S2S editor Jamie Foster Brown. "I mean, you know, that might sound like some bullsh*t. No man has ever been... you know what I mean, like never? Is that the only thing in the world that's not possible?"
    Mrs. Simmons recalled an earlier encounter with the woman. "Before the stuff hit the fan, she came up to us while we were in court and said 'I work for kids that are sickly,' said Tashera. "So he said 'Give her my number.' That's how it goes all the time. At first, I said OK. But, then I thought she looked deranged and obsessed with him."
    While his wife "blocks out" the experience to cope, X gained a more valuable lesson: "Turn on the light before I go to sleep," he said.
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/19/2006 01:16:00 PM   0 comments
    Sep 18, 2006
    Baltimore N.E.W.S.
    B'more scholar program diversifies

    One of the things that really "kills" me about Baltimore City Public Schools is that they preach to the students that "college is possible" yet many schools are not doing an adequate job of preparing their students for collegiate success. For this reason, many enter college, but fail to graduate because they soon realize that the gap between the "notion" and "the reality" (of academic success) is insurmountable without a tremendous amount of focus and hard work. In an effort to close this divide, the Jonhs Hopkins University has teamed up with BCPS to offer a new route to success to disadvantaged youths. It is through progams like this that many more students will go on to graduate from college and a life as a contributing member of society.

    Who says that hip hop wives are just "trophies"?

    Designer Roy breaks trend for hip-hop wives

    Wife of Rocawear's Damon Dash drawing positive buzz for her line

    Lil' Kim's first post-prison performance will air on VH1's annual celebration Hip-Hop Honors

    Lance Reddick, a Baltimore-born actor and Yale Drama School graduate, calls his role as the steely police Col. Cedric Daniels (on the WIRE) "a career-defining role." Playing Daniels, a man torn between ambition, career-survival and conscience, is akin to Hamlet, Reddick says.

    The primary elections were held last Tuesday. There were many surprises! Kwiesi lost his Senate race, but can't you picture him as the NEXT mayor? I love Sheila, but girl friend has some people that want her head.

    Speaking of potential mayorial candidates.....
    William Donald Schaefer Always Made a Splash!
    what are the chances that he'll run for mayor of Ocean City? mmmmmmmmh!

    Benedict XVI's background is theological, not diplomatic
    What is the world coming to? Are people that "out of the loop" that they do not realize that NOW, if ever, is the time to be very mindful of everything that comes out of your mouth. This is especially true if you are the leader and spokesman of one of the most controversial religious denominations in history. I am not happy with the Pope and at this point I think that an apology will mean very little.

    Universal Music Group, the world's largest record company, contends the wildly popular Web sites YouTube and MySpace are violating copyright laws by allowing users to post music videos and other content involving Universal artists.

    TV Movies: Sept. 17 - 23, 2006

    Amazing Grace'74
    An elderly busybody creates a stir in corrupt Baltimore politics. (G) (1:40)

    starring Moms Mabley.
    SHO: Tue. 7:30 A.M.
    If you are able, please check it out!

    This woman was my grandfather's FAVORITE comedian. I grew up hearing all about her. FYI: This woman influenced all of your all-time favorite comedians and yet she never gets the credit she deserves.

    Diddy in BMore City

    Honeywell and NASA launch hip-Hop Science Program, FMA live!, at Howard University

    Who says there is no ghood hip hop news?

    eh yuuuuuuuuuuurp! Mully is linked by HBO!

    The 2006 Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 3 Web-Polling Participants' TOP Prize Winner was awarded to a Baltimorean! Big Ups (or as they put it "Bless Up") to Raymond Pretlor!!! He's going to Disney World!!! (LITERALLY!)

    The 5 Seasons is arguably the Baltimore Hip Hop headquarters with 2 weekly and several monthly Hip Hop events.

    The weekly Hip Hop 101 (Mondays) event has recently gone through another structural change. Thank goodness Mr. Wilson (Star Status Entertainment ) is out of the woods and doing much better! Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

    Now...every Monday


    PLEASE NOTE: This event will no longer be held at Club Malibus (Ponco Street)

    Registration: $20
    Rules: Each emcee will get 60 seconds to battle. The better of the two will advance and the other will sit down. The final MC standing at the end of all rounds GETS TO BE THE CHALLENGER THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY, LIVE ON 92Q's TUESDAY NIGHT FIGHTS.
    Hosted by Sonny Brown and Squirral Wyde "Don Thing" (I won't use his other name)
    Sounds by DJ jabril on the 1's and 2's

    General admission: $10 for the fellas $5 for the females
    Drink specials and food

    If your interested in participating....come to the club TONIGHT (EARLY!) or send an e-mail to baltimoremusicgroup@gmail.com


    Speaking of battles.....

    I attended the One Mic Battle at the 5 Seasons this past Thursday (10.14.06). I haven't being going out much lately so this was a real change of scenery. Thanks to a two-way from Ike (from MYSPACE LOL!) I knew the parking lot was gonna be packed so when I found a spot like 2 long blocks I groaned, but I knew it was prolly the best I was gonna get so I parked. I get up in the spot and I think everyone came 4 in a car cause the place was packed. My dudes pulled it off.....that was a very good sign! Pork Chop did a great job hosting! very animated, very very at home in front of people! Big Ups to Reggie and Pluck (Milestone Media) on a very successful event!

    The battles were spread out so far apart that I honestly didn't develop a real sense of each competitor's strengths and/or weaknesses. After it was all said and done.....FIRE ARMS was the winner! CONGRATS, boo!!! If you are curious about his skills....you can check him out at this month's IBB show.
    correction: Young Rod from 1st Family Ent won it all (including a WWE inspired belt LOL!) I offer my sincere apology for inadvertantly assigning your glory to someone else. I promise to get my facts straight before I make such a monumental announcement again!

    In between the rounds were several acts (some of whom performed for waaaaay to long - not sayin no names!) including Unreal, Midas, Ogun, Skarr Akbar, Don Brody, Ms. Stress and Verb (Dirty Hartz - who was last year's grand prize winner and this year a judge). If you came for the acts...you would have been happy, but if you came for the battle.....uuuuuuh you might of left a lil pissed. I rolled out at 1:15 AM (had to go to beddy bye) and there were still 5 rounds to go...sheesh!

    Not tryna start nothing (don't shoot the messenger), but during this recent Baltimore hip hop news "dry spell"...this is ice cold water.....

    Apparently Verb (haven't talked to Mully yet to determine if he shares the sentiments) is more than a little salty with Bossman for his use of the Baltimore slang "Eh yuuuuuuuuuurp" or "A Yo" (as Bossman's camp has decided to spell the saying) on his new song "A Yo". He made it known (quite clearly) during a rousing freestyle that he don't appreciate that ish.
    Nooooooooooooow......its funny because someone came to me the day the Bossman song dropped and was like "Oh no. I think the Mully and Bossman beef may start up again" at the time I was like "naaaaaaah", but I see that perhaps I am a lil too mature to see this situation for what it is.

    Now this is just my opinion....

    The saying did not orignate with either of them.

    There had to be someone that said "Eh Yuuuuuuuuurp" or "A yo" before either of them. Shuuugs, I've heard it uttered a time or two when standing with a D-boy trying to get the attention of someone up the street.

    Neither of them can say that they own their version of the saying(spelling and/or pronunciation), expression or have officially defined the way in which it should be used.

    Can either of them prove that they are the first to write it down (Copyright )?

    I've already verified that neither of them have registered it with US Patent or Trademark Office (the only way that one can prohibit another from making money from the use of an original and protected idea). This means that Lil John's new song could have "Ayo" or "Eh Yuuurp" in the hook and neither of them could do a damn thing but whine about how other people are always jockin Baltimore's style. Do you even see either of them going after him ("mob style" or legally)?
    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut NOOOOOOOOOOO.....two of the most well known and respected rap artists we have in Baltimore (arguably) are better served beefing over the use of a word that both have the birth right (from a geographical perspective) to use.

    BESIDES....ITS NOT WHO SAYS IT FIRST....THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHO'S VERSION WILL THE PEOPLE REMEMBER. What are either of them doing to make sure the people know where they heard it first?

    All this dumb ish needs to stop.....will someone please get these guys together and do a damn remix. I would even help pay for it (NO JOKE!!!)
    If these two beef over this....they both can call it a day IMO. People respect progress and accomplishment....Bossman and Mully "beefing" has already been done and it helped neither.

    This is the time to correct the missteps that were taken during the first "flare up"....its time to show that Baltimore is all about gettin our message, slang, vernacular, and unique perspective to the public....not worrying about who came up with this TOTALLY unoriginal song first.

    At the end of the day....we are trying to introduce Baltimore to the world. From where I sit.....this song is only a problem because all parties involved spend far too much time at "home". I wonder if either of these songs are being played outside of Baltimore. "Eh Yuuurp" or "A yo" is a great concept. Exactly what has been missing from much of our homegrown music. If this is Boss man's first BIG National single...the fact the Mully and DH made one first will eventually become folklore and won't matter (SAD, BUT TRUE). Its catchy...its simple and it's Baltimorean...its a formula!!! Unfortunately, Ignorance, crabbiness, stupidity and immaturity is Baltimorean too.
    ...but it don't have to go down like that

    Here's a plan...Let's get both of these songs to the people and find out which one they like better. If I were either of their publicist, I'd advise that these two guys use this as an opportunity for exposure and milk it for what they can..why beef? Competition will always attract more attention. I like them both (the performers and songs)...one does not take away from the other and both have 2 different themes. WILL SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME PLEASE TELL THE ARTISTS. And will someone please tell Verb to calm down...he has far too talented to spend time on this issue either. FYI: We don't look good when we spend more time beefing than making quality songs! Do any of these artists have songs in regular rotation right now? Time to get the priorities straight, fellas.

    OK.....back to the show (sorry...yall know how I do):

    Big Ups to the First Fam head honcho (I didn't catch his name)! He was kind enough to treat me to a fish dinner and alcoholic beverage. This is the first time I ever ordered from the left side of the menu and wasn't asked for some of my cookies. LOL! Be on the lookout for these guys...they roll thick! I haven't heard any of his music (I must admit....), but the dude from their label, Sonny Gramz, is highly regarded by quite a few people who's opinion I trust. & nooooooo I am not saying this because they bought me some food....LOL!

    Its OFFICIAL......

    "That Boyz A Problem", the new Mixtape from Unreal is in the streetz! I was fortunate enough to secure one from Mr Unreality himself after he tore it down during one of the show's intermissions. I will have to check out the mixtape and come back with a review. His song "Playing the Fool" was featured on the RESPECT Mixtape. I love that song!

    Jason Torres is now a staff writer for the Baltimore City Paper! He has always been a great friend of the Baltimore Hip Hop community. I am so very happy to hear about his promotion.

    Tasha is 92 Q's newest on air personality (Saturday from 3-6 am)! Congrats Mama Cita! You deserve this opportunity. I am sure you will make something truly amazing happen in due time. Keep progressing my sistren!!!

    Happy Birthday Wishes go out to.........
    Shell Be Raw
    Rah Rah

    Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! www.myspace.com/clove
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 9/18/2006 07:56:00 AM   6 comments
    Live Performance Basics
    I hope you find this information useful!
    by: Christopher Knab
    source: FourFront Media & Music


    Live performance is arguably the most important aspect of a music artist's career. Because it is potentially a very glamorous and exciting experience, it is not uncommon for performers to forget that for the clubs and other live venues who book and showcase live music, it is a business, a very serious business, fraught with risk and considerable competition.

    The following information on live performance should be studied carefully by every artist before they begin dealing with the club bookers, managers, promoters, and assorted other characters who make up the live performance industry.

    Getting Started

    Before you talk to bookers...
    A good question to keep in mind whenever approaching a booker of a live venue is: "Why do clubs book certain artists, and not others?" In other words, are there certain things that clubs look for in the acts they book, and if so, what is the criteria to get a gig at a live venue? For starters, let it be known that the bottom line for a club owner is that they need to make a living at their profession, and the only way they can do that is to book acts that fill the club. So any artist wishing to get booked should do an inventory of their talents and accomplishments and make a list of impressive data to present to the bookers.
    The Promo Kit...
    The Promotional Kit is the tool that contains the data on an act that a booker of live shows needs to see. The Promo Kit contains a cover letter, a Bio, a Photo, a selection of press clips, possibly a 'Fact Sheet', and of course a tape or CD of their artist's music.
    The music you submit...
    A word about Demo tapes and CD's. When sending a tape, always be sure to put contact information on the tape label, AND the J-Card (as well as every other part of the Promo Kit). Only 3 or 4 of the best songs should be on the tape. Unlike tapes sent to radio station specialty shows, the Demo tape for a club can be a live recording, as opposed to a studio produced tape. If a CD is sent, mark 3 or 4 songs that best relate to the music the venue presents.
    Alternative venues...
    What kind of live venues are there? Many. Besides clubs, there are taverns, bars, coffee houses, festivals, fairs, concert halls, schools, churches, and even book and record stores, as well as shopping malls. Keep in mind that when dealing with venues other than traditional club type gigs, there are still many business considerations to take into account, that may affect whether or not an artist is qualified to perform at the venue.

    The first show Catch-22
    Artists who are just beginning to perform live have a tough time getting those first shows. A certain 'Catch 22' type situation does exist. You can't get a gig unless you have gotten other gigs, and you can't get other gigs until you get that first gig. So be it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and many artists frustrated by this situation have simply rented a space, gotten a permit, and rented a sound system... and put on their own show. (At least then, they can say they have performed live before.
    Working with bookers...
    It is the job of the live venue bookers to be up on what new acts are up and coming, and causing a stir in their own backyard. It is also their job to listen to the demo tapes included in the Promo Kits that come in the mail by the dozens every week. This brings up the issue of protocol. Yes, there is an etiquette to be followed in all areas of music marketing, and when it comes to dealing with bookers, that protocol calls for mailing the Promo Kit, waiting a week to ten days, and then calling the booker to follow-up on the kit. Believe it or not, politeness and respect are fairly uncommon virtues in the music business. It is strongly recommended that courtesies be extended when calling a venue. Make sure not to interrupt meetings. Ask the person if now is a good time for them to talk. If they request a call back, do so at the time requested.
    Not ready for prime time players...
    Artists and bands who think they are ready for prime time may not be. It is a good idea to have at least 3 or 4 hours of prepared material that can be performed live. If an artist has only a half hour or an hour of songs, the clubs will most likely will not be interested in booking the act. Different clubs have different needs, and some offer special nights of the week for open mikes, or showcases for unproved acts. Be sure to check the booking policy of every venue.
    Play often...
    It is good policy to not be too picky about where to play. As long as the act is out in the scene, and they get their name listed on radio station concert calendars, and print media calendars, the more resistant venues may be more friendly toward the act because the bookers check out their competition. If an artist is out there playing gigs, the bookers will eventually take notice of them. That is part of their job too.
    Promote the show yourself...
    Once a venue books an band or artist, they add them to their schedule and include them in their press releases, calendars, posters and flyers. This does not mean that an artist should leave the promotion of the concert to the venues. On the contrary, artists should notify their fans with a mailing notice, print up their own posters and flyers, and promote their shows in any creative way they can think of.


    Performance Contracts
    The music business is very fond of contracts. The record, publishing, merchandising, and management sides of the industry are contract crazy. In the performance arena, there are indeed contracts, but in the beginning they are more of the handshake or verbal variety, then signed contracts. When an act gets more established, they can rest assured that the written contract will be around. This does not mean that a beginning act should not try to get something in writing.
    Typical starting scenarios...
    The verbal contract between a club and an artist may simply be an agreement that the artist will perform on a certain date, at a certain time, for an agreed upon length of time, with what specific other act, and how much will be paid. Many venues require some kind of written confirmation of a verbal agreement made over the phone. This is to the advantage of the artist anyway, so it is strongly recommended to invite the situation.
    What's in a contract...
    As an act gets more established, the performer will probably stop booking their own shows, and a manager and/or booking agent will take over the task. At this time the artist's attorney may write up a Performance Contract with the following points to be negotiated:
    The name of the venue hiring the act.
    The name of the artist.
    The date, place, and time of the performance.
    The price of the tickets.
    The fee paid to the artist.
    How the artist is to be paid (fee system).
    The length of the performance.
    The type of billing the artist gets for the show on the marquee.
    The order of appearance (if other artists are on the bill).
    Food and other refreshment considerations.
    Payment situations...
    Without a doubt the single most contested area on the above list is how the artist will be paid. The act may receive a flat fee, a straight percentage of the door or ticket sales, or a flat fee plus a percentage, where the artist receives a guaranteed fee plus a percentage of the door after the venue (or promoter) reaches a break even point. Remember...the venue is concerned with making and not losing money, so the break even point for a show is based on the costs of putting on the performance, which includes promotion costs and any 'guarantees' that may have been made to the artist for their performance.
    Collecting the cash...
    A good habit for young acts to get into is to have a member of the band's team count the ticket stubs collected at the door. This is a fairly common task, that assures the artist of getting a correct count of the number of patrons who came to the show. More established artists who are dealing with Booking Agents, can demand as much as 50% of their performance fee up front, before they perform. Even more established acts can demand their whole fee before they perform.
    Selling your stuff...
    One of the most important financial advantages to playing live is the opportunity for an artist to sell their CD's and tapes at all their shows. Most clubs and venues, outside of big festivals and fairs, allow acts to sell their wares in the lobby, or from the stage. Only a few venues take a percentage of the sales. Whatever the case, it cannot be stressed strongly enough how essential it is for an artist to take advantage of this lucrative sales opportunity. One last thought..don't forget to bring a mailing list sign-up sheet to all gigs.


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