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    Feb 2, 2007
    Happy Groundhogs Day!!!

    Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring
    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 2/02/2007 10:28:00 AM   1 comments
    What's NEw?

    OK.......I think I'm ready to resume posting.....LOL!
    "This ain't a rap song....this is my life"
    According to prosecutors, McGriff ran drug operations in New York and Baltimore, and laundered the money through the Murder Inc. hip-hop record label. In closing arguments, one prosecutor called McGriff "one of the most dangerous, feared, ruthless gangsters" in the borough of Queens.
    CONFIRMED DANGEROUS, but O-my kinda cute. remember when green eyes were the ish....LOL!
    I've been out of the loop...... "fell off" as some may have prayed, but it looks like this guy is still hard at work...........
    The Feb. 23 show is Olde Club's token hip-hop act. Aaron Lacrate's act can be summed up in one word: gutter. This is how Lacrate defines his music. Born and bred in the Baltimore hip-hop community, this young entrepreneur wants to make Baltimore club music the next regional hip-hop subgenre to become wildly influential. Comparable to a genre like crunk, gutter is a mix of house music and hip hop. Phruksachart explained why Lacarte will be great at Olde Club: "Lots of people at Swarthmore are into hip-hop, yet somehow all the parties are filled with the same songs from the past couple of years. I hope people come out to this show and get a taste of what kind of innovation is going on right now." Hopefully, Lacarte, along with hip-hop act Philadelphyinz, will give us a taste of what a Baltimore gutter party is all about. <-------- I'm not even sure what that is about....LOL! Is gutter a new slang? Is it a good thing? Does it mean dirty?

    Thanks I Village:

    The Girls' Guide to the Super Bowl

    But more importantly....Congrats to the distinguished coaches......

    2 black coaches offer black fans a welcome Super Bowl quandary

    Many black fans are not picking sides, as they see Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy and Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith's presence in the NFL's biggest game as a win-win.

    ..........Tune in yall.. this here is gonna be a good one!!!

    During this month of rememberance of Black contributions to American history ....Baltimore is making it easy for all families to open up the lines of communication about our history in this land.
    ..........Ill speak on this more later.......


    O'Malley plans $400M for school construction

    I hope so....all I hear about is school closings.


    According to HiphopRnbSoul.com - Jan 29, 2007
    Malice and Pusha T will rock North America for over a month on a trek that kicks off February 25 in Baltimore

    &........ a lil bird told me that THE FOUNDATION will be opening


    Shout out to DJ 2Tru, 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop, B-Fly, D.O.G., Kia Calloway and Greenspan who performed before a very appreciative crowd this past Monday at the first Hip Hop Meets the Jazz Club event at the Edens Lounge. I had a great time. I havent been out in a good while ......this was a great welcome back. Shout out to my brothas from anutha....Brown F.I.S.H. (07 - Im on the JOB!!!), Melanie (pls. forgive me if I spelled ur name wrong), AOS (of the Foundation), King ???? (why, his name is escaping me right now...shucks!) and everyone else I chopped it up wit......


    Oh yeah....the pics I posted.

    The Harbor shots were taken when Brown F.I.S.H. and I went to the Harbor to be interviewed for the storymobile...LOL! Unfortunately...it didnt happen. Apointments...shapointments!!!! who needs um.......guess we did...he he!

    All in all it was a beautiful day....freal! Why don't any MCs ever apply for a street performer permit in Baltimore....mmmmmmmmh?


    Yeah....that's the GZA (I heard the RZA was in da house too! 0 -my)

    Dec. 18: Baltimore, Sonar
    featuring: Fyre Department, DJ Scene

    GZA performed at SONAR a few Monday's ago as part of SCION's FREE concert series that has made stops in B'more every month for the last couple of months (that was a tongue twister). During this past year we were treated to some really great Hip Hop shows....THANKS SCION....BUY SCION, PEOPLE!!! Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier (this was by far the best Hip Hop event I've been to in my life - I feel confident about saying that)...I missed Big Daddy Kane....Raekwon....The GZA..... I may be missing someone, but never the less... we've been so lucky to have something like this come through out BIG Lil Town.

    I have to keep it real.....
    all of the shows in the past were held in the "BIG" room. The Jazzy Jeff show was the only one that actually made use of the entire room. All the other shows were never filled to capacity, but it was always much more chill to be able to spread out and roam if you wanted while listening to the music and talking to your friends until the main act came on. Ya never miss something until its gone. Needless to say....I was totally surprised to see that the club had decided to hold the show in the small room (the club room aka the room where we held the IBB shows).....ok so I'm saying all this to say....the room was packed by the time i arrived...but that is not saying much in my opinion ...it was a free show...i never could understand why the crowd for this event never grew....mmmmmmmmmmmmh? There is always a lesson to be learned from every experience. I'm taking notes. The Band was AWESOME!!! but the bass was bigger than its player...LOL! He was really good tho...I was feelin his vibe. Things worked out well for us......didn't have to deal with the crowd afterall. .....security escort to the side of the stage behind the barriers....we had a great view.....the staff always shows love to us at Sonar.


    I wish I had more time...I'd rant a lil about the DJ. He looked like he stepped straight out of the 80's. Tight jeans..hightop addidas....gold fronts...dooky ropes (i may have even saw a leather medallion).....members only jacket.....he didnt skip a beat (it was so long ago I can't give you the whole 411 - sorry).... Could he spin? he was cool until he tried to show love....LOL! All Ima say is...I wish some of Baltimore's better club dj's would open up a clinic or hold a workshop or sumptin and show the newest DJs to jump on the baltimore club or "gutter music" wave .....how its supposed to be spun. Baltimore clubs is all new songs....you never hear them really mixing it with mainstream music. If they play mainstream music it is a remix of it or some use of an isolated part of the song only......it feels like it is a seperate experience that your day to day life. <-----this is how it feels to me. This guy was all over the place with his musical selections [literally] and IMO it really took something away from what makes Bmore club so unexplainably dark and sexy. He made is waaaaay to pop! ........And some of the dance moves that people were pulling out thier repertoire to "get down" to it were down right comical...WOW! don't get me started. I was not liking how this dude was paying tribute (as he so proudly announced before he began his show)......the DJ set that closed the night blew me - BIG TIME!!!


    This didnt take away from the show because it was over, but wow.....he is from ATL...I really need Frank Ski to pull this guy up ASAP!!!


    Last, but not least:

    My gurl had a wonderful shin dig at her swanky "bat cave".....I loved it! So many nice ppl in the building...the food was delish...the occassion was monumental!

    .....once again, HAPPY B-DAY B-FLY!!


    My own B-DAY.... less than a week............what's a gurl to do?

    any suggestions?


    Alriiighty yall...got to take this a lil at a time..... check me out on MYSPACE @ www.myspace.com/clove or www.myspace.com/itsbaltimorebaby Ima update soon...LOL! vibe with JADE FOX (not to be confused with the Floridian Femcee, Jade Foxx) and WORDSMITH for a min.

    posted by C Love "The Rap Addict" @ 2/02/2007 10:17:00 AM   0 comments
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